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The best analytics apps for Shopify in 2024

Written by
Adam Sturrock
Published on
May 19, 2024

In today's data-driven world, your Shopify store's ability to compete and thrive in the market lies significantly in how well you harness and interpret actionable analytics. As of 2024, the online retail giant Shopify, which commands a significant 20% of the global eCommerce market with over 2 million active stores, boasts a broad range of analytics apps geared towards optimizing business growth and operations.

These analytics applications are specifically designed for small, medium, and large businesses, enabling them to make the most out of the wealth of data that flows into their stores. Through these cutting-edge tools, Shopify merchants can glean invaluable insights, identify key trends, review customer behavior, and make informed decisions that will ultimately enhance their store's functionality, profitability, and efficiency.

However, with a current offering exceeding 7,000 apps, choosing the right analytics apps for your Shopify store can seem overwhelming. The kind of analytics apps you deploy will significantly influence your store's management, growth strategies, and overall success. Therefore, the selection process is not only crucial but can also become complex without adequate guidance.

In this guide, we are primarily focused on presenting you with the top-performing analytics apps for Shopify in 2024, helping to navigate this vast and ever-evolving landscape. These analytics apps have been hand-picked based on their functionality, efficiency, ease of use, scalability, and adaptability, making them an excellent fit for shops of all sizes, including those looking to surpass their competition.

Without further ado, let's delve into the best Shopify analytics apps for 2024 to supercharge your strategic decision-making process.

Shopify, the leading e-commerce platform, is home to over 2 million active stores, representing a substantial 20% of the global e-commerce market. Shopify is especially renowned for accommodating a diverse range of merchants, from newcomers setting up their first store to large enterprises and household brands. Shopify's accessibility for beginners and scalability for major businesses make it an ideal choice for many individuals and businesses.

The platform provides a wide array of free and paid templates, effectively reducing development costs. Additionally, there are specialized Shopify agencies and experts proficient in handling a wide variety of requirements, offering a valuable resource for those who might otherwise need to build a comprehensive in-house team.

However, with over 7,000 Shopify apps available, choosing the right analytics apps for your Shopify store is crucial for effective business growth and efficient operation. This selection process and the resulting analytics apps utilized can significantly impact the management and scalability of a Shopify store.

With this in mind, this guide has been crafted with beginner eCommerce store owners to ambitious and sophisticated Shopify businesses in mind. The Shopify analytics apps we've selected are also immensely beneficial for medium and large Shopify stores that aim to outshine their competitors.

Let's dive into our top analytics app recommendations for Shopify!

#1 Shopify App Award

1. Facebook Pixel & API ‑ Pixelio

Facebook Pixel & API ‑ PixelioFacebook Pixel & API ‑ PixelioFacebook Pixel ad manager business account dashboard multipleFacebook Pixel & API ‑ PixelioFacebook Pixel & API ‑ PixelioFacebook Pixel ad manager business account dashboard multiple

$8.99/month. Free trial available.

Supercharge your Shopify store's marketing efforts with an app that allows seamless tracking and synchronization of multiple Facebook Pixels. Redefine your conversion strategy with this powerful tool designed to install Meta Pixel codes with precision. Specifically tailored for non-technical users, embrace the potential of effectively utilized pixels for high conversion rates and business growth.

Dive into the world of advanced Facebook and Instagram advertising. This app backend meticulously records every pixel event, augmenting your ad optimization opportunities across various social media platforms. Enhance your digital marketing strategy by gaining a deeper understanding of your ads’ performance, ensuring your expenditure returns maximum impact.

Flexibility is the key, and all Shopify themes are fully fulfilled by this app. Its comprehensive integration ensures valuable sales data won’t go amiss, even those outside of the Shopify environment. The promise of never missing a sale resonates as a strong value proposition for all Shopify merchants aiming to push their store's performance to its potential limit.

Facebook Pixel & API ‑ Pixelio is developed and maintained by Royal Apps.

Facebook Pixel & API ‑ Pixelio has an average rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars with 108 reviews from Shopify stores.

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#2 Shopify App Award

2. Stape Server GTM

Stape Server GTMStape Server GTMStape server GTMStape Server GTMStape Server GTMStape server GTM

Price: Free

Optimize your website's user and conversion tracking with ease, thanks to this proficient app. By embedding a web GTM snippet into every page, this tool ensures utmost precision in both user data monitoring and conversion tracking. All of this without requiring complex setups or technical know-how.

This app exploits progressive server-side tagging technology, guaranteeing accuracy and reliability in data tracking. Benefit from an extended cookie lifetime for more comprehensive analytics. Additionally, it is decked with script resistance features, tuning out unwarranted third-party interventions and ensuring your data's integrity.

One key highlight of this technologically advanced app is secure data transmission, facilitated through dedicated server endpoints. This hierarchy ensures that your valuable user information and conversion data is never compromised, offering you a trusted solution for your data tracking needs.

In a nutshell, this app offers a practical, one-stop solution to efficiently manage and analyze your site's user data and conversion stats - all aimed at driving informed decisions and boosting your online business performance.

Stape Server GTM is developed and maintained by Stape.

Stape Server GTM has an average rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars with 7 reviews from Shopify stores.

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#3 Shopify App Award

3. Xporter Data Export & Reports

Xporter Data Export & ReportsXporter Data Export & ReportsAdd any shopify field to your reportsXporter Data Export & ReportsXporter Data Export & ReportsAdd any shopify field to your reports

From $7/month. Free trial available.

