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Easily upload images and sell fine art print and wall decor in multiple mediums.

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Pictorem is a great tool for artists looking to easily sell their art as various wall decor options!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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July 12, 2024

Sell Your Art with Stunning Print On Demand Wall Decor

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Imagine transforming digital images into tangible art that customers can hang on their walls. With the ability to create diverse wall decor listings directly from your personal image repositories, this exemplary app brings your visual creativity to life. The process is quick and simple; upload your images and the app seamlessly integrates them as viable printing options in your store.

The app caters to an assortment of printing needs with possible outputs like canvas, acrylic, metal, and wood print options. This variety opens up a broad range of possibilities for meeting customer preferences and maximizing sales. But the functionality doesn't stop there. The app not only facilitates the selling process but ensures smooth transactions by handling order fulfillment and dropshipping. It's a comprehensive solution for transforming creative ideas into sellable products, complete with an efficient order fulfillment system.

Combining ease-of-use with practical functionalities, this app is tailored to streamline your online store's efficiency while making your digital art come alive in a variety of printables. Experience the app that redefines the intersection of art and commerce today.


Generate wall art preview listings from your images
Offer various printing mediums including canvas, acrylic, metal, and wood
Provide correct sizing options based on uploaded images
Streamline order fulfillment and dropshipping processes
Seamlessly integrate personalized image repositories into sellable products


Increase sales by offering diverse wall decor options to meet customer preferences and maximize revenue
Streamline order fulfillment and dropshipping processes to save time and ensure smooth transactions
Enhance online store efficiency by seamlessly integrating personalized image repositories into sellable products

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Owlfred Review

Hoot hoot! Let's talk about Pictorem: Art Print On Demand, an interesting backend app that seems perfect for artisans and photographers who want to print their artwork on various mediums. Due to its backend nature, we can't count its installs but it's too interesting to just overlook. Pictorem helps you transform your images into wall decor listings quickly. Variety is the spice of selling as they provide diverse printing options such as canvas, acrylic, metal, and wood print. One unique feature of this app is its automatic sizing of prints based on your images - an absolute timesaver! They are also offering dropshipping to fulfill your orders. However, users have rated it average at 2.6 out of 5, indicating the app might have some areas to work on. We hope they do as it sounds like a potentially valuable tool for certain merchants – especially those in the dropshipping and print-on-demand niches. So, consider checking out this app if you are in these categories but keep the mixed reviews in mind.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I use Pictorem for dropshipping art prints?
Pictorem allows you to easily select and sell a vast range of beautiful art prints through your Shopify store. It's part of the dropshipping model, meaning you don't need to worry about inventory or shipping, as Pictorem handles that for you
What is a print on demand (POD) model?
A print on demand, or POD, model is a method in which products are not printed until an order is received. This means, as a seller, you do not have to worry about inventory costs or storage space
Is art dropshipping profitable?
Dropshipping art can be highly profitable if done correctly. Art can command high price points, and with a dropshipping model you can avoid many traditional costs associated with selling physical products, such as inventory management and shipping
Is there demand for wall art prints?
Yes there is significant demand for wall art prints. Many consumers enjoy the ability to customize their living spaces with unique prints, making it a popular category within the home decor market.

Shopify App Comparison: Pictorem: Art Print On Demand vs Printful: Print on Demand - which is better?

When comparing Pictorem and Printful, both apps offer valuable solutions for turning your creative ideas into sellable products and streamlining the order fulfillment process. However, Pictorem stands out with its diverse range of printing options, including canvas, acrylic, metal, and wood prints, allowing you to cater to a wide variety of customer preferences and maximize revenue. Additionally, Pictorem's seamless integration with your personalized image repositories makes it easy to generate wall art preview listings and offer correct sizing options based on uploaded images, enhancing the efficiency of your online store. With Pictorem, you can transform your digital art into tangible pieces that customers can hang on their walls, making it a recommended app for artists and art enthusiasts.

On the other hand, Printful primarily focuses on custom printed or embroidered apparel, wall art, and blankets, offering an easy-to-use design tool for creating or uploading designs. This app takes care of all logistical details, from printing to packaging to shipping, allowing you to save time and effort and focus solely on your design ideas and marketing strategies. Additionally, Printful offers custom branding options, including packaging and pack-ins, helping you retain customer loyalty and build a strong brand presence. With its quick setup and unbeatable support throughout your business growth journey, Printful is a recommended app for entrepreneurs looking to start or expand their online business.

Pictorem: Art Print On Demand Shopify AppPictorem: Art Print On Demand
Printful: Print on Demand Shopify AppPrintful: Print on Demand
Average Rating 3.5 out of 5 4.6 out of 5
Number of Reviews 7 6360
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