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Effortlessly create and sell custom event tickets with ease.

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Event Ticketing is the perfect solution for designing, selling, and scanning barcoded tickets for your live events all in one place!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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July 12, 2024

Sell Professional, Branded Tickets for Your Live Events Effortlessly

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Seeking a reliable and cost-effective solution for managing your event ticket sales? Presenting a software that delivers an advanced ticketing platform right on the Shopify marketplace. Offering a seamless integration with your store, you can now create, sell, and manage professional, branded digital tickets with ease.

The app provides robust functionality with minimal setup - going live with your event is now a matter of mere minutes. An efficient tool for all sizes of operations, the platform accommodates the requirements of advanced event organizers, featuring a spectrum of customization options to meet the distinct dynamics of each event.

Stay on top of your sales with real-time tracking and easily export attendees' details for further analysis. Also, an accompanied iOS app will facilitate easy scanning and validation of tickets at the event venue. The app is designed to streamline your event organization, providing a seamless experience for both the sellers and attendees.

Avoid high fees associated with traditional ticketing services with a cost-friendly alternative that brilliantly functions within the Shopify framework. With an emphasis on user experience, ease of use, and comprehensive features, this tool significantly simplifies the ticketing management processβ€” Be it a festival, trade show, or charity event, easily sell tickets with this smart solution.


Create, sell, and manage professional branded digital tickets seamlessly on Shopify with minimal setup
Real-time sales tracking and attendee detail export for easy analysis, accompanied by an iOS app for quick ticket validation at events
Cost-effective ticketing solution integrated within Shopify, saving you from high fees and simplifying ticket management
Streamline event organization with customizable options for various event dynamics, suitable for all sizes of operations
Simplify ticket sales for festivals, trade shows, or charity events with user-friendly features and a focus on enhancing the overall ticketing experience


Sell tickets seamlessly with custom branded digital tickets that can be created, sold, and managed effortlessly on Shopify, saving you time and hassle
Easily track sales in real-time and export attendee details for analysis, while an iOS app assists in swift ticket validation at event venues
Cut down on high fees with a cost-effective ticketing solution that integrates smoothly with Shopify, streamlining the ticket management process and enhancing user experience

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Shopify Flow, Shopify POS , Apple wallet, PDF tickets, Honeywell scanners, Flow, Point of Sale, Event calendar


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Owlfred Review

Whoooo's ready for an easy ticketing solution? Meet Event Ticketing, the only friendly neighbor you'll need in your Shopify tree for handling the creation, sale, and scanning of barcoded tickets for your live events. It's no surprise that the app has received rave reviews due to its user-friendly mechanism and the flexibility it offers in terms of customizing PDF and Apple Wallet tickets. If you're plum tired of pricy online ticketing trifles, this brilliant app by Guest Manager assists in swift sales tracking, attendee export, and ticket scanning with utmost reliability, straight from your iOS device! Additionally, the advanced features offer theme plugins for your event calendar and ticketing page, allowing you to collect custom attendee information seamlessly. It also works in harmony with Shopify POS, Shopify Flow, and a host of others. Lift a wing and avail their free plan, or opt for the premium for enough features to fill an owl's nest, and have your events soaring in no time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of using a digital download for event ticketing?
Using digital downloads for event tickets provides convenience and security. Tickets can be accessed immediately upon purchase and kept safe on the buyer's device, reducing the risk of loss or damage.
How can I use an event calendar to improve ticket sales?
An event calendar provides an organized view of upcoming events, enabling potential customers to plan and make purchases in advance. It can also highlight high-demand events, boosting their visibility and sales.
Why should I use Event Ticketing to sell my tickets instead of Ticketmaster?
Event Ticketing, a Shopify application, provides a simple and user-friendly platform to sell tickets. It integrates seamlessly with your Shopify store, eliminating third-party involvement and giving you complete control over the sales and customer service experience.
Is selling event tickets through my Shopify store legal?
Yes selling event tickets through your Shopify store is legal. It's important to follow any regulations or laws pertaining to event ticket sales in your region, but running your own eCommerce store allows the flexibility and legality to sell tickets directly to your audience.

Shopify App Comparison: Event Ticketing vs Uplinkly Digital Downloads - which is better?

The Event Ticketing App and the Uplinkly Digital Downloads App are both valuable tools for Shopify users, but their capabilities and features differ significantly. With the Event Ticketing App, users can create, sell, and manage professional branded digital tickets seamlessly on Shopify, making it ideal for event organizers of all sizes. It offers real-time sales tracking and attendee detail export for easy analysis, as well as an iOS app for quick ticket validation at events. The app emphasizes user experience and provides a cost-effective ticketing solution, saving users from high fees associated with traditional ticketing services. Overall, the Event Ticketing App streamlines the ticket management process and enhances the overall ticketing experience.

On the other hand, the Uplinkly Digital Downloads App focuses on effortless distribution of digital files. It allows users to seamlessly distribute a range of digital files, whether through manual or automatic fulfillment. The app also offers features such as combining digital and physical variants for sale and choosing delivery methods like email, download page, links, or customer portal. Additionally, it provides enhanced IP security measures like streaming, encryption, PDF stamping, and download limits. The Uplinkly Digital Downloads App is a valuable tool for Shopify users who sell digital products and want to boost their online business success.

Based on your requirements, we recommend the Event Ticketing App for managing ticket sales and providing a seamless ticketing experience for both sellers and attendees. With its comprehensive features and cost-effective solution, this app is an excellent choice for event organizers. However, if your focus is on distributing digital files and maximizing the success of your online business, the Uplinkly Digital Downloads App is the better option. Its effortless distribution capabilities and enhanced security measures make it a valuable tool for selling digital products.

Event Ticketing Shopify AppEvent Ticketing
Uplinkly Digital Downloads Shopify AppUplinkly Digital Downloads
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Number of Reviews 46 53
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Works With Shopify Flow, Shopify POS , Apple wallet, PDF tickets, Honeywell scanners, Flow, Point of Sale, Event calendar Checkout
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