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Automate SMS marketing, drive conversions, and maximize ROI with Appstle's powerful marketing automation.

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With Appstle's SMS Marketing & Engagement app, you can automate your SMS marketing to drive conversions and grow ROI in a scalable and profitable way!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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April 9, 2024

Automate SMS Marketing & Drive Conversions with Appstle

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Appstle SMS marketing and engagement marketing automation helps you do SMS marketing and targeted customer engagements, the right, scalable, and profitable way. The app comes packed with the most sought out features such as * Website pop-ups to build a TCPA/GDPR compliant subscribers list * Highly customizable customer engagement automation at key decision making and purchase journey checkpoints * Structured and easy to use data of subscribers and SMS (past and scheduled SMSs), to...

Power up your customer engagement strategies with this powerful tool that optimizes SMS Marketing to new heights. Cater to your target audience in a manner that resonates with them using website pop-ups that maintain compliance with TCPA/GDPR guidelines. Use this premium feature to build a robust subscribers list that aids in connecting you with the right people.

Delight in the freedom of personalizing customer engagement automations at crucial decision-making checkpoints within the purchase journey. These enhanced capabilities provide an intimate touch, improving the conversion and retention rates of customers, proving profitable to your business in the long run.

This app is more than just a tool for marketing but an intelligent data analyzer too. It simplifies the process of understanding your subscribers and their SMS preferences. Derive valuable insights and strategize your marketing efforts based on past and future scheduled SMS, creating a repository of data used to drive growth through informed decision-making.

Experience a scalable solution that understands the nuances of targeted customer engagement. Leverage this robust tool's features for your online store today, and witness an upward trend in customer engagement and conversion rates.


Optimize SMS Marketing to new heights with personalized customer engagement automations at crucial decision-making checkpoints.
Simplify the process of understanding subscriber preferences and drive growth through intelligent data analysis and informed decision-making.
Leverage targeted SMS marketing features to scale customer engagement and increase conversion rates for your online store.
Cater to your target audience with website pop-ups that maintain compliance with TCPA/GDPR guidelines, building a robust subscribers list.
Utilize the app's features to create a repository of data for past and future scheduled SMS, improving customer interactions and sales.


Increase customer engagement and retention rates by personalizing SMS marketing automations at crucial decision-making checkpoints to drive profitable long-term results.
Derive valuable insights and make informed decisions by utilizing the app's intelligent data analysis capabilities to understand subscriber preferences and strategize marketing efforts for growth.
Scale your online store's customer engagement and conversion rates with targeted SMS marketing features, leading to an upward trend in customer interactions and sales.

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Owlfred Review Recap

Hoot hoot! Let's take a look at Appstle's SMS Marketing & Engagement app. This handy tool automates your SMS marketing efforts, aims to drive conversions and boosts your ROI. With features such as website pop-ups aimed at building TCPA/GDPR compliant subscriber lists and highly customizable customer engagement automation, this app is specifically crafted for increasing engagement and making your marketing journey as smooth as a glide through the nighttime sky. Despite being quite new with only one review (but a perfect score of 5 stars!), it already shows great promise. Aimed at both growing and established businesses, this app offers tiers to suit every budget, starting from a completely free plan and stretching up to $30/month. It's essential to mention that this is a backend app meaning actual installation numbers might not be visible. With real-time analytical data and options to personalize and segment your audience, the control is totally in your talons. Perfect for merchants in need of marketing automation and detailed reporting, Appstle's application also proffers seamless sales and conversion optimization. Shopifiers, prepare to engage in active customer communication and soar into higher levels of consumer satisfaction. Owlfred applauds this promising SMS marketing gem and fully recommends giving it a try!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I automate SMS marketing with an app?
Most SMS Marketing apps on Shopify allow automation of messages. They typically provide tools to schedule and send bulk messages, create automated campaigns based on customer behavior, and track recipient engagement.
What does it mean to automate text messages in a sales context?
In sales and marketing, automating text messages usually involves setting up a system that automatically sends timely and relevant SMS to customers based on specific triggers such as signing up, making a purchase, or abandoning a cart.
How can I send bulk SMS messages with an app?
To send bulk SMS messages with an app, first, you need to have a database of mobile contacts that have opted in to receive your messages. Most SMS Marketing apps then allow you to create a campaign, craft your message, and mass-send it to your list.
Is it legal to use SMS for marketing purposes?
Yes it's legal to use SMS for marketing, but regulations like the Telephone Consumer Protection Act in the US and the GDPR in the EU impose rules to protect consumer privacy, such as requiring explicit consent to receive marketing texts. Always ensure you're compliant with local laws when using SMS marketing.

Shopify App Comparison: SMS Marketing & Engagement vs Checkoutify - which is better?

When comparing the SMS Marketing & Engagement app to the Checkoutify app, we can see that both apps offer valuable capabilities for optimizing customer engagement and increasing conversion rates. However, there are some key differences between the two. The SMS Marketing & Engagement app focuses on personalized customer engagement through SMS marketing automations, website pop-ups, and intelligent data analysis. This app allows you to build a robust subscriber list and drive growth through informed decision-making based on valuable insights. With its features, you can increase customer engagement and retention rates, leading to profitable long-term results. Overall, the SMS Marketing & Engagement app is a powerful tool for connecting with your target audience and improving customer interactions and sales. We highly recommend this app for online store owners looking to scale their customer engagement and conversion rates.

On the other hand, the Checkoutify app is specifically designed to tackle the issue of cart abandonment for ecommerce business owners. This app offers data-driven analytics to understand sales lost and recovered, allowing merchants to devise powerful strategies for continued customer engagement. With its unlimited reactive emails and aesthetic templates, the Checkoutify app helps increase revenue retention and personalize customer interactions. Additionally, the app offers customizable push notification campaigns to encourage visitors to complete their purchases. If you're struggling with cart abandonment, the Checkoutify app is a great solution for reducing abandonment rates, improving customer engagement, and increasing revenue. We highly recommend this app for Shopify store owners who want to retain, recover, and re-engage with their customer base while effectively managing cart abandonments.

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