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Manage profits, product costs, and advertising expenses with real-time tracking.

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Using Basecost helps merchants easily manage profits, product costs, advertising costs and all other costs, optimizing the operating process along the way.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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April 9, 2024

Real-time Profit Tracking and Cost Management for Merchants

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Using Basecost helps merchants easily manage profits, product costs, advertising costs and all other costs. From there, the operating process can be optimized

Track and manage your eCommerce finances with precision using Basecost, a critical tool for steering profits, product costs, and marketing expenses. This intelligent software solution provides portals into your business' financial health, enabling efficiency in operations and strategic budgeting.

The application simplifies the task of maintaining comprehensive cost records and streamlines the process of financial management. Through this solution, minor details, which often slip through the cracks, can get the attention they deserve - helping build a financially optimized, solid foundation for your eCommerce business.

Basecost is not just an application, it's your diligent financial assistant - making every dollar count in the world of eCommerce. Running your online venture can now pivot from guesswork to a numbers-driven approach, thanks to this profit management tool.


Track and manage product and advertising expenses with precision
Gain real-time insights to optimize operations and maximize cost-effectiveness
Utilize a user-friendly interface for impeccable profit tracking and expense itemization
Access a powerful dashboard for comprehensive financial oversight
Tailor strategies for sustainable growth by monitoring expenses and profit margins


Track and manage your product and advertising expenses effortlessly to increase profitability
Gain real-time insights to optimize operations and maximize cost-effectiveness
Tailor your strategies for sustainable growth by monitoring expenses and profit margins

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Owlfred Review

Hoot hoot! Keeping track of profits and costs has never been easier, thanks to the Basecost Manager Profits Report app. This magical tool laughs in the face of spreadsheets, removing the need for them altogether. Imagine an app that calculates your profits, tracks costs, and presents these jaunty details on a live dashboard – that's Basecost Manager Profits Report for you! Features such as profitability total control (adding base costs, calculating profit, and tracking total costs) excite even the savviest merchant. Analysing expenses, COGS, sales, order numbers, plus the average order price and profit never looked so good. And, guess what? Once the app is set up, it automatically calculates your true profit. No more fretting over profit calculations, my friend. Despite it being a newer player with limited reviews, it has managed to catch an eye with a solid 5-star rating. And, cherry on top - it's free! It seems a good fit for those searching for effective financial control in marketing and store management. Now, go forth and take command of your store’s profitability!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you track your profit?
Profit tracking can be managed through an app like Basecost Manager Profit Report. It allows for insight into the income and expenses related to your business operations. It provides a broad overview of your earnings, assisting in strategic decision-making.
What is real profit?
Real Profit is the financial gain achieved when income generated from business activities surpasses all the expenses, costs and taxes required to sustain the business. It is an indicator of the profitability, hence, useful for business evaluations.
How do you manage profits?
Profits can be managed by implementing sound financial practices such as budgeting, planning, and forecasting. Using an app like Basecost Manager Profit Report can give you a clearer picture of your profit so you can make more informed decisions.
How do you define profitability?
Profitability is defined as the ability of a business to yield financial gain beyond its costs and expenses. Profitability metrics-like gross,operating and net profits-help to give a broader understanding of business operations and efficiency.

Shopify App Comparison: Basecost manager profit report vs Repsorder: Reps Commission - which is better?

In comparing the Basecost manager profit report app and the Repsorder: Reps Commission app, it is clear that both tools offer valuable solutions for merchants looking to optimize their operations. The Basecost manager profit report app focuses on financial management, providing a user-friendly interface for tracking profits, itemizing expenses, and evaluating overall financial health. With real-time insights and a powerful dashboard, merchants can streamline their operations, optimize cost-effectiveness, and tailor strategies for sustainable growth. This app is highly recommended for merchants looking to enhance their revenue management and make data-driven financial decisions.

On the other hand, the Repsorder: Reps Commission app targets sales commission management, offering automation for vital activities such as commission tracking and onboarding processes. By providing precise data from the merchant's Shopify store, this app brings accuracy and transparency to the table, helping merchants maintain a harmonious work environment with their sales representatives. With the ability to set specific commission percentages and robustly manage rep orders, this app is ideal for businesses driven by a dynamic network of sales representatives. We highly recommend the Repsorder app for merchants looking to efficiently track commissions and strengthen their relationship with sales reps.

Basecost manager profit report Shopify AppBasecost manager profit report
Repsorder: Reps Commission Shopify AppRepsorder: Reps Commission
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