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Streamline B2B bulk ordering with quick forms on product pages and standalone order pages.

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B2B: Wholesale Bulk Order Form is a fantastic tool for streamlining bulk orders and simplifying the checkout process for your wholesale customers.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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July 12, 2024

Streamline Wholesale Orders with Quick and Easy Bulk Order Forms

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Streamline your wholesale operations with a comprehensive solution designed to simplify and expedite bulk purchases. Enabling merchants to seamlessly integrate a bulk order form on product pages for selected items, this app increases efficiency by reducing time invested in the checkout process. It even allows standalone wholesale catalog pages with accelerated order forms for a set of products, making bulk purchasing a breeze.

The visual aesthetics are a cut above the rest. The app furnishes the ability to not only tantalize with high-quality visual appeal but also to tailor the wholesale page to effortlessly blend with your store theme. Balancing aesthetics and functionality, it creates an inviting shopping environment that eases the placement of B2B batch orders swiftly and efficiently.

Targeted towards enriching the wholesale experience, this app proves an optimal tool for B2B businesses keen to elevate operations while conserving valuable time. Unlock the power of efficient wholesale trading, experiencing the clarity and simplicity brought to your Shopify store.


Create wholesale offer pages for wholesalers to complete bulk orders quickly
Add bulk order forms to specific products for efficient purchasing
Customize colors, texts, and quick order form layouts to align with business needs
Implement a floating bar with order summary for improved usability in long wholesale catalogs
Optimize wholesale offer pages for swift bulk order completion, saving time and enhancing trading clarity


Increase wholesale efficiency by streamlining bulk purchases, reducing checkout time, and integrating bulk order forms for selected items
Enhance visual appeal and blend wholesale pages seamlessly with store themes, creating an inviting shopping environment that speeds up B2B batch orders
Elevate wholesale operations, save time, and improve trading clarity with optimized wholesale offer pages for swift bulk order completion

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NexusMedia OÜ
Sepapaja 6, Tallinn, 15551, EE
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Works with

EasyOrder, EasyLockdown


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Owlfred Review

The B2B:Wholesale Bulk Order Form by NexusMedia OÜ is a fantastic option for wholesale businesses present on Shopify. With a flawless average rating of 5 from 44 reviews, this app is loved by its users as it significantly simplifies their bulk orders and expedites the checkout process. Right from adding a bulk order form on product pages to creating bespoke standalone wholesale catalog pages that exude your store's theme, it has been designed to cater to all your wholesale needs. Key features include the ability to tailor the look, feel, and layout of your quick order forms, and a floating bar with an order summary for those long wholesale catalogs, infusing an element of sheer usability. Overall, this seemingly great $9.95/month investment to help your wholesalers place their B2B batch orders swiftly and effortlessly is worth considering. Staying true to my owl wisdom, I recommend it!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I streamline my order process with a B2B app?
Using a B2B app like the Wholesale Bulk Order Form can significantly streamline your order process. By providing a user-friendly platform, it simplifies the buying process, enabling buyers to place orders in bulk quickly and effortlessly.
How does the Wholesale Bulk Order Form app aid in accepting wholesale orders?
The Wholesale Bulk Order Form app is designed to make it easier for Shopify store owners to process and manage wholesale orders. It allows for quick product selection and bulk ordering which are crucial for running a successful B2B operation.
How can I use a B2B app to facilitate bulk orders?
Bulk orders can become a hassle without the right tools. The B2B Wholesale Bulk Order Form app is the perfect tool for handling these. It allows customers to quickly select and order products in large quantities, thereby speeding up the ordering process.
What defines a wholesale order in Shopify through B2B apps?
A wholesale order in Shopify, when utilizing B2B apps like Wholesale Bulk Order Form, typically refers to large quantity orders placed by business customers. These orders are usually at lowered prices and are meant for resale or business use.

Shopify App Comparison: B2B:Wholesale Bulk Order Form vs Hulk Product Options - which is better?

When comparing B2B: Wholesale Bulk Order Form App and Hulk Product Options App, we found that both apps offer valuable features that can enhance the functionality and efficiency of an online store. B2B: Wholesale Bulk Order Form App focuses on simplifying and expediting bulk purchases for B2B businesses. It allows merchants to integrate a bulk order form on product pages and create wholesale offer pages for quick bulk orders. The app also offers customizable layouts and colors to align with the store's theme, creating an inviting shopping environment that speeds up B2B batch orders. Overall, this app is ideal for businesses looking to increase wholesale efficiency and trading clarity.

On the other hand, Hulk Product Options App offers a range of features to amplify a store's versatility. One of its standout features is the ability to handle bulk customizations, allowing merchants to make changes to multiple products simultaneously. This saves valuable time on repetitive tasks and increases productivity. The app also enables customers to personalize their products with various options and upload images of their custom product ideas. With import/export operations and option-set capabilities, merchants can efficiently manage product variations and offer unique shopping experiences. In conclusion, Hulk Product Options App is a strategic choice for merchants seeking to streamline product options management and offer creative customer co-creation possibilities.

We recommend both apps based on the specific needs and goals of your online store. If you are primarily focused on B2B operations and want to streamline bulk purchases, B2B: Wholesale Bulk Order Form App is the ideal choice. However, if you are looking to enhance versatility, manage product variations efficiently, and encourage customer engagement through co-creation, Hulk Product Options App would be a valuable addition to your Shopify marketplace.
B2B:Wholesale Bulk Order Form Shopify AppB2B:Wholesale Bulk Order Form
Hulk Product Options Shopify AppHulk Product Options
Average Rating 5 out of 5 4.7 out of 5
Number of Reviews 48 1805
Estimated Installs 182 20344
Min Price $9.94 $10.00
Max Price $9.94 $49.90
Works With EasyOrder, EasyLockdown Shopify POS , PageFly, HulkApps Mobile App Builder, HulkApps VolumeBoost, EComposer, LogBase, Identixweb
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