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Revolutionize Your Shopping Experience with Virtual Fitting Room

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Meet the next level of online shopping experience - an application that allows your customers to create custom 3D mannequins based on their personal measurements, such as weight, height, and age. Powered by an advanced algorithm, this app provides individualized size recommendations, optimizing the shopping journey, and reducing returns due to size mismatches.

With a keen focus on customization and usability, the application offers several visual enhancements. Users can easily modify the mannequin's appearance and tailor it to their preferences. Plus, it boasts well-engineered functionality for adding size charts, altering the default language, changing measurement units, and customizing colors and styles to match your branding.

Offering precision, dynamism, and an interactive shopping experience, this application simplifies the challenge of online size selection. It is seamless to set up, easy to integrate, and offers the promise of enhanced customer satisfaction. With this tool, give your shoppers a more personalized, engaging experience that truly fits their needs.


Simplify online size selection with individualized size recommendations based on personal measurements
Customize mannequins with visual enhancements to tailor to user preferences
Easily set up and integrate the app without the need for coding skills
Support multi-language capabilities for a global customer base
Save time and resources with efficient support and no modifications to the theme.


Increase customer satisfaction and reduce returns by providing individualized size recommendations based on personal measurements, optimizing the shopping journey
Enhance the shopping experience with visual customization options, allowing users to tailor mannequins to their preferences
Offer a seamless setup and integration process, saving time and resources for merchants

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Owlfred Review

Oh-hoot, let's dive into the digital depths of S Fitting, a sophisticated virtual fitting room experience developed by Curitibatec. The true novelty here lies in how customers can enter their specific details - think weight, height and age - and get a personalized 3D mannequin to dress up. Then, through the magic of its intelligent algorithm, it recommends the perfect clothing size based on reported data. It sounds as custom-fit as a tailored suit, doesn't it? Its versatility extends beyond just size prediction, as you get options to add size charts and to tog around with the default language, measurement units, colors and style. Plus, this clever Shopify app requires no coding skills, induces no theme modifications, and promises efficient support in multiple languages. All for the neat monthly price of $9.90 (plus, you get a 7-day free trial). But be aware, prospective installers, it seems our virtual friend is a new-kid-on-the-block with only one review to vouch for its efficacy. Still, if you're aiming to enhance your online store's user experience with a bit of 3D tech, this might be a fitting choice.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of a virtual fitting room?
A virtual fitting room is an online tool that allows customers to visualize how clothes,accessories,or products may look on them or in their space before they make a purchase.
What is the impact of virtual fitting room technology on consumers online purchase intention?
Virtual fitting room technology has positive impacts on consumers as it increases their confidence in the products leading to higher purchase intentions by reducing the risks and uncertainties associated with online shopping.
How do you make a virtual fitting room?
Creating a virtual fitting room involves incorporating 3D/AR/VR technologies into an ecommerce platform. Specific body or product measurements are used to create a virtual model so customers can see how a product may fit or look on them.
What is the demand for virtual fitting rooms?
The demand for virtual fitting rooms is growing due to the increase in online shopping. This feature allows customers to make more informed purchasing decisions,thus improving the overall e-commerce experience.

Shopify App Comparison: S Fitting vs Product Options & Customizer - which is better?

When comparing the S Fitting App and the Product Options & Customizer App, we can see that both offer unique capabilities and features that cater to enhancing the overall online shopping experience. The S Fitting App focuses on individualized size recommendations based on personal measurements, making it easier for customers to select the right size and reducing returns. On the other hand, the Product Options & Customizer App allows for virtually limitless product options, enabling customers to personalize their purchases with features such as color swatches and file uploads.

While the S Fitting App focuses more on size optimization and customization of mannequins, the Product Options & Customizer App offers a wider range of customization options for different products, including jewelry engraving and garment textures. Additionally, the Product Options & Customizer App stands out with its ability to up-charge for custom options, allowing merchants to unlock new revenue streams. Both apps enhance the shopping experience and offer seamless setup and integration processes, but the S Fitting App focuses more on size recommendations and personalization, while the Product Options & Customizer App offers a diverse range of customization options and revenue opportunities. Based on your business needs, we recommend considering either or both of these apps to elevate your online store.

S Fitting Shopify AppS Fitting
Product Options & Customizer Shopify AppProduct Options & Customizer
Average Rating 3 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Number of Reviews 1 1699
Estimated Installs 0 7755
Min Price $9.90 $0.00
Max Price $9.90 $99.99
Works With product options, product variants, product personalization, product customizer, file upload, product personalizer
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