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Quickly update the look of your Shopify store with custom CSS code without backend modifications.

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Easy Custom CSS is a convenient app that allows you to add custom CSS code to your theme without the need to modify the backend code, making it easy to update your store's appearance with just a basic knowledge of CSS.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

Last Updated:
July 12, 2024

Transform the Look of Your Shopify Store with Easy Custom CSS

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Spruce up your online store's aesthetics with simplicity and ease, courtesy of the Easy Custom CSS app. It breathes new life into your e-commerce space, empowering you to refine your store’s styling without touching the backend code. By leveraging a fundamental understanding of CSS code, you're granted a unique opportunity to offer a facelift to your e-store's visual appeal.

This intuitive tool boasts masterful flexibility, fitting flawlessly into the diverse world of online storefronts. Regardless if you're running a minimalist boutique or a sprawling digital mall, everyone can benefit from subtly refining their visual identity. The difference between a satisfactory user experience and a fantastic one can often be found in these details.

Arm yourself with this tool to inject fresh design elements, firming up the overall look and theme of your store. You're only a few clicks away from a rejuvenated online space, the power to bring your envisioned e-commerce aesthetic to life rests in your hands.


Add custom CSS to any theme on your store
Syntax highlighting for easier coding
Autocompletion for code suggestions
Integrate fresh design elements seamlessly
Customize your e-commerce space effortlessly


Elevate your online store's visual appeal effortlessly
Easily customize your e-commerce space without the need to alter backend code
Inject fresh design elements to enhance your store's theme and overall look

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Free Plan Free Add CSS to any available theme on your store Syntax highlighting Autocompletion, get automatic suggestions on how to complete a line of co Enterprise Plan $1,995 / month Best for larger Businesses All features included in free Access to Premium Customer Success Support Access to CSS Knowledge Base and guides
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Owlfred Review

Hoot hoot, merchants! If you're seeking the freedom to customize your store aesthetically without rummaging through complex backend code, Easy Custom CSS could be your holy grail. This nifty app, developed by ACARUI FZCO, allows you to inject custom CSS into any theme, add dynamic flair to your eCommerce site, and make it truly reflect your brand spirit. What's more, they're offering syntax highlighting and autocomplete features, which make the coding process a breeze - handy for those without an in-depth knowledge of CSS! Although the current average review sits at a modest 3.3 out of 5 (based on 7 reviews), the capabilities could far outweigh the initial learning curve. Plus, the price range is versatile. Free plan available and a maximum cap all the way up to $1,995, accommodating to all types of businesses and their budgets. Remember, this is a backend application, so don't fret about the install count! This category belongs under 'Page Enhancements - Other', so if you're looking to give your Shopify site that extra sparkle, Easy Custom CSS could be worth considering. Dress your store how you want without the need for extensive backend meddling.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use Easy Custom CSS to change the look of my Shopify store?
Easy Custom CSS helps you customize your Shopify store by allowing you to implement style changes directly. You can use it to modify the site's colors, fonts, and layout without editing theme files.
Where does Easy Custom CSS integrate with my existing Shopify CSS?
Easy Custom CSS integrates with your existing Shopify CSS by allowing you to add custom styles. It doesn't require access to the actual CSS files, making it safer and easier for those who aren't familiar with theme code editing.
How can I edit styles in Shopify using Easy Custom CSS?
With Easy Custom CSS, you can add or modify styles directly through its user interface. Simply input the desired CSS rules, and they will apply to your site instantly. This removes the need to go into your Shopify theme files.
Can I use both HTML and CSS in Shopify with Easy Custom CSS?
While Easy Custom CSS is designed for implementing CSS changes, adding HTML would run through Shopify's theme editor. It's suggested to use both tools together: HTML for structure changes in the theme editor and CSS for style adjustments in Easy Custom CSS.

Shopify App Comparison: Easy Custom CSS vs Easy Tabs ‑ Product Tabs - which is better?

When comparing the Easy Custom CSS app to the Easy Tabs - Product Tabs app, it's clear that both provide valuable tools to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of your online store. Easy Custom CSS allows you to easily customize your store's visual appeal by injecting fresh design elements without the need to alter backend code. This offers a quick and effortless way to elevate your store's overall look and theme. On the other hand, Easy Tabs - Product Tabs focuses on streamlining the user experience by organizing product information into customizable tabs. With compliance with WCAG 2.0 / Section 508, this app ensures inclusivity and accessibility for all customers. The ability to split product descriptions into tabs saves time and improves productivity, creating a sleek and professional layout for your product pages.

While both apps offer unique benefits, if you're looking to enhance the visual appeal of your online store and customize your e-commerce space effortlessly, we highly recommend the Easy Custom CSS app. It provides a simple and intuitive way to refine your store's styling without the need to delve into backend code. However, if you prioritize streamlining the user experience and organizing product information in a clean and accessible way, the Easy Tabs - Product Tabs app is the perfect solution. Its compliance with accessibility guidelines and ability to create uniform product pages make it an invaluable tool for any Shopify merchant. Ultimately, the choice between these two apps depends on your specific needs and priorities for your online store.

Easy Custom CSS Shopify AppEasy Custom CSS
Easy Tabs ‑ Product Tabs Shopify AppEasy Tabs ‑ Product Tabs
Average Rating 3.7 out of 5 4.9 out of 5
Number of Reviews 8 974
Estimated Installs 0 1553
Min Price $0.00 $5.00
Max Price $1995.00 $5.00
Works With Design elements - Other Reviews, Yot.po, Judge.me, Loox, Kudobuzz, Verified Reviews
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