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July 12, 2024

Get Your Package Faster - Know Your Estimated Delivery Date Now!

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Opportunities for customer inquiries, let alone negative feedback, significantly plummet with the revolutionary EDDer: Estimated Delivery Date app. An unsolved mystery in online shopping - precisely when purchasers will hold their desired product in their hands - finally gets an answer. By projecting shipment times or predicted delivery information right where it matters most, underneath the "Add to Cart" button, customers are privy to crucial details at the right time.

Eliminate erratic guesses and allow shoppers to learn the exact date their eagerly awaited package will grace their doorstep. This transparency not only escalates consumer confidence but also instills a sense of urgency, a winning formula proven to bolster conversation rates. Don't leave your customers guessing. Provide them with the clarity they've been after with EDDer: Estimated Delivery Date, the confidant your online store needs.


Display product-specific Estimated Delivery Date information conveniently below the "Add to Cart" button.
Alleviate customer uncertainty by providing clear and accurate delivery estimates, fostering trust and increasing conversion rates.
Inject a sense of urgency into the purchase process by eliminating guesswork around delivery dates, nudging shoppers towards completing a sale.
Build a transformative bridge between vendors and customers through user-friendly functionality and pertinent shipping data.
Leverage detailed ETA information to enhance user satisfaction, trust, and conversion rates, ultimately improving the customer experience.


Increase customer trust and conversion rates by providing clear and accurate delivery estimates instantly on the product page
Create a sense of urgency and nudge shoppers towards completing a sale by eliminating guesswork around delivery dates
Enhance user satisfaction and trust, leading to a marked increase in conversion rates, by leveraging detailed ETA information to bolster sales and improve the customer experience

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Etranslate, Parcel Panel


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2 reviews in the last 30 days.

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101 installs in the last 30 days.

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255 installs in the last 30 days.

Owlfred Review

EDDer: Estimated Delivery Date is a highly rated app with 260 reviews and an average rating of 4.8. With 2692 installs, this app helps answer the common customer question, "When can I get my order?", building trust and urgency. By displaying shipping messages or ETA information strategically, such as on the product page, cart, checkout, and even in emails, this app can significantly enhance the customer experience and boost conversion rates. With features like different date displaying rules and multilingual support, EDDer offers valuable functionalities to improve customer satisfaction and increase sales. Overall, I would recommend EDDer for Shopify merchants looking to provide clear delivery information to their customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How accurate is USPS estimated delivery date?
USPS estimated delivery dates are highly reliable. They use a system based on the origin and destination of the package,along with the shipping method used. However,unforeseen circumstances can occasionally cause slight delays.
What does 'Estimated Delivery Date' mean on EDDer App?
Estimated Delivery Date on EDDer app is a projected date when a package is expected to arrive. This calculation is based on the shipping method,destination,and the handling time that the seller possesses.
Can I speed up delivery using EDDer app?
While EDDer app provides estimated delivery dates,it doesn't directly control the package's speed of delivery. Speed is generally dictated by the shipping method used and the processing speed of the courier.
Does EDDer app also work with international shipments?
Yes,EDDer app works with international shipments. The estimated delivery dates would still be based on the shipping method selected,and the origin and destination countries of the package.

Shopify App Comparison: EDDer: Estimated Delivery Date vs Shipping & Delivery ‑ ShipZip - which is better?

EDDer: Estimated Delivery Date and Shipping & Delivery - ShipZip are two powerful Shopify apps that address different aspects of the e-commerce experience. EDDer focuses on providing clear and accurate delivery estimates to alleviate customer uncertainty and foster trust. By displaying product-specific Estimated Delivery Date information conveniently on the product page, this app eliminates guesswork around delivery dates and creates a sense of urgency to nudge shoppers towards completing a sale. This transparent approach enhances customer trust and conversion rates, ultimately improving the overall shopping experience. We highly recommend EDDer: Estimated Delivery Date for those looking to increase customer trust and boost conversion rates by leveraging detailed ETA information.

On the other hand, Shipping & Delivery - ShipZip offers a comprehensive solution for managing shipping rates. This app empowers merchants to customize shipping rules based on various factors, such as product SKU, type, tags, vendor, and customer tags. With this level of granularity, merchants have complete control over shipping rates, allowing them to offer a tailor-made experience for shoppers. In addition, the app includes features to efficiently manage store pick-up and local delivery, covering unlimited locations and time slots. If you're looking for a solution to efficiently manage shipping rates and provide a personalized shipping experience, we highly recommend Shipping & Delivery - ShipZip.

EDDer: Estimated Delivery Date Shopify AppEDDer: Estimated Delivery Date
Shipping & Delivery ‑ ShipZip Shopify AppShipping & Delivery ‑ ShipZip
Average Rating 4.7 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 274 335
Estimated Installs 2373 2028
Min Price $0.00 $0.00
Max Price $7.99 $19.98
Works With Etranslate, Parcel Panel Shopify POS , Canada Post, Australia Post, FedEx, USPS
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