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Enhance customer service with live chat, AI chatbots, ticketing, email marketing, and more.

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Tidio Live Chat & AI Chatbots is a top-notch customer experience platform with live chat and AI chatbots that can help you boost sales and provide excellent customer service on your Shopify store.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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July 12, 2024

Turn Passive Visitors into Active Buyers with Tidio's Customer Experience Platform

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In the competitive world of online sales, mastering customer experience and communication have become essential. Embrace a tool that helps you maintain stellar customer service and transform potential customers into confirmed buyers.

Notably, this platform packs a powerful punch with ready-to-utilize sales and customer support chatbots, designed to upsell products and proficiently address common customer inquiries, increasing revenue and efficiency. Equipped with AI-powered capabilities, these chatbots are far from generic, they offer personalized replies for an impressive customer-service experience around-the-clock.

This platform also functions as an efficient helpdesk solutions by consolidating all your customer interactions in one central hub, making it delightfully convenient for your team. Sail through customer service management effectively alongside your team with a hassle-free, streamlined approach.

What's more, for those on the Shopify platform, the app has dedicated features designed explicitly for Shopify merchants that ensure seamless integration and improved performance. With these features in your arsenal, you'll navigate through the tide of e-commerce competition with ease and success.


Solve customer problems and increase sales with live chat and proactive selling capabilities
Utilize AI chatbots to automatically address customer inquiries for efficient support
Offer personalized product recommendations and check order history directly in the chat
Easily integrate Tidio with your Shopify store to enhance performance
Streamline customer service management with a simple ticketing system for resolving requests efficiently.


Increase revenue and efficiency with ready-to-use sales and support chatbots that upsell products and address customer inquiries effectively
Consolidate customer interactions in one central hub for efficient helpdesk solutions, streamlining customer service management for your team
Seamlessly integrate with Shopify for improved performance and effortlessly navigate e-commerce competition.

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Zendesk, Mailchimp, Google Analytics, Zapier, klaviyo, judge.me


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Owlfred Review

Tidio Live Chat & AI Chatbots is a robust customer experience platform with live chat, Lyro AI chatbot, ticketing, email marketing, and more, designed to enhance online stores by improving customer service and boosting conversions. With features like live chat for proactive selling, automated customer support through AI chatbots, and seamless integration with Shopify for easy setup, Tidio streamlines customer communication and support processes efficiently. Whether you're looking to engage with visitors in real time or manage customer queries effectively, Tidio offers a comprehensive solution that could benefit your Shopify store’s customer experience.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of using a chat support system in my Shopify store?
A chat support system like Tidio Live Chat & AI Chatbots can enhance your customer service by providing instant responses to queries and concerns. It aids in boosting customer engagement and can lead to increased sales.
How does ticket management feature of Tidio enhance customer service?
The ticket management feature in Tidio allows your customer support team to track, manage and resolve customer queries efficiently. It helps in streamlining communication, ensuring no inquiry goes unanswered and enhancing the overall customer experience.
Can AI chatbots truly understand and respond to customer queries?
Yes AI Chatbots like those incorporated into Tidio Live Chat are designed to understand customer queries and offer appropriate responses. They use artificial intelligence to analyze the intent and context of customer input and provide the most suitable response from predefined options.
Is it useful to have AI chatbots in complement with live chat support?
Indeed. AI chatbots can handle simple queries effectively and provide instant responses at any time of day. While for more complex issues, live chat support which is typically manned by human agents, can step in to offer comprehensive assistance.

Shopify App Comparison: Tidio Live Chat & AI Chatbots vs Pushdaddy WhatsApp, Live Chat - which is better?

When comparing Tidio Live Chat & AI Chatbots and Pushdaddy WhatsApp, Live Chat, it's clear that both apps excel in enhancing customer communication. However, Tidio Live Chat & AI Chatbots stands out with its ready-to-use sales and support chatbots. These chatbots are powered by AI and offer personalized replies, increasing revenue and efficiency for businesses. The app also offers features specifically designed for Shopify merchants, ensuring seamless integration and improved performance in the competitive world of e-commerce. With Tidio Live Chat & AI Chatbots, you'll have a powerful tool that effectively addresses customer inquiries and streamlines customer service management.

Pushdaddy WhatsApp, Live Chat, on the other hand, offers a range of automation features tailored for Shopify stores. From order confirmations to abandoned cart recovery, this app focuses on driving successful conversions and enriching the customer's buying journey. It also includes features like FAQ Answers, providing instant clarifications to common queries and keeping customers updated on their order statuses. Additionally, Pushdaddy WhatsApp, Live Chat, allows for seamless integration with social media platforms like Facebook Messenger and Instagram, enabling businesses to tap into the power of social media marketing. Overall, this app offers easy communication, enhanced customer service, and seamless marketing automation.

While both apps excel in their respective features and benefits, we recommend Tidio Live Chat & AI Chatbots for businesses looking to prioritize efficient customer service management and revenue generation. With its powerful AI-powered chatbots and dedicated features for Shopify merchants, Tidio Live Chat & AI Chatbots provides a comprehensive solution for businesses in the competitive online sales environment.

Tidio Live Chat & AI Chatbots Shopify AppTidio Live Chat & AI Chatbots
Pushdaddy WhatsApp, Live Chat Shopify AppPushdaddy WhatsApp, Live Chat
Average Rating 4.7 out of 5 4.3 out of 5
Number of Reviews 1874 4186
Estimated Installs 38609 37338
Min Price $0.00 $0.00
Max Price $394.00 $0.00
Works With Zendesk, Mailchimp, Google Analytics, Zapier, klaviyo, judge.me Checkout , Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, Messenger, Telegram
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