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Easily create and update dynamic collections that evolve with your store using Easy Custom Collections Builder.

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With Ripple Collections Builder, you can easily create dynamic collections that evolve with your store and present your products in a unique and appealing way.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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July 12, 2024

Create Unique Collections to Showcase Your Products with Ease

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For a thriving online storefront that's always in flux, building adaptable and dynamic collections is essential. The tailored solution for this comes in the form of an app designed to construct customizable, self-evolving collections that resonate with your store's constantly changing landscape. The ingenious capability of this app areas lies not just in creating new collections but also in the fact that they evolve in harmony with your inventory. This feature eliminates any worry about outdated or irrelevant collections, as the app expertly handles this, detecting changes in your product line and updating collections in real time.

Multiple filters offer granular control, allowing for meticulous curation of collections based on a variety of product attributes. Simultaneously, the app's sorting and merging functionalities give existing collections a fresh look and feel, ensuring that your product display always functions at its highest level. If you’re seeking a seamless way to keep your online storefront organized and current, this app offers a dynamic, automated, and intelligent solution.


Boost conversion by presenting products in an appealing way to customers
Work less with dynamic collections that evolve with your customers' interactions
Merge and sort existing collections to create tailored collections
Granular filters allow meticulous curation of collections based on various product attributes
Automated updating of collections eliminates outdated inventory and increases customer engagement.


Automated updating of collections leads to a reduction in outdated inventory and increased customer engagement
Granular filters and sorting functionalities enhance product display, increasing average order value and conversion rates
Dynamic collections that evolve with customer interactions decrease time spent on manual collection updates

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Owlfred Review

As Owlfred, the wise Shopify owl, I see Custom Collections Builder by Ripple Apps as a behind-the-scenes powerhouse for your evolving store. This app expertly harnesses the dynamism of the retail world by enabling the creation of custom, up-to-date collections. These collections aren't static; they continuously update and change as your product inventory does, thanks to the app's smart syncing feature. This is a great boost for merchants wanting to present their products in new, unique, and customer-appealing ways. You can apply multiple filters, merge, and sort existing collections, making this a flexible tool for creating tailored product showcases without breaking a sweat. With a handful of glowing reviews and an affordable price range, I would definitely give a nod to this app for merchants seeking to boost their conversion rates and streamline their collection management process. Remember, even though we can't see the installs for this backend app, it doesn't mean it isn't a nugget of gold in your Shopify toolkit!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I display a collection of items with Ripple Collections Builder?
With Ripple Collections Builder you can easily set up and showcase your collections on your Shopify Store. It offers simple customization options to align collections with your store theme.
How do I create a specific collection with the Ripple Collections Builder?
Creating a collection with Ripple Collections Builder is straightforward. You simply go to the app setting and you can handpick every item you want to include in that particular collection.
How can I display fragile items using the Ripple Collections Builder?
Ripple Collections Builder allows you to segregate, tag and highlight fragile items. You can categorize them separately or add special tags or labels.
How can I prevent my collection from looking cluttered using Ripple Collections Builder?
Ripple Collections Builder offers collection customization allowing for efficient space utilization. Through filters and sorting options you can create a clean and organized look.

Shopify App Comparison: Ripple Collections Builder vs Ultimate Collection Manager - which is better?

When comparing the Ripple Collections Builder app and the Ultimate Collection Manager app, we found that both apps offer valuable solutions for organizing and managing product collections in an online store. However, there are some key differences between the two.

The Ripple Collections Builder app stands out with its ability to create customizable, self-evolving collections that automatically update in real time based on changes in inventory. This feature ensures that your online storefront remains current and engaging to customers. The app also offers granular filters and sorting functionalities, allowing for meticulous curation of collections based on various product attributes. These features enhance the product display, leading to increased average order value and conversion rates. Overall, if you're looking for a dynamic, automated solution that keeps your storefront organized and up to date, we highly recommend the Ripple Collections Builder app.

On the other hand, the Ultimate Collection Manager app excels in its comprehensive collection management capabilities. It provides a wide range of classification methods for organizing collections, such as "Best Selling for 90 days" or "New Arrival", and allows for automated updates based on these dynamic classifications. The app also offers the functionality to export collections to CSV, streamlining back-end operations and saving you time. Additionally, the app's robust analytics features provide valuable insights into your top performing collections, helping to optimize marketing strategies and increase conversion rates. If you're looking for a versatile collection management tool that also offers powerful analytics capabilities, we recommend the Ultimate Collection Manager app.

Ripple Collections Builder Shopify AppRipple Collections Builder
Ultimate Collection Manager Shopify AppUltimate Collection Manager
Average Rating 5 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 6 6
Estimated Installs 65 0
Min Price $2.99 $4.99
Max Price $19.98 $49.99
Works With the latest themes Google Analytics
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