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Display authentic Google reviews on your site with detailed info and customization options.

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I'd recommend Elfsight Google Reviews for showcasing your excellent Google reviews with customizable display options on your website.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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July 12, 2024

Display Real-Time Google Reviews on Your Shopify Site

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Inject credibility and authenticity into your online marketplace with the SEO-optimized application that facilitates the integration of detailed customer testimonials from Google Reviews. This invaluable tool allows Shopify merchants to display genuine customer feedback complete with the author's name, photo, and a link to their Google profile directly on their site.

This dynamic tool offers a high level of customization, enabling vendors to regulate the reviews they exhibit, by highlighting the most encouraging ones to foster trust and confidence among potential customers. Furthermore, it extends adaptability in text settings, allowing for individualistic presentation of customer accolades.

A distinctive feature of this application involves the opportunity to exhibit overall rating data, a powerful indicator of customer satisfaction, that aligns with your brand's reputation. Embellish your marketplace's credibility and reliability by seamlessly infusing your site with real customer stories, thus accelerating prospective buyers' decision-making process and potentially amplifying your sales growth.


Showcase genuine customer feedback by seamlessly integrating detailed customer testimonials from Google Reviews onto your Shopify website
Customize and regulate the reviews displayed, highlighting the most positive ones to build trust and confidence among potential customers
Enhance credibility by displaying overall rating data, a powerful indicator of customer satisfaction, aligning with your brand's reputation
Encourage visitor interaction by inviting them to leave reviews through a prominent call-to-action button
Individualize the presentation of customer accolades with flexible text settings, optimizing the display to accelerate the decision-making process and potentially boost sales.


Show genuine customer feedback with author details to build trust and credibility
Highlight the most encouraging reviews to foster confidence among potential customers
Display overall rating data to accelerate the decision-making process and potentially increase sales

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Owlfred Review

Owlfred here, your wise Shopify owl. I want to tell you about the chirpy charm of the Google Reviews app by Elfsight. Now, this clever little number allows you to bedazzle your website with your most stellar Google reviews, shining a spotlight on your top-notch service. It even lets your customers become your cheerleaders, as they can leave their own reviews on your site through a call-to-action button. Besides creating a kind of flattering fan club, this nifty app lets you curate the feedback you display, adjust text settings, and proudly parade your high ratings. Despite its seemingly secretive nature by having 0 installs (because it's a backend app, you see!), this feathered friend of an app already has a chorus of 23 positive reviews, chalking up an impressive average rating of 4.8. At just $5.99/month after a swooping 7-day free trial, I must say, it's not a bad squawk from the tree at all! Needless to say, if you're ready to flaunt your fantastic reviews and boost your social proof, this app could be your next best flight.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I display Google reviews on my Shopify site?
With the Google Reviews by Elfsight app, you can easily show Google reviews on your Shopify site. You just need to install the app, configure the settings and add the code snippet to the desired location on your website.
Can I display live Google reviews on my Shopify store?
Yes the Google Reviews by Elfsight app allows Shopify merchants to add live Google Reviews to their website. These reviews are automatically updated, showing latest customer feedback in real-time.
How does Google reviews synchronization work for my website?
The Google Reviews by Elfsight app syncs with your Google My Business account. Whenever a new review comes in, it is instantly pulled into your Shopify website, ensuring your reviews are always up-to-date.
How do I display reviews on the front page of my Shopify store?
Using Google Reviews by Elfsight, you can showcase your Google reviews on the homepage of your Shopify store. After setting up the app, you just need to insert the code snippet to the desired area of your homepage.

Shopify App Comparison: Google Reviews by Elfsight vs Pixelfy: Multi Facebook Pixels - which is better?

When comparing the capabilities and features of Google Reviews by Elfsight and Pixelfy: Multi Facebook Pixels, it's clear that both apps offer unique benefits for Shopify merchants. Google Reviews by Elfsight allows users to inject credibility and authenticity into their online marketplace by displaying genuine customer testimonials from Google Reviews. With customization options and the ability to showcase overall rating data, this app enhances trust and confidence among potential customers, ultimately boosting sales growth. On the other hand, Pixelfy empowers users with effortless Facebook pixel installation and integration, overcoming iOS tracking hurdles and improving advertising precision and reach. With advanced server-side tracking capabilities, this app allows merchants to accurately track multiple campaigns across platforms, increasing conversion rates and making online marketing efforts more effective.

Ultimately, the choice between these two apps depends on the specific needs and goals of your Shopify store. If building trust and credibility through customer testimonials is a top priority, we recommend Google Reviews by Elfsight. However, if you're focused on improving advertising precision and tracking capabilities, Pixelfy: Multi Facebook Pixels is the app for you. Both apps offer valuable benefits and can greatly enhance your online marketplace, so consider your priorities and choose the app that best aligns with your objectives.

Google Reviews by Elfsight Shopify AppGoogle Reviews by Elfsight
Pixelfy: Multi Facebook Pixels Shopify AppPixelfy: Multi Facebook Pixels
Average Rating 4.8 out of 5 4.9 out of 5
Number of Reviews 26 74
Estimated Installs 0 738
Min Price $5.99 $5.99
Max Price $5.99 $7.99
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