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Recover Lost Sales and Engage Customers with Checkoutify

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Bid adieu to lost sales with a value-driven solution for cart abandonment issues that plague ecommerce business owners every day. With a heavy pinch of automation, rest easy knowing every potential sale is pursued for optimum revenue retention.

This efficient solution captivates Shopify merchants with its revealing, data-driven analytics, unearthing insightful information about sales lost and recovered. Comprehend your buyer's journey better with Access to detailed data on abandoned carts, helping devise powerful strategies for continued customer engagement.

Capitalizing on the power of email, this ingenious tool equips merchants with the capacity to send an unlimited number of reactive emails. With a library of aesthetic email templates exclusively created for abandoned checkouts, derive more value from each customer interaction. Not just that, it allows you to communicate effectively from your shop email, enhancing credibility and conferring a more personalized touch to your business-customer relationships.

Need more eyeballs on your business? Dip into automated push notification campaigns. With limitless, customizable branded push notifications, weave an engaging narrative around your business and encourage visitors to complete their purchases.

Now, retain seamlessly, recover efficiently, and re-engage effectively with your customer base on Shopify whilst ensuring a resilient one-stop-shop for managing cart abandonments and enhancing customer engagement.


Track sales lost and recovered with revealing, data-driven analytics on abandoned carts
Send an unlimited number of reactive emails using aesthetic templates for personalized interactions
Launch customizable branded push notification campaigns to engage visitors and encourage purchases
Access detailed data on abandoned carts to devise powerful customer engagement strategies
Communicate effectively with customers using shop email for enhanced credibility and personalized touch on business-customer relationships


Reduce cart abandonment rates by leveraging data-driven analytics for strategic customer engagement
Increase revenue retention with unlimited reactive emails and aesthetic templates for personalized customer interactions
Improve customer engagement through customizable push notification campaigns for encouraging visitors to complete their purchases

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Owlfred Review

Hoot hoot! Let's chat about Checkoutify, an impressive retention marketing app built to help Shopify merchants recover those pesky abandoned carts. After observing a cluster of 5-star reviews, it's apparent that Checkoutify's ability to combine email & web push notifications to reconnect with customers is hitting all the right notes. This app gives you eagle-eye insights into lost and recovered sales, unlimited emails, branded push notifications, and more features to swoop down on those abandoned checkouts. What's more, merchants can set up automated or manual campaigns, which are as easy to use as catching a mouse in an open field. It seems to be an ideal solution for 3 out of 4 potential sales that flutter away as abandoned carts - making it a handy one-stop marketing tool that's easy to install and wallet-friendly. From as little as $25.99/month and a 30-day free trial on offer, it's a sage idea to give Checkoutify a spin. So merchants, if you're lost in the forest of abandoned carts, Checkoutify might just be the guiding light you need!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Checkoutify assist in recovering lost sales?
Checkoutify is designed to help storeowners recover lost sales through various strategies,including automated shopping cart recovery methods,and optimizing the checkout process
What does Checkoutify do to reduce shopping cart abandonment?
Checkoutify employs multiple strategies to reduce shopping cart abandonment. It involves improving storefront designs,optimizing marketing strategies,and refining sales and conversion tactics
How does Checkoutify optimize the checkout process?
Checkoutify optimizes the checkout process by ensuring a streamlined and user-friendly design,limiting unnecessary steps and providing clear costs and delivery information to reduce the chances of abandonment
Why should I use Checkoutify for my ecommerce store?
Checkoutify is useful for ecommerce storeowners who want to improve their store design,optimize their marketing and increase their sales and conversion rates. It also helps reduce cart abandonment and recover lost sales with efficient strategies.

Shopify App Comparison: Checkoutify vs FС (Fast One‑Click Checkout) - which is better?

Checkoutify vs FС (Fast One‑Click Checkout)

Both Checkoutify and FС (Fast One‑Click Checkout) aim to address the challenge of cart abandonment for online merchants, but they do so in different ways. Checkoutify focuses on providing a comprehensive solution for managing cart abandonments and enhancing customer engagement through data-driven analytics, unlimited reactive emails, and customizable push notification campaigns. With Checkoutify, merchants have access to detailed data on abandoned carts, allowing them to devise powerful strategies for continued customer engagement. Furthermore, the app offers a library of aesthetic email templates and the ability to communicate effectively from the shop email, enhancing credibility and personalizing business-customer relationships. Overall, Checkoutify provides a value-driven solution with multiple features to reduce cart abandonment rates, increase revenue retention, and improve customer engagement.

In contrast, FС (Fast One‑Click Checkout) is solely focused on streamlining the checkout process with its one-click checkout solution. By integrating the instant checkout option with the 'Add to Cart' or 'Buy Now' buttons, FС allows for quick and easy transitions from item selection to purchase. With a frictionless and simplified checkout process, FС aims to increase user appeal and reduce cart abandonment rates. The app can be easily implemented with just a few clicks, making it a convenient and efficient solution for merchants looking to boost conversion rates and customer satisfaction. While FС is a more specialized app, its ability to simplify the purchase process and provide a quick one-click checkout solution makes it a valuable tool for online merchants.

Checkoutify  Shopify AppCheckoutify
FС (Fast One‑Click Checkout) Shopify AppFС (Fast One‑Click Checkout)
Average Rating 5 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 6 5
Estimated Installs 0 0
Min Price $25.99 $12.95
Max Price $149.99 $12.95
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