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July 12, 2024

Powerful MultiStore Reporting & Automation Tool for Shopify Sellers

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Whether you're managing one or multiple Shopify stores, streamline your reporting process with this versatile dashboard application. This tool stands as a centralized database, collating data from all your Shopify stores into a single, user-friendly interface.

Adopt a laser-focused approach to your data with extensive filter options. Craft intricate data export files or comprehensive reports centered around important metrics like orders, customer statistics, sales, and more - never miss a detail.

Unleash the potential of your customer base by constructing 'smart audiences'. These audiences are designed to maximize conversion rates, effectively increasing the profitability of each sale.

Maintain accuracy and consistency with automatic scheduling. Sleep easy knowing your reports and exports adhere to a clockwork schedule, eliminating the margin of manual error. This application is compatible with popular formats and destinations, ensuring the resultant data will seamlessly integrate with existing workflows.

Align your international operations with built-in currency conversion and timezone support. This ensures that regardless of your location or that of your customers, your data remains consistent and understandable.

Reductively crafted with Shopify Polaris, the user experience is intuitive and engaging, setting a new bar for user interaction within the data management genre of applications.


Work from one dashboard with multiple Shopify stores in one account
Create advanced Shopify reports, smart audiences, and data exports with extensive filter options
Schedule exports and reports creation for accuracy and consistency
Export data in csv, excel, Google sheet, or pdf formats and share via email, ftp, or Google Drive
Built-in currency conversion and timezone support for international operations


Save time and streamline reporting across multiple Shopify stores with a centralized dashboard to access all data in one place, increasing efficiency and productivity
Generate advanced reports and smart audiences to optimize conversion rates, maximizing the profitability of each sale by crafting targeted marketing strategies based on important metrics
Maintain data accuracy and consistency with automatic scheduling, reducing manual errors and ensuring seamless integration with existing workflows.

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Google Drive, Google Sheets, FTP, Email, Excel, PDF


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Owlfred Review

Hoot hoot! There's a shiny new star on the Shopify apps horizon, Ecomsolo Multi Export Reports. This savvy little app is perfect for our e-commerce merchants juggling multiple Shopify stores. It allows you to manage all your stores from one central dashboard - Talk about being in control! Need comprehensive Shopify reports? This app has got you covered with advanced filters and over 100 different metrics. Its ability to generate detailed reports about orders, sales, and customers will help you make data-driven decisions. Plus, it's got some nifty scheduling and sharing features for all those important exports. The β€˜smart audiences' feature is the cherry on top, promising to boost your sales maximally. The apps free pricing tier and 15-day free trial makes it tempting and easy to give it a whirl. Stellar reviews (avg. rating, 5) have us believing that this little gem delivers on its promises. Owlfred's verdict? If you're taking care of multiple stores and need a better way to handle your data, Ecomsolo might just be your new best friend. Try it today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the concept of multistore in ecommerce?
In ecommerce, the multistore concept refers to the ability to manage multiple online stores from one central platform. This is beneficial for businesses who operate in multiple sales channels or geographical areas.
How does the Ecomsolo MultiStore Reports assist with order and shipping reports?
Ecomsolo MultiStore Reports provides comprehensive data and insights on both order and shipping activities. It allows you to consolidate and analyze this data, thereby making informed business decisions.
Can Shopify reports be automated?
Yes Shopify allows for automation of reports. Ecomsolo MultiStore Reports could enhance this feature by providing more detailed, multistore analysis.
What role do professional reports play in Shopify's operations?
Professional reports in Shopify provide valuable insights into store performance containing data on sales, customers, and marketing. Using the Ecomsolo MultiStore Reports can further expand on this by incorporating multistore data for a more comprehensive overview.

Shopify App Comparison: Ecomsolo MultiStore Reports vs TrackMate Order Tracking - which is better?

When comparing Ecomsolo MultiStore Reports and TrackMate Order Tracking, it's clear that both apps offer valuable capabilities and features for businesses. MultiStore Reports stands out for its ability to streamline reporting across multiple Shopify stores, providing a centralized dashboard to access all data in one place. This saves time and increases efficiency, allowing businesses to generate advanced reports and smart audiences to optimize conversion rates. The app also offers automatic scheduling for report creation, ensuring data accuracy and consistency. With built-in currency conversion and timezone support, MultiStore Reports aligns international operations seamlessly.

On the other hand, TrackMate Order Tracking excels in providing reliable real-time status updates for over 1300 carriers worldwide. The ability to customize tracking pages according to the brand's unique identity allows for a cohesive brand experience while delivering accurate information to customers. The app also offers seamless integration with review apps, ESPs, and marketing apps, expanding business capabilities. Trustworthy notifications throughout the order journey enhance customer satisfaction and reinforce the brand's reputation for transparency and dependability.

Overall, both apps offer valuable capabilities for businesses, but the recommendation would depend on the specific needs and priorities of the business. MultiStore Reports is recommended for businesses managing multiple Shopify stores, while TrackMate Order Tracking is recommended for businesses looking to enhance their order-tracking process with reliable real-time updates and customizable tracking pages.

Ecomsolo MultiStore Reports Shopify AppEcomsolo MultiStore Reports
TrackMate Order Tracking Shopify AppTrackMate Order Tracking
Average Rating 5 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 4 6
Estimated Installs 0 0
Min Price $0.00 $0.00
Max Price $29.95 $0.00
Works With Google Drive, Google Sheets, FTP, Email, Excel, PDF
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