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Save Money and Increase Customer Satisfaction with Address Validation for Shopify

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Your customers often mistype shipping addresses (missing apt numbers, invalid house numbers, incorrect abbreviations, etc.) and this leads to costly failed deliveries and upset customers. Address Validator will easily validate addresses against rules and fix potential shipping issues before customers leave your store (on Thank You Page) to makes sure you can complete their shipment. This minimizes your revenue loss from refunds, reshipping, and decreases the number of customer service requests.

Address Validator Plus is a must-have tool for Shopify merchants seeking to maintain impeccable customer satisfaction levels and minimize logistical headaches. With the primary aim of correcting shipment errors resulting from inaccurate or incomplete customer data, this application plays a vital role in ensuring each parcel reaches its rightful destination.

Specifically designed to counter the costs and frustrations associated with failed deliveries, Address Validator Plus operates by rigorously assessing the validity of customer-provided shipping details. Whether it's missing apartment numbers, false house numbers, or erroneous abbreviations, this application is adept at detecting these issues and intervening before the order confirmation stage. This preemptive problem-solving aspect reduces instances of reshipments and refunds, allowing for a smoother e-commerce operation.

But it's not just about cost avoidance. The intrinsic value of this application lies in its ability to improve the customer experience seamlessly. By mitigating post-purchase issues, it helps to drastically decrease the volume of customer service requests, freeing up resources and increasing overall customer satisfaction. A power solution for nurturing trust and efficiency in online retail operations.


Automatically prompt customers to fix invalid shipping address before shipping
Prevent undeliverable addresses such as PO boxes, zip codes, Military, and emojis
Customize address prompts and messaging to match your store design and brand
Works seamlessly with express checkouts like ApplePay, GooglePay, and PayPal Express
Easy setup with no coding necessary, works on mobile and desktop devices


Detect and rectify customer address errors pre-shipment to minimize delivery failures and costly reshipments
Enhance customer satisfaction by reducing post-purchase issues and decreasing the volume of customer service requests
Improve operational efficiency by saving time and resources, nurturing trust, and enhancing the overall customer experience

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Owlfred Review Recap

Address Validator Plus by RoboTurk is a nifty addition to any Shopify store, significantly reducing failed deliveries and returns due to customer errors in shipping details. With over 200 glowing reviews and an excellent rating of 4.8, this app has certainly proven itself in the world of shipping labels and delivery systems. The tool automatically corrects addresses during checkout, enabling seamless integration with express checkouts like ApplePay, GooglePay, and PayPal Express. The ability to customize address prompts and messages to align with your brand aesthetics is an added boon. It's all about easing the shipping process, safeguarding your revenue from losses due to refunds and reshipping, and reducing the number of customer service requests. Address Validator Plus is free to install, making it a cost-effective solution for shipping address validation. But remember, additional charges could apply - heel, toe, and off you go to their pricing page for more info! Owlfred says, "Two wings up for carrying the load and ironing out the kinks in your shipping process!"

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of address validation in Shopify?
Address validation ensures accurate delivery by validating planned shipping addresses in real-time. It checks addresses entered by customers against postal service records and prevents incorrect or incomplete addresses from being used.
Is Address Validator Plus a legitimate tool ?
Address Validator Plus is a credible tool, and it works to ensure shipping labels and delivery addresses entered by customers are valid and accurate.
How does Address Validator Plus work with Shopify?
Address Validator Plus integrates seamlessly with Shopify. When customers enter their shipping address at your Shopify store, the app checks if the address is formatted correctly and corresponds with known addresses in postal service records.
Can I remove or change a customer's shipping address in Shopify using Address Validator Plus?
While Address Validator Plus can't remove or change information directly, it prompts customers to correct their address if any discrepancies are detected. Therefore, customers can then adjust or correct their shipping address details.

Shopify App Comparison: Address Validator Plus vs Super Address Labels - which is better?

We have evaluated the Address Validator Plus app and the Super Address Labels app, and both provide valuable solutions for e-commerce merchants. The Address Validator Plus app focuses on ensuring accurate customer shipping information to minimize delivery failures and streamline the customer experience. It proactively detects and prompts customers to fix any address errors, reducing the need for reshipments and refunds. By improving operational efficiency and decreasing customer service requests, this app enhances customer satisfaction and saves resources.

The Super Address Labels app, on the other hand, simplifies the postal process by automating the creation of mailing address labels. It seamlessly integrates with Shopify, allowing users to generate print-ready labels directly from their browser. With customization options and compatibility with popular label templates and printers, this app offers flexibility and efficiency in label printing. By eliminating the need for external label printing software, it streamlines logistics and keeps operations stress-free.

While both apps address different aspects of the e-commerce journey, we recommend the Address Validator Plus app for merchants who prioritize accurate customer shipping information and want to minimize delivery failures. It offers proactive solutions and benefits in improving customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. However, merchants seeking to streamline their postal process and simplify label printing should consider the Super Address Labels app for its practical features and integration with Shopify.

Address Validator Plus Shopify AppAddress Validator Plus
Super Address Labels Shopify AppSuper Address Labels
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Works With Checkout , ReCharge
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