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April 10, 2024

Boost Sales with Fashion AI Filters

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CurioAISearch for Clothing Apparel and Accessories enhances the shopping experience by using AI-powered fashion filters. It helps shoppers find the products they want for various events, seasons, occasions and moods quickly. This product is an add on to the existing set of Filters. No code change is required. The app understands shopper needs using the power of AI, leading to better shopper engagement and faster checkout.

Transform the browsing journey of your merchandise into an intuitive, engaging process with the next-generation AI-powered search functionality. Tailored specifically for fashion apparel and accessories, this app utilizes an unprecedented array of customizable fashion filters. Cater to your customers' individual preferences and needs, whether they're picking out outfits for particular events, seasons, moods, or wishes.

This app indeed showcases the power of AI, blending seamlessly into your existing filter set and requiring zero code changes. The outcome? Enhanced customer engagement, as shoppers navigate your merchandise effortlessly and find their desired products faster, leading to expedited checkout processes – and hence, driving up your conversion rates.

Meticulously thought-out and designed with shoppers' needs in mind, this app provides a unique, personalized, and refined shopping experience. After all, in the competitive world of eCommerce fashion, any edge in delivering a smooth, connected retail experience can make all the difference. Leverage smart tech to win over your customers with a better browsing journey – starting today.


Auto-generate themes and filters to facilitate thematic search
Update thematic filters periodically to reflect trends and product changes
Craft uniquely designed filters by experts and AI for various occasions
Offer affordable subscription plans tailored to the size of your catalogue
Save time and effort with auto-generated themes and filters that facilitate thematic search, updated periodically to reflect trends and shopper journey


Increase customer engagement and drive up conversion rates with expedited checkout processes thanks to AI-powered search functionality
Provide a unique, personalized, and refined shopping experience in the competitive world of eCommerce fashion, improving customer retention and increasing average order value
Save time and effort with auto-generated themes and filters that facilitate thematic search, updated periodically to reflect trends and shopper journey

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Owlfred Review

Hoo-hoo, Shopify merchants! Let's talk about CurioAISearch. This fresh-from-the-nest app uses AI technology to revolutionize the fashion shopping experience. Designed for Clothing Apparel and Accessories, this app understands your shoppers' needs and speeds up their checkout process. It works by injecting AI-powered fashion filters into the shopping journey, specifically crafted for different occasions and could be a game changer in boosting sales. Furthermore, no occasion or trend gets left behind, as these thematic filters get updated regularly – talk about being in vogue! Plus, the cherry on the top - it requires no additional coding and offers affordable subscription plans based on your catalogue size. However, the app has its feathers ruffled, with few reviews to go by and the average rating not piquing any owl's interests. For now, while I see the potential of this app, I'd advise proceeding with caution until there's more customer feedback to reflect on. Remember, every fledgling needs time to take off!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can AI be used to improve navigation and filtering on my Shopify store?
AI used in navigation and filtering on your Shopify store can enhance customer experience. It can predict customers' shopping patterns, preferences and provide personalized product suggestions. This can improve sales prospecting and help to boost sales.
How can AI be utilized to boost sales in the fashion industry?
AI can analyze customer activity to offer detailed insights about fashion trends. It can also automate tasks like inventory management and recommend products to customers based on their shopping behavior. This can result in increased sales.
How does AI help in sales prospecting?
AI can help in sales prospecting by analyzing customer data to identify potential leads. It can also predict customer behaviour and suggest suitable marketing strategies to target these leads. This helps businesses to focus their efforts where they’re needed the most.
Does the Curio AISearch app work in a similar way to which Zara uses AI?
Zara uses AI to analyze customer data to offer personalized recommendations. The Curio AISearch app being a navigation and filtering app also uses AI. However, its primary function is to provide customers with accurate and fast search results and appropriately categorized products according to their preferences.

Shopify App Comparison: Curio AISearch vs Smart Product Filter & Search - which is better?

When comparing the Curio AISearch app and the Smart Product Filter & Search app, we found that both apps offer robust search and filtering capabilities. However, there are some key differences to consider.

The Curio AISearch app stands out with its advanced AI-powered search functionality and customizable fashion filters. This app allows you to tailor the browsing experience to your customers' individual preferences and needs, leading to enhanced customer engagement and expedited checkout processes. Additionally, the app offers affordable subscription plans tailored to the size of your catalogue, making it accessible for businesses of all sizes. Overall, the Curio AISearch app is a powerful tool for providing a unique and personalized shopping experience in the competitive world of eCommerce fashion.

In comparison, the Smart Product Filter & Search app excels in streamlining product curation and simplifying product navigation. It offers customizable filter options for collections and categories, as well as unlimited filter menus based on various attributes for precise navigation. The app also provides a potent search solution with instant suggestions and autocorrect mechanism, making it easy for customers to find exactly what they're looking for. Additionally, the ability to display product variants separately expands product visibility without creating new listings, simplifying catalog organization. For Shopify merchants aiming to enhance customer experience and simplify product navigation, the Smart Product Filter & Search app is an excellent choice.

Overall, both apps have their unique strengths and benefits. We recommend the Curio AISearch app for businesses in the fashion industry looking to leverage AI technology and provide a personalized shopping experience. On the other hand, the Smart Product Filter & Search app is ideal for Shopify merchants who want to streamline product curation and simplify product navigation for their customers.

Curio AISearch Shopify AppCurio AISearch
Smart Product Filter & Search Shopify AppSmart Product Filter & Search
Average Rating 3 out of 5 4.9 out of 5
Number of Reviews 2 1518
Estimated Installs 3 11264
Min Price $0.00 $0.00
Max Price $9.99 $69.00
Works With Product Reviews, Quick Views, Globo Request for Quote, Currency Converter, Judgeme, Product Labels
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