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Boost sales post-cookie changes by restoring customer identity with Blotout EdgeTag.

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Blotout EdgeTag is a fantastic tool for boosting your advertising ROI and recovering lost carts in the post-cookie era by restoring customer identity.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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July 12, 2024

Revive Marketing Performance and Drive Sales with Blotout EdgeTag

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Are privacy changes impacting your marketing performance and attribution? Resolve this issue with EdgeTag, a versatile app specifically designed to recover the fidelity of third-party signals. This robust tool constructs your 1P ID graph, amplifying your remarketing efforts and driving impressive ROAS for new and existing customers. It uniquely supports both C-API and ESP providers, catering to various needs.

Setting up EdgeTag is a swift process taking mere minutes, instantly elevating your Event Match Quality score. It effectively reduces CPC costs, recoups abandoned carts, and significantly fuels your advertising ROI. A practical and efficient solution to counteract the challenges posed by the evolving realm of privacy regulations.

So dive into a tool that not only recovers diminished marketing performance but also propels your business towards fruitful advertising endeavors. With EdgeTag, you're armed with the right app to navigate the intricate world of third-party signals while boosting your marketing avenues.


Create lifetime customer ID that remains accurate and unblockable
Implement a no-code setup for quick activation and immediate effectiveness
Utilize Universal C-API to distribute marketing signals across all growth channels
Expand audience reach on Meta, Klaviyo, and other platforms
Cultivate customer loyalty and ensure compliance with first-party data relationships


Instantly elevate your Event Match Quality score, reduce CPC costs, recoup abandoned carts, and fuel advertising ROI
Recover diminished marketing performance and propel your business towards fruitful advertising endeavors
Navigate the intricate world of third-party signals while boosting your marketing avenues

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Owlfred Review

Hoot hoot, Shopify merchants! Let's flap our wings towards the Blotout EdgeTag app. This app is a dynamite solution to drive your sales higher in the post-cookie era - and you can trust your wise old owl here! The marketing world's been shaken up a tad by privacy changes and Blotout really swoops in to rebuild your 1P ID graph, amplifying your re-marketing prowess. What's more, it's a breeze to set up, so you can swiftly get back to your perch and watch your Event Match Quality score grow, driving down those pesky CPCs and recovering lost carts. With Blotout, you'll move the owls, uh, goals in your business, with its features offering an always-accurate lifetime customer ID, universal C-API signal delivery, and audience expansion on platforms like Meta and Klaviyo. Plus, it keeps the relationship with your first-party data in check - which is essential in a post-cookies world. It's priced from $49.99/month with some extra charges on top, but you do get a 7-day free trial to swoop in and try it out. Is it owl approved? Well, with an average rating of 5 from 6 reviews, it seems it's not just this owl who thinks it's a pretty hoot-worthy app in the marketing analytics category!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of Blotout EdgeTag?
Blotout EdgeTag is a marketing analytics app. It provides insights into your digital marketing efforts by tracking user behavior and activity. This data can then be analyzed to improve marketing strategies and performance.
What is the price of the Blotout EdgeTag app?
The price of Blotout EdgeTag may vary depending on the chosen plan and usage. Full pricing details can be found on the app listing page or the Blotout website
What insights can Blotout EdgeTag provide for my marketing?
Blotout EdgeTag can provide detailed insights about visitor interactions on your website or app. This includes user behavior, session duration, conversion rate and more. By analyzing this data, you can make informed marketing decisions and improve campaigns.
What does EdgeTag mean in context of using Blotout?
EdgeTag is a part of the Blotout solution. It's a lightweight JS SDK that collects web data and sends it to Blotout's secure data server. It helps collect accurate, real-time data for your analytics.

Shopify App Comparison: Blotout EdgeTag vs Lebesgue: AI Marketing & LTV - which is better?

When comparing Blotout EdgeTag and Lebesgue: Marketing & LTV, we can see that both apps offer unique capabilities and benefits for users. EdgeTag focuses on recovering the fidelity of third-party signals and improving marketing performance. With its versatile features, it allows users to create a lifetime customer ID, distribute marketing signals across various channels, and expand audience reach on platforms like Meta and Klaviyo. By using EdgeTag, users can instantly elevate their Event Match Quality score, reduce CPC costs, and recoup abandoned carts, leading to improved advertising ROI. Overall, EdgeTag is a powerful tool for navigating the evolving privacy landscape and maximizing marketing efforts.

On the other hand, Lebesgue: Marketing & LTV provides a comprehensive analysis of store analytics and ad performances, aiming to enhance profitability and streamline operations for online merchants. With features like competitor data insights, customer lifetime value analysis, and real-time analytics tracking through an interactive KPI dashboard, this app empowers users to make data-driven decisions and optimize marketing strategies. By leveraging the app's capabilities, merchants can uncover areas for refinement and growth, elevate financial reporting, and improve marketing content development. Lebesgue offers a holistic approach to business intelligence and marketing optimization, providing users with a valuable tool for driving growth and profitability.

Based on their distinct capabilities and benefits, we would recommend both EdgeTag and Lebesgue: Marketing & LTV to users looking to enhance their marketing performance and optimize their business operations. EdgeTag is particularly valuable for those seeking to recover and amplify third-party signals, while Lebesgue offers comprehensive store analytics and ad performance analysis. Ultimately, the choice between these apps depends on the specific needs and priorities of each user.

Blotout EdgeTag Shopify AppBlotout EdgeTag
Lebesgue: AI Marketing & LTV Shopify AppLebesgue: AI Marketing & LTV
Average Rating 5 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 9 114
Estimated Installs 780 0
Min Price $49.99 $0.00
Max Price $249.99 $79.00
Works With Klaviyo,Shogun,Replo,Fermat, Triple Whale, Northbeam, Yotpo, Fondue,Peel,Polar Analytics, Postscript,Gorgias,Inveterate, Postpilot,Yotpo,Zendesk,Alloy, Facebook ads, Google Ads, LTV
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