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July 12, 2024

Prevent Fraud, Chargebacks & Cyber Attacks to Boost Sales Quickly

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Secure the success of your online marketplace by streamlining your risk management processes with this versatile Shopify app. Designed to combat modern security threats, this tool uses real-time threat intelligence, fraud scoring, and order monitoring to ensure a safer trading environment and secure online customer experience.

Challenges such as fraudulent orders and cyberattack risks can significantly derail your growth trajectory. However, this app helps you tackle these issues head-on without slowing down your performance. Automated threat detection and management means less time spent on manual checks and more time dedicated to scaling your business, not to mention a drastic reduction in costly chargebacks.

The robust functionality of this app extends beyond just securing transactions. By combating fraud successfully, it will help you achieve higher sales, enhance profitability and ensure smooth customer transactions, all integral components to any successful e-commerce enterprise. Adapting to the digital threat landscape doesn't have to be an uphill battle with this robust security solution.


Automate threat detection to save time on manual checks and focus on scaling your business
Real-time fraud scoring and order monitoring to reduce chargebacks
Secure transactions and ensure smooth customer experiences for increased sales and profitability
Combat fraudulent orders and cyberattack risks efficiently
Streamline risk management processes with real-time threat intelligence and fraud prevention.


By automating threat detection, spend less time on manual checks and more time scaling your business
Reduce costly chargebacks with real-time fraud scoring and order monitoring
Increase sales and profitability with secure transactions and smooth customer experiences

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"Whoosh!" That's the sound of my feathers fluttering with excitement over the eComm360 Fraud Prevention app by Cybertonica Ltd! This sharp-eyed app spots outdated risk & fraud protection systems, gripping them tight in its talons, and introducing real-time threat intelligence, fraud scoring & order monitoring. Wave "bye-bye" to fraudulent orders, excessive chargebacks, and threatening cyber-attacks. The eComm360 Fraud Prevention app puts your fraud prevention on autopilot - no more manual reviews, allowing you to focus on growing your Shopify store sales and boosting profitability while maintaining a seamless shopping experience for your customers. Even though it's a backend app with no installs we can see, its review score nests high on the branches with a glowing 5-star rating! This isn't just a security guard for your store—it's a whole surveillance system, tailoring user safety scores based on historical risk data, current user behavior, and constantly patrolling for malware, bots, and other cyber threats. Its laser-like monitoring ability, comprehensive analytics, and tireless 24/7 support make it a reliable owl partner who's got your back. So buckle up and let's fly fraud-free together!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What steps can I take to prevent fraud chargebacks in my store?
Implementing eComm360 Fraud Prevention in your store provides you with top-notch fraud prevention mechanisms. Make use of its features like transaction monitoring and customer profiles to anticipate and defend against potential fraud cases.
Can eComm360 Fraud Prevention help me fight friendly fraud chargebacks?
Yes eComm360 Fraud Prevention can significantly aid in responding to friendly fraud instances. The app's profound features like detailed customer profiles and transaction history can be used as the evidence needed to fight chargebacks.
How effective is eComm360 Fraud Prevention against chargeback fraud?
eComm360 Fraud Prevention is highly effective in identifying and mitigating chargeback fraud. The tool employs advanced technologies to verify the credibility of transactions, preventing fraudulent activities before they happen.
What kind of evidence does eComm360 Fraud Prevention provide for fighting fraud chargebacks?
When dealing with fraud chargebacks, eComm360 Fraud Prevention is a valuable tool. It provides comprehensive, accurate data including detailed customer activity and transaction records, which are often key in disputing chargeback claims.

Shopify App Comparison: eComm360 Fraud Prevention vs SavvyCube Analytics & Reports - which is better?

When comparing the capabilities of the eComm360 Fraud Prevention app and the SavvyCube Analytics & Reports app, it is clear that they serve different purposes and offer unique benefits. The eComm360 Fraud Prevention app focuses on securing online marketplaces by automating threat detection, fraud scoring, and order monitoring. Its robust functionality not only helps combat fraudulent orders and cyberattack risks but also streamlines risk management processes. This app is ideal for businesses looking to enhance security, reduce chargebacks, and ensure smooth customer transactions.

In contrast, the SavvyCube Analytics & Reports app is designed to demystify sales data and provide valuable insights for data-informed decisions. It seamlessly integrates with Shopify and Magento to offer a consolidated view of sales data, chart trends, and detect patterns relevant to the business strategy. With its ability to convert complex metrics into intelligible insights, it equips businesses to make informed adjustments and improve marketing campaigns. This app is recommended for businesses looking to unlock valuable insights effortlessly and bridge the gap between business performance and strategic decision-making.

eComm360 Fraud Prevention Shopify AppeComm360 Fraud Prevention
SavvyCube Analytics & Reports Shopify AppSavvyCube Analytics & Reports
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