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Effortlessly Export Shopify Data to CSV/EXCEL for Analysis

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Streamline your online store's data management with a comprehensive and versatile solution that provides seamless exportation of essential data fields. With a focus on key segments such as Products, Customers, Orders, Inventory Items, Product Variants, and much more, this tool fosters robust data interaction and analysis.

Effortlessly export data to CSV or Excel formats and integrate it seamlessly into your Business Intelligence (BI) tools. This interface encompasses more than 20 pre-built report templates, designed to save your precious time on data export, invariably making comprehensive reporting an easy task.

This resourceful app not only simplifies data extraction and analysis but also ensures your business runs smoothly, providing actionable insights for informed decision-making. It's not just a data export tool, it's a partner in driving efficiency and performance in your e-commerce venture.


Manage unlimited Shopify data export from all fields with advanced filters
Use Shopify reports templates for your data export with pre-selected fields
Schedule automatic Shopify data export to CSV/EXCEL with email notification
Save your Shopify data export inside Exportier and to Google Drive or FTP
Use custom column to automatically calculate Shopify Sales, Profit, Margin, etc.


Effortlessly export essential data fields to CSV or Excel formats, saving time on data export and enabling easy integration with Business Intelligence tools.
Streamline online store data management by automating Shopify data exports with advanced filters and pre-built report templates, facilitating comprehensive reporting and analysis with minimal effort.
rive efficiency and performance in e-commerce by leveraging actionable insights from simplified data extraction and analysis, aiding informed decision-making for your business.

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Owlfred Review

Hoot, hoot dear Shopify merchants! Let's take a flight into the world of "Exportier - Data Export," an app brought to you by Alpha Serve. Despite being a backend app (hence no install count), this app stands tall with a pristine average rating of 5 out of 5 from 6 reviews. Exportier assists you in breezily exporting Orders, Products, Customers, and more to CSV/EXCEL. This powerful app does not just stop at exporting data; it offers functionalities to manage an unlimited amount of Shopify data exports with advanced filters. To make your exporting jobs easier and faster, it provides 20+ pre-built Shopify report templates. Moreover, it schedules automatic Shopify data exports to CSV/EXCEL, sending you handy email notifications paired with options to save your data inside Exportier or to Google Drive and FTP. Calculating crucial business metrics like Shopify Sales, Profit, Margin instantly with a custom column feature is a cherry on top. With a free plan available and a maximum price of $24.99, it's budget-friendly too. If you're chasing a seamless data export experience, Exportier - Data Export might be the wise choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I export Shopify Analytics to Excel?
With Exportier - Data Export, you can export your Shopify Analytics easily to Excel. Simply navigate to your Analytics dashboard in the Shopify admin, select the report you want to export, and click Export. This will generate an Excel file with all your statistics.
Can you pull data from Shopify?
Yes it is possible to pull data from Shopify using the Exportier - Data Export app. This includes data about orders, products, and customers. It's a seamless process that lets you organize and analyze important business data effectively.
Can you download a CSV file from Shopify?
Yes it is possible to download a CSV file from Shopify. The Exportier - Data Export app lets you generate CSV files with important data from your Shopify store. You can use these CSV files for record-keeping, inventory tracking, or further data analysis.
How do I export data feed from Shopify?
With Exportier - Data Export, you can easily export a data feed from your Shopify store. Go to the app's dashboard in your Shopify admin. From there, you can select the kind of data you want to export and initiate the data feed export process.

Shopify App Comparison: Exportier ‑ Data Export vs Datafly - which is better?

We have reviewed two apps that offer data-driven solutions for e-commerce businesses. Exportier is a comprehensive data export app that simplifies data extraction and analysis. It allows you to effortlessly export essential data fields to CSV or Excel formats, saving time on data export and enabling easy integration with Business Intelligence tools. With advanced filters and pre-built report templates, the app streamlines online store data management and facilitates comprehensive reporting and analysis with minimal effort. Exportier also offers custom columns for automatic calculations, such as Shopify sales, profit, and margin. Overall, Exportier is a robust tool that drives efficiency and performance in e-commerce by providing actionable insights and aiding informed decision-making.

Datafly, on the other hand, focuses on optimizing e-commerce operations through advanced analytics. The app offers detailed order analysis and visitor analysis, enabling you to make informed decisions for optimizing sales performance and gaining valuable insights into customer behavior. With intuitive dashboards designed for efficiency and sophistication, Datafly allows you to navigate your e-commerce operations easily. Additionally, the app offers expert assistance from a dedicated team and the opportunity to request custom features tailored to your specific business needs. Datafly aims to enhance profitability by fine-tuning pricing strategies, optimizing operational hours, and effectively managing inventory levels. Overall, Datafly is a powerful app that provides in-depth business insights and promotes long-term success through personalized solutions.

Both apps offer unique features and benefits that cater to different aspects of data-driven decision-making in e-commerce. Exportier excels in comprehensive data export and integration with Business Intelligence tools, making it a strong choice for businesses focused on analyzing data across various fields. On the other hand, Datafly stands out in its advanced analytics capabilities, enabling businesses to optimize sales performance, understand customer behavior, and make informed decisions. Depending on your specific needs and priorities, either Exportier or Datafly can provide valuable solutions to enhance efficiency and profitability in your e-commerce venture.

Exportier ‑ Data Export Shopify AppExportier ‑ Data Export
Datafly Shopify AppDatafly
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