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Offer visitors a space-efficient and engaging way to view multiple product images.

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Widgetic's Accordion Gallery is a great choice if you want to offer your visitors a space-efficient and engaging way to view multiple product images.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

Last Updated:
June 13, 2024

Engage Visitors with a Space-Saving Gallery for Multiple Product Images

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Revamp your Shopify store's visual experience with a compact yet captivating layout for showcasing multiple product images. The modus operandi of this tool is vitally eye-catching, enabling retailers to leverage their limited webpage real estate effectively, especially those who operate on mobile platforms.

Designed with large product inventories in mind, the app tackles the dilemma of displaying a multitude of product images in minimal space. It cleverly transforms cluttered image galleries into neat, sleek accordions, allowing visitors seamless exploration of product ranges.

The real charm of this app is how it breeds customer engagement. By effortlessly arraying numerous images in an enticing format, visitors are more likely to spend longer spans on your site - a direct corollary to boosted conversions. Therefore, don't just inspire visitors, engage them, tether their interest, and burgeon your conversion rates with this streamlined solution for image-crammed e-commerce spaces.


Automatically slideshow with a predefined delay.
Support for both vertical and horizontal orientation.
Customize the UI with our visual editor to match your site.
Compatible with a wide range of Shopify themes.
Prioritize seamless exploration by visitors, ultimately boosting conversions.


Showcase multiple product images in a compact and captivating layout, maximizing limited webpage real estate and enhancing mobile user experience.
Neatly display large product inventories in minimal space, transforming cluttered image galleries into sleek accordions for seamless exploration by visitors, ultimately boosting conversions.
Increase customer engagement by effortlessly arranging numerous images in an enticing format, encouraging longer stays on your site and driving up conversion rates.

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Owlfred Review

Hoot hoot, let's talk about Widgetic (Accordion Gallery)! This clever app is designed to captivate all you savvy Shopify merchants looking to add a little flair to your inventory display. While we can't track the installs for this one (it's a backend app, after all), it's got some charming features that deserve a closer feather-peep: it offers an automatic slideshow with a predefined delay, supports both vertical and horizontal orientations, and the cherry on top is its visual editor that allows you to customize the UI to match your site's aesthetics. It's a real hoot for those with a bulging inventory as it provides a space-efficient and engaging way to view multiple product images. This leads to an increase in engagement, more time spent on your site, and a rise in those oh-so-important conversions. Especially suited for mobile e-commerce websites dealing with limited page real estate, Widgetic (Accordion Gallery) even integrates with your navigation and image sliders. With 5/5 star reviews so far, it's like catching the tastiest of mice. And, did I mention they offer a free plan? That's some wise spending! So whether you're just starting or an old hand in the Shopify ecosystem, it's worth giving Widgetic (Accordion Gallery) a spin. Happy hunting, fellow merchants!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a carousel and a slideshow?
A carousel and a slideshow both present multiple items in a sequential manner. The principal difference is in the interaction: a carousel usually cycles through items automatically, and users can also manually scroll through them. A slideshow, on the other hand, typically requires user interaction to progress from one item to the next
What is a carousel in design?
In design, a carousel is a dynamic scrolling list of items in horizontal order. Users can navigate through the items by swiping or clicking on navigation arrows. Carousels are often used in web design to display multiple pieces of content in a confined space
What is a carousel slider?
A carousel slider is a type of carousel that cycles through items horizontally. It is a popular design component on websites, particularly for showcasing featured products or content. The user can navigate through the items either by clicking on navigation arrows or dots, or via swipe gestures on touchscreen devices
How does navigation and filters feature work in Widgetic (Accordion Gallery) app?
The navigation and filters feature of Widgetic (Accordion Gallery) app provides a smooth and easy user experience by guiding the user through the sections of images. The filters help the user to sort and view images based on certain criteria, offering a more tailored browsing experience.

Shopify App Comparison: Widgetic (Accordion Gallery) vs Boost AI Search & Filter - which is better?

When comparing Widgetic (Accordion Gallery) and Boost AI Search & Filter, it becomes evident that both apps offer unique capabilities and benefits. Widgetic focuses on revamping the visual experience of a Shopify store by showcasing multiple product images in a compact and captivating layout. With its sleek accordions, the app effectively utilizes limited webpage real estate, especially for mobile users. The primary benefit of Widgetic lies in its ability to engage customers and boost conversions through visually appealing image displays.

In contrast, Boost AI Search & Filter provides advanced artificial intelligence capabilities to streamline site navigation and enhance customer item discovery. The app's fast, relevant, and smart search results, powered by AI, significantly elevate conversion rates and average order value. Additionally, Boost AI Search & Filter offers visual merchandising tools, personalized shopping journeys, and optimized buying processes through smart recommendations. This app focuses on improving customer satisfaction and retention by providing a seamless and intuitive browsing experience.

Based on these capabilities and benefits, we recommend both Widgetic (Accordion Gallery) and Boost AI Search & Filter for their respective strengths. Widgetic excels in showcasing product images and engaging customers, making it an excellent choice for stores with large inventories. Boost AI Search & Filter is recommended for retailers seeking to enhance navigation, optimize conversions, and personalize the shopping journey. Ultimately, the best choice depends on the specific goals and priorities of your Shopify store.

Widgetic (Accordion Gallery) Shopify AppWidgetic (Accordion Gallery)
Boost AI Search & Filter Shopify AppBoost AI Search & Filter
Average Rating 5 out of 5 4.7 out of 5
Number of Reviews 2 1864
Estimated Installs 0 26995
Min Price $0.00 $0.00
Max Price $1.99 $69.00
Works With Judge.me, Wishlist Plus, Weglot, GemPages, Currency Converter, Product Labels
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