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July 20, 2024

Fast, Simple Shipping for Latin America and Europe

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Taking global commerce to the next level, this app seamlessly facilitates crossborder shipping, allowing Shopify merchants to readily expand to international markets. Primarily serving Latin America and the European Union, the app makes the complex logistics of overseas shipping straightforward and cost-effective.

One of this app's robust features is its user-friendly process. Merchants can easily generate labels for their packages, ensuring that products reach customers efficiently. In addition, it provides real-time tracking information that can be shared with your customers, boosting transparency and fostering trust in your business.

But perhaps the most unique feature of this application is the powerful custom rules engine. It allows merchants to selectively choose the countries they wish to ship to and also lets them tweak shipping costs as per their business needs. Whether you're looking to tap into new markets or streamline your existing international operations, this intuitive app delivers a comprehensive shipping solution.


Generate labels for packages to ensure efficient delivery and increase customer satisfaction
Provide real-time tracking information to enhance transparency, foster trust, and improve customer experience
Custom rules engine for selectively choosing countries to ship to and adjusting shipping costs
Calculate freight, insurance, and taxes at the time of sale for accurate pricing
All-in, no additional costs at destination rates to delight customers


Easily generate labels for packages to ensure efficient delivery and increase customer satisfaction
Real-time tracking information enhances transparency, fosters trust, and improves customer experience
Custom rules engine allows you to selectively choose countries to ship to and adjust shipping costs to streamline international operations

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Owlfred Review

The Easy Crossborder Shipping app by Crossborderly is just the ticket for Shopify merchants looking to expand their horizons to Latin America and Europe! Although, it's a backstage maestro with zero installs, it sports a dazzling five-star rating. This app effortlessly simplifies the shipping process, ensuring your customers don't get stung with any extra costs at the destination. Known for its all-inclusive rates and a speedy service, it features incredibly useful tools such as offering tracking information for every order and support in local languages; how cool is that? Plus, custom rules to fine-tune shipping charges and calculating freight, insurance and taxes at the point of sale truly add to its charm. It's free to install with possible additional charges, so do check the detailed pricing. If you're ready to spruce up your order and shipping reports, this app could really help your business take flight!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to manage international shipping using Easy Crossborder Shipping?
Easy Crossborder Shipping app is designed to manage international shipping in the most cost-effective and efficient way. It provides various international shipping options and also helps you track and report your shipments to ensure they reach their destination on time. It's a single platform for streamlining all your international shipping needs.
How does order and shipping reports help in international shipping?
Order and shipping reports feature in Easy Crossborder Shipping app gives insightful data about the shipping times,costs and delivery performance. This allows for improved decision making to optimize shipping strategy and maintaining customer satisfaction.
Can Easy Crossborder Shipping app help me find the cheapest and fastest way to ship internationally?
Yes the app has a feature that allows Shopify merchants to compare international shipping services in terms of speed and cost. This can help you find the most efficient and cost-effective shipping method for your international customers.
What international shipping services are supported by Easy Crossborder Shipping app?
Easy Crossborder Shipping app works with various international shipping services including but not limited to DHL,UPS and USPS. It allows you to find the cheapest and fastest options from a variety of services depending on your shipping needs.

Shopify App Comparison: Easy Crossborder Shipping vs Tracktor Order Tracking - which is better?

When comparing the Easy Crossborder Shipping app and the Tracktor Order Tracking app, we can see that both applications offer valuable features for Shopify merchants.

The Easy Crossborder Shipping app focuses on facilitating crossborder shipping and expanding into international markets. It offers a user-friendly process for generating labels and provides real-time tracking information to enhance transparency and trust with customers. What sets this app apart is the powerful custom rules engine, which allows merchants to selectively choose countries to ship to and adjust shipping costs according to their business needs. This app is recommended for those looking to streamline their international operations and tap into new markets.

On the other hand, the Tracktor Order Tracking app specializes in elevating customer satisfaction and fostering brand loyalty through its robust order tracking system. With compatibility with over 1,500 integrated carriers, it offers extensive tracking capabilities. However, what makes this app unique is its fully customizable interface, which allows businesses to infuse their brand's identity into the tracking page. By transforming the mundane task of tracking into a joyful experience, this app helps create a loyal customer base. We recommend this app for those looking to enhance their brand image and build a community of repeat shoppers.

Easy Crossborder Shipping Shopify AppEasy Crossborder Shipping
Tracktor Order Tracking Shopify AppTracktor Order Tracking
Average Rating 5 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Number of Reviews 1 737
Estimated Installs 0 5390
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Max Price $0.00 $99.00
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