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Boost SEO and Sales with Auto-Updating HTML and XML Sitemap

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Optimize your online presence and improve SEO performance with the ease and precision of a dedicated Sitemap Generator app. Click your way to custom HTML and XML sitemaps, making it effortless to select what pages, products, and collections to include. This intuitive one-click operation ensures your sites updates are never missed, maintaining a real-time reflection of your online inventory.

Experience the power of structured sitemaps that lead search engines on a tailored tour of your site, demystifying its structure and accelerating indexation processes. Let the digital representation of your store speak clearer to search engines, and make your rich content more discoverable.

Benefit from an auto-updating HTML sitemap that guides users smoothly through your site. By improving navigability, you're enhancing the user experience, encouraging longer stays, and fostering more direct customer engagements. Transform your optimal navigational support into boosted organic traffic and increased sales.

Support is just a click away with a dedicated team available around the clock. Perfect your site's architecture and unlock your SEO potential with this exceptional Sitemap Generator tool.


Create HTML and XML sitemaps with one-click ease, no coding required!
Enjoy a flexible HTML page layout that seamlessly integrates with your store design.
Customize the content of your HTML and XML sitemaps to suit your needs.
Automatically update both HTML and XML sitemaps for real-time accuracy.
Maintain consistent branding by using your custom domain for the sitemap URL.


Generate custom HTML and XML sitemaps effortlessly, ensuring your online inventory is always up-to-date
Enhance user experience with an auto-updating HTML sitemap, guiding users through your site and boosting organic traffic
Enjoy around-the-clock support to perfect your site's architecture and unlock SEO potential

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Owlfred Review

The MAPIFY Sitemap Generator app seems like a valuable tool for Shopify merchants looking to enhance their SEO strategy and boost sales. With 94 reviews and an impressive average rating of 4.7, it's evident that users appreciate the app's functionality. The ability to create customizable HTML and XML Sitemaps with just one click, along with features like automatic updates and full customization options, make this app a standout choice. Additionally, the app being free to use is a great bonus for merchants looking to improve their site's search engine visibility. Overall, I recommend giving MAPIFY Sitemap Generator a try to streamline your SEO efforts and drive organic traffic to your Shopify store!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can MAPIFY Sitemap Generator help improve my SEO?
MAPIFY Sitemap Generator helps in improving SEO by generating a sitemap.xml file. This file aids search engines in understanding your website's structure and indexing it more effectively for better searchability.
Why is a sitemap XML important for my online store's SEO?
Sitemap XML is important for your online store's SEO as it allows search engines to crawl your site more efficiently. It provides a roadmap of your website highlighting how it is structured which in turn, helps in speedy indexing and ultimately, better visibility on search engine results.
Is there a preferred sitemap format for improving SEO?
The best format for a sitemap is XML. XML sitemaps are designed for search engines and are highly effective in improving SEO. They provide a layout and information about the website's pages aiding search engines in understanding and indexing the content properly.
What differentiates between HTML and XML in SEO terms?
HTML is designed for humans to read while XML is for search engines. HTML sitemaps help users navigate a website while XML sitemaps guide search engines through the site. For SEO purposes, XML Sitemaps are more important as they aid search engines in discovering and indexing all pages on your site for improved search visibility.

Shopify App Comparison: MAPIFY Sitemap Generator vs Sitemap NoIndex Pro SEO - which is better?

When it comes to optimizing your online presence and improving SEO performance, both MAPIFY Sitemap Generator and Sitemap NoIndex Pro offer valuable capabilities. MAPIFY Sitemap Generator provides an effortless one-click operation to create custom HTML and XML sitemaps, ensuring your site's updates are never missed. With its structured sitemaps, MAPIFY leads search engines on a tailored tour of your site, accelerating the indexation process. Additionally, MAPIFY offers around-the-clock support, allowing you to perfect your site's architecture and unlock your SEO potential. We recommend MAPIFY Sitemap Generator for its powerful and user-friendly features, as well as the benefits of enhanced discoverability and increased sales.

Sitemap NoIndex Pro, on the other hand, focuses on giving you complete control over your eCommerce platform's SEO. It allows you to tailor-fit your HTML sitemap for maximum visibility, optimizing it for SEO. With the ability to remove non-essential pages from Shopify's XML sitemap and control search engine bot access using NoIndex/NoFollow meta tags, Sitemap NoIndex Pro helps enhance store relevancy and coverage. It also offers automatic updates to keep your sitemap and SEO strategy up-to-date. If you are looking for more autonomy in improving your store's SEO performance and want to remove non-essential pages, we recommend Sitemap NoIndex Pro.

MAPIFY Sitemap Generator Shopify AppMAPIFY Sitemap Generator
Sitemap NoIndex Pro SEO Shopify AppSitemap NoIndex Pro SEO
Average Rating 4.7 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 94 110
Estimated Installs 0 1065
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Max Price $4.15 $3.49
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