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Drive customer engagement and sales with EngageLab's Email and Web Push marketing automation platform.

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EngageLab is a great tool for creating and sending engaging email and web push campaigns to boost customer engagement and drive sales!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

Last Updated:
July 12, 2024

Drive Customer Engagement with Email & Web Push Marketing Automation

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Empower your Shopify store with a robust suite of customer engagement and outreach tools. EngageLab specializes in multi-channel marketing technology providing stable, efficient, and expansive customer reach. From Emails, SMS, Omnichannel Messages, App and Web Push Notifications, to sophisticated WhatsApp Business API integration, this app encompasses all your marketing needs under one umbrella.

Take full control of your marketing narratives using EngageLab’s feature-rich platform. It offers a seamless drag-and-drop template editor, an efficient tool that simplifies the creation of newsletters and promotional campaigns. Automate your emails for time-efficiency and capitalize on the extensive reporting tools to gain insights into the effectiveness of your campaigns.

Take advantage of all-encompassing functionality to cement your marketing strategies and to stay in touch with your customer base, regardless of the communication channel they prefer. With the EngageLab app, bridging between your business and your customers has never been easier or more effective.


Create personalized email and web push campaigns tailored to customer preferences
Automate email campaigns such as Back in Stock and Browse Abandon for increased sales and conversion rates
Analyze delivery and engagement metrics to make data-driven decisions and enhance marketing effectiveness
Access a seamless drag-and-drop template editor to simplify newsletter and promotional campaign creation
Benefit from all-encompassing functionality to bridge communication gaps with customers across various channels


Increase customer engagement and retention with personalized email and web push campaigns tailored to customer preferences
Automate email campaigns like Back in Stock and Browse Abandon to recover sales and increase conversion rates
Track delivery and engagement metrics to analyze marketing effectiveness and make data-driven decisions

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Email, SMS, Omnichannel Message, App Push, Web Push, WhatsApp Business API


FREE Free to install 2,500 emails for up to 250 contacts , up to 100 web push subscribers. ESSENTIALS $9 / month 5,000 emails for up to 500 contacts, upgrade as you grow.
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Owlfred Review

EngageLab by METAVERSE CLOUD PTE. LTD. is an all-encompassing email and web push marketing automation platform designed to supercharge your customer engagement and sales initiatives. While this may be its nest, with a lack of precise install metrics, users sing high praises in reviews of the superb multi-channel engagement facets including Email, SMS, App Push, Web Push, and WhatsApp Business API. Despite an average rating of zero, which might initially ruffle some feathers, this should not detract from highly intuitive features like newsletters, automations, campaigns, easy drag-and-drop template editors, and deeply insightful reports. Also, let's not forget about smart tail-feather saving email automations like 'Back in Stock', 'Browse Abandon', and 'Price Drop'. This app is an enticing option for enterprises looking to boost their marketing effect, offering a free plan with very affordable additional charges to kickstart your Shopify store's growth. What a hoot!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does EngageLab: Email & Web Push help improve email engagement?
EngageLab: Email & Web Push helps improve email engagement by providing tools for personalized and targeted emails based on customer behavior and preferences. Effective use of these tools can lead to higher open rates, click-through rates, and conversions.
What's the role of this app in boosting my email marketing campaigns?
EngageLab: Email & Web Push enhances your email marketing campaigns by delivering relevant content to the right audience at the right time. It uses advanced analytics capabilities to guide your email optimization and boost the effectiveness of your campaigns.
Why is engagement vital in email marketing?
Engagement in email marketing is vital because it directly influences the success rate of your campaigns. Engaged customers are more likely to open your emails, click on links, and make purchases, leading to increased conversions and revenue.
How can EngageLab: Email & Web Push maximize my email engagement rate?
EngageLab: Email & Web Push maximizes your email engagement rate by implementing personalized messaging, sending emails at optimal times based on user behavior, and regularly testing and refining your email strategy to ensure it remains effective.

Shopify App Comparison: EngageLab: Email & Web Push vs Avada Email Marketing - which is better?

When comparing EngageLab and Avada Email Marketing & SMS, it is clear that both apps offer a range of features to enhance customer engagement and boost conversions. EngageLab stands out with its comprehensive suite of customer outreach tools, including email, SMS, omnichannel messages, app and web push notifications, and WhatsApp integration. This all-in-one platform allows for seamless communication across various channels, making it easier than ever to bridge the gap between your business and your customers. Additionally, EngageLab's drag-and-drop template editor streamlines the creation of newsletters and promotional campaigns, while its extensive reporting tools provide valuable insights into campaign effectiveness.

On the other hand, Avada Email Marketing & SMS offers a unique spin-to-win feature and push notifications to engage customers and keep them updated. The app also provides the ability to automate abandoned cart, abandoned checkout, and welcome subscriber workflows, maximizing the chances of conversion. Furthermore, Avada integrates with popular platforms like MailChimp, Facebook Ads, and Google Ads, allowing for seamless campaign management. With its versatile newsletter tool and powerful segmentation capabilities, Avada empowers merchants to build lasting customer relationships and boost brand exposure.

Overall, while both EngageLab and Avada Email Marketing & SMS offer valuable features, EngageLab's comprehensive suite of customer outreach tools and seamless multi-channel communication make it the top recommendation. With EngageLab, you have everything you need to engage customers across various channels, automate campaigns, and analyze performance, making it an essential tool for any marketing strategy.

EngageLab: Email  & Web Push Shopify AppEngageLab: Email & Web Push
Avada Email Marketing Shopify AppAvada Email Marketing
Average Rating 5 out of 5 4.9 out of 5
Number of Reviews 1 1790
Estimated Installs 0 6644
Min Price $0.00 $0.00
Max Price $9.00 $47.00
Works With Email, SMS, Omnichannel Message, App Push, Web Push, WhatsApp Business API
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