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April 13, 2024

24/7 Multichannel AI Chatbot Boosts Sales & Delights Customers

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Artu is a Multichannel, GPT-4 Powered AI Chatbot. As a distinctive chatbot powered by GPT-4, Artu ensures users find products and offers comprehensive responses to inquiries. Unlike typical chatbots, Artu extends its support through social media channels, including WhatsApp. By adeptly handling online shopping challenges and providing instant answers, Artu drastically minimizes bounce rates and enhances customer interactions. Artu works with any language. Experience Artu's unique touch today!

Transform your online storefront with the next-gen AI chatbot, now incorporating the latest GPT-4 technology. Specially designed to serve as a shopping assistant, it provides real-time product recommendations and immediate responses to customer queries, improving customer service efficiency exponentially.

But what sets this AI chatbot apart is its multichannel compatibility, extending support not just to your Shopify site but to critical social platforms like WhatsApp as well. Its broad scope of assistance beyond the typical confines of an e-commerce store means customers get answers precisely when and where they need them, increasing satisfaction rates and reducing website dropout rates significantly.

What's more, this AI chatbot has overcome language barriers—its capabilities are not confined to just a single language. The multi-purpose nature of this chatbot makes it ideally suited for global merchants catering to customers from diversified linguistic backgrounds.

Experience the seamless integration of advanced machine learning with e-commerce, and witness a profound change in your customer interactions, store performance, and overall return on investment.


Customize the chatbot's look, feel, voice, and tone to align with your brand image.
Offer 24/7 customer and sales support in any language, enhancing customer service efficiency.
Provide multichannel support across Shopify, SMS, WhatsApp, and Email to reach customers wherever they are.
Set up the chatbot quickly in just 5 minutes without needing technical expertise.
Automatically transfer conversations to human agents for a seamless customer service experience.


Increase customer satisfaction and reduce website dropout rates by providing immediate responses and real-time product recommendations across multiple channels.
Break through language barriers and cater to a global customer base by offering multilingual support, enhancing customer engagement and retention.
Save time and resources by seamlessly integrating advanced AI technology for customer interactions, boosting store performance and maximizing return on investment.

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WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS, Email


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Owlfred Review

Feather-raisingly cool, Artu is your GPT-4 powered AI Chatbot that's free to use, providing round-the-clock customer and sales support in any language. Using advanced technologies, Artu helps your customers find products swiftly by giving comprehensive answers and even extends its wise owl-like assistance through social media platforms like WhatsApp. Plus, you hardly need to fluff your feathers trying to understand it, setup only takes 5 minutes! Artu's flexibility to customize look, feel, voice, and tone to meet your unique business vibe is simply a hoot. Another impressive feat that shouldn’t be ignored is Artu’s ability to smoothly fade into the background and leave the talking to human agents when needed. Having only a few reviews, but top ratings, this groundbreaking app could be exactly what you need to enhance customer interaction, reduce bounce rates, and ultimately, boost sales. So why not spread your wings and give Artu a try? Who knows, it could be a perfect fit for your Shopify store!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What impacts can AI chatbots have on sales performance?
AI chatbots can significantly increase sales by providing immediate&effective customer support. They handle queries promptly&help guide customers through the purchasing process, reducing customer drop-off rates.
In what ways can using AI chatbots be advantageous?
Using AI chatbots can be beneficial in many ways. They offer 24/7 customer service, efficiently handle multiple customers at once, and free up staff to focus on more complex tasks. They also provide immediate responses, which can improve the customer experience.
How do chatbots support marketing&sales strategies?
Chatbots support marketing&sales by initiating interactions with potential customers, collecting data to aid targeted marketing efforts, assisting with product selection, and processing transactions. They can also automate follow-ups, maximizing the chances of conversions.
How do AI chatbots enhance customer satisfaction?
AI chatbots enhance customer satisfaction by providing instant, round-the-clock support. They help reduce wait times for customers, answer questions accurately, and can even manage simple transactions, making shopping more convenient overall.

Shopify App Comparison: Artu‑ GPT4 AI Chatbot (FREE!) vs Dondy: WhatsApp Marketing+Chat - which is better?

We have evaluated two powerful apps for you: Artu- GPT4 AI Chatbot and Dondy: WhatsApp Marketing+Chat. While both apps offer unique capabilities, they have differences that cater to specific needs.

Artu- GPT4 AI Chatbot stands out with its incorporation of the latest GPT-4 technology, providing real-time product recommendations and immediate responses to customer queries. Its multichannel compatibility expands beyond the typical e-commerce store, allowing customers to get assistance on social platforms like WhatsApp. Furthermore, its ability to overcome language barriers with multilingual support makes it ideal for global merchants. With Artu- GPT4 AI Chatbot, you can significantly improve customer satisfaction, reduce website dropout rates, and witness a profound change in customer interactions and store performance. Therefore, we highly recommend this app for enhancing your customer service efficiency and overall return on investment.

Dondy: WhatsApp Marketing+Chat, on the other hand, offers a suite of tools to unlock the potential of WhatsApp as a marketing tool and customer service platform. With features like recovering abandoned carts, launching messaging campaigns, and engaging customers with personalized automated messages, this app focuses on amplifying your business growth. Additionally, the integrated WhatsApp chat widget enhances your customer service efforts, allowing you to attend to customer queries instantly and drive conversion rates. If you're looking to take control of your market presence and fuel your business growth through chat-based marketing, we highly recommend Dondy: WhatsApp Marketing+Chat.

Artu‑ GPT4 AI Chatbot (FREE!) Shopify AppArtu‑ GPT4 AI Chatbot (FREE!)
Dondy: WhatsApp Marketing+Chat Shopify AppDondy: WhatsApp Marketing+Chat
Average Rating 5 out of 5 4.9 out of 5
Number of Reviews 2 688
Estimated Installs 0 18133
Min Price $0.00 $0.00
Max Price $199.99 $39.99
Works With WhatsApp, Telegram, SMS, Email
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