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Engage customers and gather authentic reviews with AI WhatsApp-Product Reviews.

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Boost engagement and gather authentic reviews effortlessly by using AI WhatsApp-Product Reviews to leverage the power of WhatsApp and AI technology.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

Last Updated:
May 1, 2024

Increase Customer Engagement and Build Social Proof with WhatsApp Reviews

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Capitalize on the popularity of WhatsApp with this powerful app, designed to harness its unmatched open rates for the collection of genuine product reviews. Watch as your customer engagement soars, fueled by a fusion of innovative app technology with the familiarity and comfort of a popular messaging platform.

Utilizing smart AI-assistance, this app enables straightforward solicitation of reviews through customisable templates and an effortless click-to-send feature. A significant step removed from traditional means and platforms, you can now encourage your customers to share their experience, subsequently building your brand's credibility and offering vital social proof to potential buyers.

Easy to use yet offering far-reaching impact, this app stands out for its ingenious integration of a globally adored messaging platform with the vital business task of gathering product reviews. Embrace this app as an exquisite tool to catalyze your customer engagement and invoke a torrent of authentic customer feedback, ultimately driving your business forward.


Customize review request messages with ease and send them via WhatsApp in just one click
Save time by utilizing dynamic variables, eliminating manual copy-pasting
Enhance review acquisition by leveraging WhatsApp's high open rates for maximum exposure
Display authentic reviews to establish credibility and boost social proof
Monitor progress and optimize strategies with clear and insightful reports


Increase review acquisition with streamlined process
Save time by sending customizable messages with a single click
Boost credibility with authentic reviews displayed for social proof

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WhatsApp, OpenAI, GPT-4


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Owlfred Review

AI WhatsApp-Product Reviews is your go-to app for engaging customers and building compelling social proof. Despite being relatively new to the Shopify platform with only a couple of high-praised reviews, it's carving out a niche for itself with its innovative use of WhatsApp and AI. This app is designed to leverage popular communication platforms like WhatsApp, renowned for its higher open rates, allowing you to boost your reviews and customer engagement effortlessly. With a robust combination of simple click-to-send functionality and AI-assisted templates, getting authentic reviews is no longer a time-consuming task. What's more, it's free! Tindra, the app vendor, ensures that customization is at the forefront – adjust your messages easily, utilise dynamic variables to create unique content, and display your social proof to solidify your brand's credibility. You'll find it categorised under product reviews and chat; however, the range of features it provides taps into so much more, making it a tool worth considering for any merchant looking to effectively gather and utilise customer feedback.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does AI WhatsApp-Product Reviews app help with customer reviews?
The AI WhatsApp-Product Reviews app leverages the popularity of WhatsApp and AI technology to help businesses streamline their review collection processes. This involves gathering real-time feedback from customers and employing AI for creating customizable templates to facilitate the review collection process.
How does AI WhatsApp-Product Reviews aid in boosting customer trust?
The app showcases the collected reviews to consumers, providing a strong social proof of product efficacy and authenticity. This enhances customer interaction and positively impacts business reputation.
Does AI WhatsApp-Product Reviews app provide any sorts of reports to monitor progress?
Yes the AI WhatsApp-Product Reviews app provides clear, detailed and easy-to-understand reports on review collection. This aids businesses in monitoring their progress and adjusting their review gathering approach as needed.
Is the AI WhatsApp-Product Reviews helpful for businesses looking to use WhatsApp for client engagement?
Absolutely. With the impressive open rate of WhatsApp, this app capitalizes on the opportunity to interact with customers in real time, collecting their unfiltered views and opinions about the products. This aids businesses in improving customer interaction and service.

Shopify App Comparison: AI WhatsApp‑Product Reviews vs Stamped Product Reviews & UGC - which is better?

We have reviewed two powerful apps for streamlining customer engagement and collecting reviews: AI WhatsApp‑Product Reviews and Stamped Product Reviews & UGC. AI WhatsApp‑Product Reviews stands out with its utilization of WhatsApp's high open rates, maximizing review acquisition. With customizable templates and a one-click review solicitation process, this app saves time and simplifies the review collection process. Furthermore, it helps establish consumer trust by showcasing authentic reviews, boosting credibility and providing social proof. Clear and insightful reports allow for easy progress monitoring and strategy optimization. Overall, AI WhatsApp‑Product Reviews is a game changer for businesses looking to enhance their interaction with customers and improve their reputation via credible reviews.

On the other hand, Stamped Product Reviews & UGC offers a comprehensive suite of tools to maximize user-generated content and foster community interaction. With features such as NPS surveys, captivating photo and video reviews, and an Instagram Shoppable Gallery, this app provides a profound engagement experience. In-line display widgets ensure seamless brand integration and aesthetic value, while the Community Q&A function facilitates interactive conversations that yield enriched insights. The app also includes moderation and commenting capabilities to maintain an open line of communication with customers. With its ability to turn customers into a community, Stamped Product Reviews & UGC redefines business interaction and boosts engagement and trust. Overall, this app is perfect for businesses looking to enhance customer experiences and elevate their online marketplace.

In conclusion, both AI WhatsApp‑Product Reviews and Stamped Product Reviews & UGC offer unique capabilities and benefits. However, our recommendation would depend on the specific needs and goals of your business. If you are looking to streamline the review collection process and leverage the high open rates of WhatsApp, AI WhatsApp‑Product Reviews is the perfect choice. On the other hand, if you want to maximize user-generated content and foster community interaction, Stamped Product Reviews & UGC is the ideal solution. Both apps have their strengths and advantages, so it's important to assess your business requirements before making a decision.

AI WhatsApp‑Product Reviews Shopify AppAI WhatsApp‑Product Reviews
Stamped Product Reviews & UGC Shopify AppStamped Product Reviews & UGC
Average Rating 5 out of 5 4.7 out of 5
Number of Reviews 2 6289
Estimated Installs 0 27287
Min Price $0.00 $0.00
Max Price $0.00 $149.00
Works With WhatsApp, OpenAI, GPT-4 Shopify Flow, Klaviyo, Omnisend, Facebook, Instagram, Gorgias, Google Shopping
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