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July 20, 2024

Automate your shipping and returns for business growth.

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Capture eCommerce success by transforming shipping from a tedious pain-point into a swift engine for your business growth. This outstanding shipping automation platform allows for the saving of up to 7 precious minutes on every parcel delivered - injecting efficiency into every order and delighting customers with unmatched delivery experiences.

Seamlessly synchronize your Shopify store within minutes and instantly observe a revamp in your order management flow. Now housed on a single platform, processing becomes a breeze, facilitating a smoother merchant-shopper relationship.

Dive into the opportunity of expanding global reach and reputation with a variety of carriers at your disposal. The platform's breadth of connection with carriers spanning worldwide ensures convenience and diversity in shipping options. To further augment your service, offer your customers state-of-the-art parcel tracking and simple returns processes.

Join the revolution today and watch tedious steps disappear. Breathing a sigh of relief, printing shipping labels is now reduced to a few effortless clicks. Experience a drastic cut in your time expenditure and deliver orders with speed and confidence.


Create shipping labels with ease in just a few clicks, saving you time and effort.
Access a wide range of carriers for shipping with the option to use Sendcloud's rates or your own contracts.
Stay engaged with customers through branded tracking emails and SMS notifications after every sale.
Provide a streamlined return process for customers through a branded return portal.
Track all delivery and return data in one centralized hub for easy management.


Save up to 7 minutes on every parcel delivered, injecting efficiency into order processing.
Streamline order management flow with seamless Shopify store synchronization, enhancing the customer-merchant relationship.
xpand global reach with a variety of carriers at your disposal, offering convenient shipping options and enhancing customer experience.

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Stadhuisplein 10, Eindhoven, 5611 EM, NL
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Works with

Checkout , PostNL, DPD, DHL, UPS, Royal Mail, Evri


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Owlfred Review

Sendcloud is a shipping and returns automation app with 233 reviews and an average rating of 3.4. With 5175 installs, this app offers features like creating and printing shipping labels easily, accessing multiple carriers, branded tracking emails, and a streamlined return process. The app syncs Shopify accounts with Sendcloud for efficient order processing, helping businesses save time per shipment and provide customers with a top-notch delivery experience. While the average rating could be improved, the convenience and effectiveness of Sendcloud make it a valuable tool for businesses looking to optimize their shipping processes and grow efficiently.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Sendcloud?
Sendcloud is a Shopify app that falls under the categories of shipping labels and shipping rate calculator. It is designed to streamline and automate the shipping and delivery process for e-commerce businesses.
What is shipping automation?
Shipping automation refers to the use of software or tools to streamline and speed up the processes involved in shipping orders, from printing labels to tracking packages. It increases efficiency and reduces the risk of human error in order fulfillment.
What are the benefits of automating processes in logistics?
Automating processes in logistics can significantly increase efficiency, accuracy and speed of operations. It reduces manual efforts, eliminates errors, accelerates order fulfillment, and allows better tracking and monitoring of shipments.
What are shipping labels and how does Sendcloud help?
Shipping labels are crucial data carriers in the shipping process. They contain important information like the origin, destination, and weight of the package. Sendcloud automates the creation of shipping labels, thus saving time and reducing the chance of errors.

Shopify App Comparison: Sendcloud vs ReadyToShip Shipping Labels - which is better?

When comparing the Sendcloud App and the ReadyToShip Shipping Labels App, it's clear that both provide efficient shipping solutions for e-commerce businesses. However, Sendcloud offers a broader range of features that give it a slight edge. With Sendcloud, you can seamlessly synchronize your Shopify store, saving time and enhancing the customer-merchant relationship. The platform also offers a variety of carriers worldwide, giving you convenient and diverse shipping options. In addition, Sendcloud provides state-of-the-art parcel tracking and a streamlined return process, further enhancing the customer experience. Overall, Sendcloud offers a comprehensive shipping automation platform that injects efficiency into every order, saving you time and delighting your customers.

On the other hand, the ReadyToShip Shipping Labels App focuses primarily on streamlining the shipping process and cutting errors. It allows you to manage all shipments in one user-friendly platform, which includes printing shipping labels, invoices, and picklists. This app also offers localized Australian support to resolve any queries or difficulties you may encounter. While it may not have as many features as Sendcloud, it still provides an efficient solution for managing your shipping needs. If you're looking for a straightforward shipping label and fulfillment solution with localized support, ReadyToShip is a solid choice.

Sendcloud Shopify AppSendcloud
ReadyToShip Shipping Labels Shopify AppReadyToShip Shipping Labels
Average Rating 4.1 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 269 94
Estimated Installs 5554 0
Min Price $0.00 $0.00
Max Price $149.00 $0.00
Works With Checkout , PostNL, DPD, DHL, UPS, Royal Mail, Evri
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