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Efficient B2B wholesale pricing solution with professional features for Shopify merchants.

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Advanced Wholesale/Discounts is a versatile app that offers all the essential tools for managing a B2B wholesale business on Shopify, making it a valuable asset for your wholesale operations.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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June 13, 2024

Effortlessly Optimize Your B2B Wholesale Pricing

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Take your B2B wholesale strategy to the next level with this unique app, expertly designed for seamless trades. Optimize business operations with an array of tailored features that carve out a competitive wholesale platform right within Shopify. Streamline B2B with the implementation of net payment terms, minimum order requirements, and tiered pricing scales to incentivize bulk purchases.

This app goes the extra mile, offering enhanced customization capabilities. Erect precise quantity breakpoints on not just specific items, but across entire orders. These fine-tuned settings give you maximum control while creating advantageous business environments for both parties. Also integral to the app are practical features such as a registration form that speeds up the wholesaler onboarding process, saving precious time.

Give your wholesaling business the upper hand by introducing this strategic, affordable tool into your Shopify operations. Experience an unprecedented increase in efficiency, customer satisfaction, and ultimately, the bottom line. Savvy businesses comprehend that this is more than just an app - it's your partner in navigating the dynamic world of wholesale commerce.


Create wholesale customer tags
Set minimum cart value and quantity, choose between Fixed or Percentage discount types
Assign multiple tags to individual customers
Collect payments with Net15, Net30, or custom time periods
Customize wholesale registration forms for streamlined onboarding


Increase bulk purchases with tiered pricing scales and minimum order requirements
Streamline B2B operations with net payment terms and precise quantity breakpoints for maximum control
Accelerate wholesaler onboarding process with a customizable registration form, saving valuable time

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Owlfred Review

Hoot hoot! If you're looking to amp up your B2B wholesale business, the Advanced Wholesale Pro app might be just the ticket. Seen and used by over a hundred merchants, this app has earned a 4.4-star rating among 17 reviews. Designed to support businesses of all shapes and sizes, Advanced Wholesale Pro is adept in providing professional wholesale features including net payment terms, order minimums, quantity breaks, and a customized registration form! Reading from the app's description, you can also assign multiple tags to single customers, an intuitive feature for better customer categorization. You have options for fixed or percentage discounts, making it easy to implement a pricing strategy that fits your business. What's best? It's quite affordable, starting at just $3.99 per month, which could bring a good return on your investment. So, if you're in need of a comprehensive solution to streamline your wholesale operations on Shopify, giving Advanced Wholesale Pro a try seems like a wise move. Happy selling, friends!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is B2B wholesale?
B2B wholesale involves selling goods in large quantities to businesses, typically for resale purposes. It's a business model that benefits both the wholesaler and the retailer, as it allows the wholesaler to sell large quantities at once, and allows the retailer to buy at discounted rates.
How much is Shopify B2B?
Shopify B2B isn't a separate service but a business model you can implement on the Shopify platform. Shopify's pricing varies from $29/month for Basic Shopify plan up to $299/month for the Advanced Shopify plan. Higher-end plans offer more features and lower credit card rates.
How can I use Advanced Wholesale/Discounts for my Shopify store?
Advanced Wholesale/Discounts can be integrated into your Shopify store to offer custom discount rates to different customers or groups. It's particularly useful for businesses functioning on a B2B model, and it helps motivate larger purchases.
How can Advanced Wholesale/Discounts improve my eCommerce operations?
Advanced Wholesale/Discounts can significantly streamline your eCommerce operations. It automates the process of applying different discount rates based on customer group or quantity purchased, thereby reducing manual labor. Additionally, offering discounts can encourage larger purchases and increased customer loyalty.

Shopify App Comparison: Advanced Wholesale/Discounts vs OO ‑ Volume + Bundle discounts - which is better?

The Advanced Wholesale/Discounts app and the OO - Volume + Bundle discounts app offer distinct capabilities and features for different business needs. The Advanced Wholesale/Discounts app provides a comprehensive solution for B2B wholesale trade, offering features such as net payment terms, tiered pricing scales, and minimum order requirements. This app allows businesses to incentivize bulk purchases and streamline operations with precise quantity breakpoints and a customizable registration form for faster onboarding. Additionally, the app offers flexible payment options, saving businesses time and increasing efficiency. With its tailored features, the Advanced Wholesale/Discounts app is a valuable tool for businesses looking to optimize their wholesale operations and boost their bottom line.

In contrast, the OO - Volume + Bundle discounts app specializes in promoting value-driven purchases through volume and bundle discounts. This app excels in providing businesses with customizable discounts that seamlessly integrate into their online storefronts. The app's responsive designs help create a visually appealing and engaging shopping experience, increasing customer retention and sales. With its drag-and-drop extension, automatic discount generation, and real-time price updates, the OO - Volume + Bundle discounts app makes it effortless for businesses to apply discounts and boost their average order value. This sales-boosting application is a must-have for businesses seeking to enhance customer engagement and drive growth.

Both apps offer unique features and benefits, but their focus areas cater to different business needs. Depending on your specific requirements, we recommend either the Advanced Wholesale/Discounts app for optimizing B2B wholesale operations or the OO - Volume + Bundle discounts app for driving sales and customer engagement through enticing discounts. Choose the app that aligns with your goals and objectives to maximize the benefits and success of your Shopify operations.

Advanced Wholesale/Discounts Shopify AppAdvanced Wholesale/Discounts
OO ‑ Volume + Bundle discounts Shopify AppOO ‑ Volume + Bundle discounts
Average Rating 4.6 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 18 3
Estimated Installs 118 0
Min Price $3.99 $0.00
Max Price $29.99 $8.00
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