Harness the power of robust data analytics with this tailored app, designed specifically to mine the treasure trove of data residing within your E-commerce platform. With data file exports and bespoke reports, this app allows you to have a granular view of your operational metrics – from transactions to payouts, extending to specific line item properties, and comprehensive metafields.

Establish a seamless flow of information by automating data delivery to an array of recipients. Whether it's for warehouses, vendors, or your own team members, communicate data via email or SFTP, or even secure it within the application. This solution is more than just a data export tool – it’s a strategic means to streamline your processes and enhance your data-centric decision-making ability.

Beyond the app’s impressive data management features, it comes with an unrivalled customer support team, ready to lend a hand via email, chat, or phone. Assistance is always available, ensuring your reports are always accurate, your data workflows efficient, and your technical challenges are met with prompt solutions.

Xporter Data Export & Reports is developed and maintained by Modd Apps Inc..

Xporter Data Export & Reports has an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars with 371 reviews from Shopify stores.

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4. ReplayPRO: Analytics & Replays

ReplayPRO: Analytics & ReplaysReplayPRO: Analytics & ReplaysTrack key points in the customer journey, including purchases anReplayPRO: Analytics & ReplaysReplayPRO: Analytics & ReplaysTrack key points in the customer journey, including purchases an

From $4.95/month. Free trial available.

Explore the behavior of your customers with an insightful tool capable of capturing session replays. Get the power to comprehend your customer interaction with your store, locate potential obstacles hindering conversion paths, and enhance your customers' shopping experience effortlessly.

Drill down performances based on geographical location, traffic type, and instances when customers encountered errors. Accurately pinpoint the successful areas of your online store and those needing improvement. This accelerates your decision-making process and empowers you to take action based on real, actionable data.

With a straightforward installation process requiring zero coding, the tool seamlessly integrates into your workflow. Boasting a robust and intuitive interface, it's no surprise that several renowned brands rely on it to increase their sales and refine their stores.

Embrace the tool that allows you to really understand your customers, highlight issues, make better data-driven decisions and significantly improve your online store's effectiveness and profitability.

ReplayPRO: Analytics & Replays is developed and maintained by Shopter.Tech.

ReplayPRO: Analytics & Replays has an average rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars with 12 reviews from Shopify stores.

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5. Connectif

ReplayPRO: Analytics & ReplaysConnectifMy workflowReplayPRO: Analytics & ReplaysConnectifMy workflow

Free plan available

Experience the power of predictive big data with this sophisticated app, which uses artificial intelligence to understand your customers' shopping habits in real-time. As you anticipate your customers' needs, you can offer them hyper-personalized shopping experiences that not only meet but exceed their expectations, leading to increased sales.

This app is more than just a predictive tool. It's a complete omnichannel marketing platform that allows for optimization of various strategies with integrated tools. Design bulk email campaigns, craft engaging landing pages, create in-depth forms and surveys, run A/B/X tests, and more; all from a single, user-friendly platform. Features like SMS and push notifications allow for immediate, real-time reach, keeping your brand at the forefront of your customer's mind.

The app's AI-driven understanding of customer behaviour ensures that your marketing efforts don't feel like guesswork, but intelligently tailored interactions designed to convert. The seamless integration of all these tools means you're equipped to offer a comprehensive shopping experience that's personalized at every touchpoint.

Turn big data into even bigger results with this AI-powered, omnichannel marketing tool that puts the customer at the heart of your marketing strategy.

Connectif is developed and maintained by Connectif Artificial Intelligence, S.L. B05509641.

Connectif has an average rating of 5 out of 5 stars with 3 reviews from Shopify stores.

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We hope you found this guide on the top analytics apps for Shopify useful.

Did we miss an app you think should be included in this guide, please let us know!

Top Shopify analytics apps FAQ

Which analytics apps do I need for my Shopify store?

You’ll want to take advantage of the many analytics apps and integrations available to make your Shopify store the best it can be. Every analytics app highlighted in this article can help take your Shopify store to the next level! With that said, if you can't find what you're looking for in this guide, we recommend checking our comprehensive list of every Shopify analytics app!

What is the best analytics app for Shopify?

The Shopify App Store is always adding new apps, but by analyzing merchant reviews, average ratings, estimated install counts, pricing and other signals we've identified that Facebook Pixel & API ‑ Pixelio is one of the top Shopify analytics apps available for merchants in 2024.

With that said, it’s not always the best idea to just go for the most popular app or our recommendations. Always look at how many Shopify stars the app has and what the reviews are saying about the app itself. Where possible, we highly recommend testing apps you are considering by leveraging free trials before commiting to any fixed monthly subscription costs.

Why do I need to install a Shopify analytics app?

Whilst Shopify comes with a broad range of features and capabilities out of the box, many analytics apps go above and beyond what Shopify can provide. Every store has unique requirements and a diverse range of apps are available to meet these needs.

How many analytics apps are recommended for Shopify?

We recommend including atleast one analytics app for your Shopify store if this type of app would be beneficial for your store. There are a lot of free options out there and some great analytics apps that will help you run your business as smoothly as possible.

Can I build my own custom analytics app for Shopify?

The short answer is yes ofcourse! Shopify provides a lot of great documentation to build analytics apps.

The longer answer is that you should weigh up the upfront time, resources and costs of building a custom apps vs finding a analytics app that handles the majority of your requirements for free or for a low monthly fee.

Ofcourse if you can't find a suitable analytics Shopify app to meet your needs then it's definitely worth investigating what it would take to build the app of your dreams!


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