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Turn customer Instagram stories into powerful promotions with eVouch - boost organic growth effortlessly!

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eVouch is the perfect tool to turn your customers into brand advocates by effortlessly sharing their love for your brand on Instagram.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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July 12, 2024

Transform Customer Instagram Stories into Valuable Promotions

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Transforming ordinary customers into powerful brand ambassadors is now a seamless task. The tool at hand lets businesses convert their followers' Instagram stories into rewarding promotions, magnifying the reach and credibility of their brand. This unique strategy gives both your customers and your brand tangible benefits - customers earn rewards, and your brand gets organic exposure.

Indulge your customers in your brand's narrative, presenting them with a chance to become your brand heroes. Allow them to share their love for your products on a platform teeming with potential customers - Instagram. Offering discount rewards as an incentive, you set the stage for a wave of customer-generated content, and leverage it to authenticate your brand.

This easy-to-apply strategy doesn't just empower your brand, but it creates a buzzy Instagram presence. Now, rather than relying on single influencers, your brand can count on a whole legion of committed fans to spread the love. It's time to forge a more authentic and genuine connection with your audience while watching your brand grow organically.


Turn your customers into advocates instantly when they make a purchase
Autonomously approve Instagram stories and distribute discount codes
Design engaging, brand-aligned creatives to captivate your audience
Gain insights into customer interactions and brand promotion
Work seamlessly with Instagram to convert ordinary customers into powerful brand ambassadors, magnifying reach and credibility.


Turn ordinary customers into powerful brand ambassadors by converting their Instagram stories into rewarding promotions, magnifying brand reach and credibility
Engage customers in your brand's narrative by encouraging them to share love for products on Instagram, driving customer-generated content and brand authentication
Create a buzzy Instagram presence with a legion of committed fans spreading brand love, forging a more authentic connection with the audience.

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Owlfred Review

Wings up Shopify enthusiasts! Meet eVouch – the dynamic app you need to boost your brand's presence on Instagram. eVouch transforms ordinary customer Instagram stories into powerful promotion engines. It encourages your shoppers to post about your brand by offering sneaky discounts, contributing to organic growth like you've never seen before. Have you been hunting for a seamless way to spotlight your upcoming products, highlight your brand's CSR efforts, or share customer testimonials? eVouch has got you covered! One remarkable feature I'd like you to owl-wink at is the ability of this app to autonomously approve Instagram stories and distribute discount codes. Fly in here quickly, as it also offers stellar pre-made creatives for immediate IG stories and has analytics built-in for tracking user activity. Despite not having install data, customer feedback tells an impressively positive story with an average rating of 4.9 from 25 reviews. Plans start from a reasonable $49/month with a helpful 14-day free trial. Whilst eVouch is more than just an influencer, it plays a vital role in affiliate programs and other advertising strategies. Decidedly recommended for a fresh and customer-led approach to Instagram marketing!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Instagram Stories aid in affiliate marketing?
Instagram Stories offer a highly engaging format that can be used for affiliate marketing. Brands can promote products, offer discount codes, or share affiliate links in the Story, driving traffic and potentially boosting sales.
What makes Instagram Stories effective for advertising?
Instagram Stories have a direct and immersive format that captures user's full attention, unlike regular feed posts. Plus, they can include interactive elements like swipe-up links or shopping tags, enhancing their advertising impact.
How can eVouch app utilize Instagram Stories for promotions?
eVouch app users can leverage Stories to showcase promotional deals or coupons. By doing this, they can drive their followers on Instagram straight to the deal on their Shopify store, enhancing conversions and sales.
Why should I consider Instagram Stories for promoting my Shopify store's sales?
Instagram Stories have a large and engaged audience that can be a significant driver of traffic and sales for your Shopify store. You can use them to highlight limited time offers, new products or flash sales and directly lead viewers to your website.

Shopify App Comparison: eVouch ‑ Grow with Instagram vs UpPromote Affiliate Marketing - which is better?

When comparing eVouch - Grow with Instagram and UpPromote Affiliate Marketing, we can see that both apps offer powerful features and benefits for businesses. However, they differ in terms of their focus and target audience.

eVouch - Grow with Instagram is specifically designed to empower businesses on Instagram by turning their customers into brand ambassadors. With features like autonomously approving Instagram stories and distributing discount codes, businesses can leverage the power of customer-generated content and reach a wider audience. By engaging customers in the brand's narrative and creating a buzzy Instagram presence, this app helps businesses forge a more authentic connection with their audience. We highly recommend this app for businesses that want to grow their brand organically and tap into the potential of their Instagram followers.

On the other hand, UpPromote Affiliate Marketing focuses on efficient influencer marketing and referral programs. With customizable affiliate links and portals, this app allows businesses to create a robust referral and rewards program to drive customer loyalty and repeat purchases. By automating the affiliate program and offering bonuses and store credit to affiliates, businesses can streamline their operations and cultivate long-lasting customer relationships. We recommend this app for businesses that want to leverage word-of-mouth advertising and streamline their customer acquisition and retention strategies.

eVouch ‑ Grow with Instagram Shopify AppeVouch ‑ Grow with Instagram
UpPromote Affiliate Marketing Shopify AppUpPromote Affiliate Marketing
Average Rating 4.9 out of 5 4.9 out of 5
Number of Reviews 26 3476
Estimated Installs 0 43362
Min Price $49.00 $0.00
Max Price $249.00 $199.99
Works With English Checkout, Omnisend, Hydrogen - Headless, Klaviyo, Paypal, Recharge, Facebook pixel
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