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Display product attributes and prices in checkout, including 30-day reference prices for sales.

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Addributes is a handy app for displaying product attributes in the checkout and showcasing 30-day reference prices of products on sale.

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April 9, 2024

Display Essential Product Attributes in Checkout - 30-Day Reference Prices

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Shops that sell products in germany are required to display essential product attributes to their customer in checkout. Addributes provides a simple a way to manage product attributes (Artikel 246a ยง1 Unit 1) In addition, 30-day reference prices for advertising must be marked with a reduced price according to Section 11 PAngV new version. With Addtributes you can do both in an intuitive way.

Guarantee transparency in your Shopify market by providing mandatory product attributes and meeting German commerce regulations with this powerful solution. With a keen focus on consumer law compliance, the app offers simplified ways to adhere to Artikel 246a ยง1, ensuring all essential product attributes are displayed to your customers at checkout seamlessly.

Comprehensive and reliable, it also caters to Section 11 PAngV requirements, a feature essential for shops advertising 30-day reference pricing. Easily mark standards-compliant reduced prices and manage the intricate landscape of German e-commerce laws without sacrificing user-friendliness. The appโ€™s intuitive interface makes these processes straightforward - no legal jargon, no complications.

Fostering an ethical business platform, this app ensures you remain in sync with German consumer legislation while maintaining transparency and trust among your customers. For a seamless shopping experience that adheres to legal norms, leverage this practical solution, combating ecommerce complexities with simplicity and effectiveness.


Manage essential product attributes easily to comply with German commerce regulations
Simplify displaying product attributes at checkout for legal compliance and customer satisfaction
Automatically manage price histories to meet Section 11 PAngV requirements, ensuring legal adherence
Comply with Artikel 246a ยง1 for essential product attributes and base price calculations
Ensure legal compliance and transparency by simplifying the process of meeting German e-commerce regulations.


Ensure legal compliance and transparency for your Shopify store by easily managing mandatory product attributes and meeting German commerce regulations
Simplify the process of displaying essential product attributes at checkout to comply with Artikel 246a ยง1, enhancing customer trust and satisfaction
Automatically manage price histories and satisfy Section 11 PAngV requirements for advertising 30-day reference pricing, saving time and ensuring legal adherence

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Owlfred Review

Ahoy there, Shopify merchants! Have a quick look-see at Addributes | Cart Properties. It has swooped in with its robust features to aid shops, specifically in Germany, with the task of displaying essential product attributes to your customers during checkout. It comes with a 14-day free trial, feather-ruffled at $20/month, that proves its value for money, a pearler, as the 368 users and a 4.8 average rating clearly hoot about. The features aren't a doddle, they chime in with easy-to-use management of essential product attributes, satisfying the crux of Artikel 246a ยง1 Unit 1. Bask in the glory of automatic price history management to satisfy ยง 11 PAngV n.F, and show off your products' reference prices. So, whether you're selling brollies or kitschy trinkets, this app will be your nightingale in managing product options, bridging the gap between customers and product attributes. Developed by 247APPS, I hoot in favor of trying out Addributes | Cart Properties. Wisdom has flown over this app and given a sage nod!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the purpose of attributes in a product feed?
Attributes in a product feed provide detailed information about your product. They are critical for accurately categorizing and advertising your products. The more precise and comprehensive your attributes, the better your product will match with a potential buyer's search.
How do I create a product feed on Shopify?
In Shopify, create a product feed by exporting your products in a CSV format, then format this file according to the platform requirements such as Google Merchant Center or Facebook Catalog. The Addributes Property & Prices app can assist in customizing your product feed by allowing you to add or modify product attributes.
What is product options category in Shopify?
In Shopify, the product options category refers to the various choices a customer can make about a product such as size, color or material. Adding options helps shoppers find what they are looking for more easily, influencing their purchase decision.
How does the Addributes Property & Prices app help me?
The Addributes Property & Prices app helps you manage and customize your product options and attributes. It simplifies the process of adding or modifying product attributes in your store and on your product feed, making your products more searchable for potential customers.

Shopify App Comparison: Addributes | Property & Prices vs SC Product Options fka Bold - which is better?

The Addributes app is a powerful solution for Shopify store owners looking to ensure transparency and compliance with German commerce regulations. With features such as managing essential product attributes and simplifying the display of these attributes at checkout, the app helps to enhance customer trust and satisfaction. Additionally, the app automatically manages price histories to meet Section 11 PAngV requirements, saving time and ensuring legal adherence. By leveraging Addributes, store owners can simplify the complex landscape of German e-commerce laws without sacrificing user-friendliness, fostering an ethical business platform that remains in sync with consumer legislation.

On the other hand, the SC Product Options app offers a different set of capabilities aimed at enhancing the customer shopping experience through personalization. By providing unlimited product options fields with advanced conditional logic, the app enables store owners to create a wide range of customized products. With support for color swatches, variant images, text boxes, and file upload features, customers can truly personalize their purchases, thereby increasing engagement and loyalty. By leveraging SC Product Options, store owners can stand out from competitors and create a unique brand portrayal, ultimately boosting revenue and the average order value.

While both the Addributes and SC Product Options apps offer valuable capabilities, the decision on which to choose ultimately depends on the specific goals and needs of your Shopify store. If legal compliance and transparency are a priority, Addributes is the recommended app. However, if you are looking to enhance customer engagement and loyalty through product personalization, SC Product Options is the way to go. Both apps offer unique benefits that can help improve your Shopify store, so choose the one that aligns best with your objectives.

Addributes | Property & Prices Shopify AppAddributes | Property & Prices
SC Product Options fka Bold Shopify AppSC Product Options fka Bold
Average Rating 4.7 out of 5 4.7 out of 5
Number of Reviews 46 2502
Estimated Installs 179 8133
Min Price $20.00 $0.00
Max Price $20.00 $49.99
Works With Pagefly, Spently, Order Printer, Reorder Master, EComposer
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