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Stop losing customers & improve store's SEO with AutoFix - auto find & fix 404 errors.

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AutoFix is the ultimate solution to stop losing customers and boost your store's SEO by automatically finding and fixing 404 errors with just one click!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

Last Updated:
April 9, 2024

Stop Losing Customers with AutoFix's Automatic 404 Fixing

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Your store is losing potential customers because of hidden 404 error pages. AutoFix automatically uncovers your problem 404 errors pages. In just one click, you can fix errors by selecting one of AutoFix's intelligently suggested redirects. Want to stop losing customers immediately? Introducing Automatic 404 Fixing. AutoFix finds and fixes 404 errors as soon as they appear, all automatically. Stop losing customers & improve SEO with AutoFix.

Plagued by elusive 404 error pages disrupting your online store's customer experience and hurting SEO? The remedy lies within the efficient strategies of an ingenious trait: Automatic 404 fixing. This unique quality ensures you maintain a clean and error-free shopping environment which boosts your site's reliability and user experience.

This automatic solution tirelessly scans for error pages disrupting your store's harmony and, once detected, relieves the inconvenience swiftly. The power to resolve these errors is a mere click away, with intelligently suggested redirects that squash issues before they affect your bottom line. It's your very own stress-free, automatic maintenance crew running round-the-clock management of your site's health.

Transform your store's weaknesses into strengths by greatly enhancing user experience and SEO. Step into the future of automated digital storefront management—where the mishaps of 404 error pages become a thing of the past, amplifying your business's growth potential.

Don't let invisible disruptions erode customer trust and profits. Embrace seamless operation, where errors are not only discovered but resolved instantly. Break away from potential losses and towards automatic upkeep and continuous improvement, all made possible by automatic 404 fixing.


Automatically uncover problem 404 error pages
Receive email alerts to avoid losing potential customers
Utilize intelligently suggested redirects for swift issue resolution
Instant and automatic 404 error fixing
Maintain a seamless and reliable online store operation


Save time and preserve customer trust by automatically fixing 404 error pages disrupting your online store's smooth operation
Boost user experience and SEO by swiftly resolving elusive error pages, preventing potential losses, and increasing site reliability
Seamlessly manage your store's health 24/7 with intelligently suggested redirects that enhance user experience and amplify business growth

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Matthew de Noronha
Abertridwr, BFP, GB
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Owlfred Review

Whoo, let's dive into AutoFix - the Automatic 404 Fixing app by Matthew de Noronha! With a hoot of approval, I'm happy to report this app is a real catch for merchants wanting to curb customer loss and pump up their store's SEO. Designed to snuff out those hidden 404 error pages that might send potential customers flying away, AutoFix does all the hard work for you by detecting and fixing these errors automatically, and that too, at the click of a button. The app's intelligent suggested redirects make sorting out those problem pages a breeze. Plus, with the whistle of a friendly email alert, it never lets you lose sight of potential customers again. This app is free for initial setup with a nominal cost for premium features, making it a wise choice for budget-savvy merchants. Although we don't have much chatter in the reviews just yet, an early five-star rating indicates that this app is off to a promising start. So, don't linger on that perch, give AutoFix a try if you're intent about fine-tuning your store for optimum performance!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does a 404 error signify?
A 404 error indicates that the server could not find the requested webpage. This usually happens when the webpage has been moved, deleted, or the URL has been incorrectly typed
How can AutoFix ‑ Automatic 404 Fixing help with 404 errors?
AutoFix - Automatic 404 Fixing can assist by automatically redirecting visitors from broken links to relevant pages on your Shopify store. This helps to improve the user experience and reduce lost sales due to page errors
Why is fixing 404 errors important for an e-commerce website?
Fixing 404 errors is crucial for e-commerce websites because they can deter potential customers who may not want to spend extra time finding the correct page. These errors can also hurt your SEO performance, which ultimately impacts the visibility and sales of your store
What is page redirection and why is it relevant?
Page redirection is the process of forwarding one URL to a different URL. It is useful in redirecting users from outdated or broken pages to active URLs where they can find the appropriate products or information they need. This boosts the user experience and optimizes the website for search engines.

Shopify App Comparison: AutoFix ‑ Automatic 404 Fixing vs Country Geo Redirects Lite - which is better?

We have compared two apps, AutoFix - Automatic 404 Fixing and Country Geo Redirects Lite, and both offer unique capabilities and benefits for Shopify store owners. AutoFix is a powerful solution that automatically detects and fixes 404 error pages, ensuring a seamless and reliable online store operation. With features like intelligently suggested redirects and email alerts, AutoFix saves time, preserves customer trust, and boosts user experience and SEO. By resolving elusive error pages swiftly, AutoFix prevents potential losses and amplifies business growth. Overall, AutoFix is a must-have app for store owners looking to maintain a clean and error-free shopping environment.

On the other hand, Country Geo Redirects Lite is designed to capitalize on the power of regional personalization. This app automatically redirects visitors from up to three countries to their relevant Shopify stores, enhancing localization, user experience, and SEO rankings. By guiding customers to their regional store with a helpful popup, Country Geo Redirects Lite simplifies user navigation and increases the chance of purchase. This app acts as a digital concierge, providing a seamless shopping experience tailored to the user's geographical context. If you have multiple Shopify stores catering to diverse countries or run online promotions specific to certain regions, Country Geo Redirects Lite is an essential tool to consider.

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Country Geo Redirects Lite Shopify AppCountry Geo Redirects Lite
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