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Create a customized contact us page and popup form to impress your audience effortlessly.

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With PX Contact Form, you can effortlessly add a "contact us" page and popup form to your shop, no coding required!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

Last Updated:
April 18, 2024

Create an Impressive Contact Us Page with a Popup Form

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Impress your audience with these Form Builder features: easy to use Contact Form for both customers and shop owners, preview contact form in the backend, customize Templates for Customer Reviews and Feedback, add custom fields and departments, attach image and auto-respond incl in our premium version, embed or Stand Alone options, secure with Ajax and HTML5 technology, loads asynchronously. Won't slow down your store, no coding needed, easy installation, mobile friendly

Enhance your interaction with your customers using an intuitive Contact Form. With a simple, user-centered design, this app facilitates smoother communication by bridging the gap between you and your customers effortlessly. Choose to embed it within your existing web pages, or let it stand alone - the power to choose is entirely yours. Its secure operation, backed by advanced Ajax and HTML5 technology, ensures top-tier cybersecurity.

Experience flawless customization with the feature-rich template for user feedback and reviews along with the ease for your client to attach images, providing a comprehensive picture of their perspective. Add custom fields and departments to make the process more efficient and to align with your unique business model. Get hands-on with your form with our backend preview functionality, ensuring you always present the best to your customers.

Take advantage of advanced features such as auto-responding with our premium version, keeping your customers engaged and valued. With no coding required, this mobile-friendly app integrates seamlessly into your site's framework without affecting its loading speed. The installation process is quick and easy offering a hassle-free solution for every Shopify merchant to significantly improve their customer interaction experience.


Easily embed the Contact Form into your website without the need for developer assistance.
Customize form fields, colors, and backgrounds to match your brand and increase engagement.
Utilize auto-responding features to enhance customer engagement and loyalty effortlessly.
Advanced form builder functionality to grow your leads and keep users engaged.
Seamless integration into your site framework without affecting loading speed for an improved user experience.


Save time and improve customer communication by quickly embedding the intuitive Contact Form into your website without any developer assistance.
Enhance customer satisfaction and gain valuable insights by customizing form fields, colors, and backgrounds to align with your brand, increasing engagement and lead generation.
Boost customer engagement and loyalty through auto-responding features, keeping your customers informed and valued without the need for coding, seamlessly integrating into your site for an improved user experience.

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Owlfred Review

Just like the majestic wings of an owl, PX Contact Form spreads its ease of use across your Shopify store. Receiving a hoot-tastic average rating of 4.8 from 47 wise merchants, this app helps you transform your customer communication process like magic. The app swiftly swoops in with a user-friendly "contact us" page and popup form instantly. Its diverse range of form builder features lets you design and preview your contact form, customizing templates for customer feedback with pomp and glory! Not to forget the added feathers of custom fields, image attachments, and auto-respond. The backend of your digital nest remains secure with Ajax and HTML5 technology, ensuring your store doesn't slow down. Feather that cap with a mobile-friendly interface and you've got a robust contact form solution. Plus, the cherry on top? A free plan is available! I, Owlfred, absolutely recommend this to keep your customers chirping and your leads growing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is essential in a good contact form?
A good contact form needs to be user-friendly,simple and only ask for necessary information. It should provide a clear call to action and confirmation upon submission.
How can a 'contact us' page boost customer interaction?
An effectively designed 'contact us' page can help increase customer interaction by providing easy means for customers to reach out. It can include various contact methods such as phone number,email or live chat.
How can a contact form improve customer relations?
Contact forms provide a direct line of communication for customers to air their difficulties,complaints or questions. By addressing these promptly and effectively,merchants can enhance customer satisfaction and relations.
What makes a 'contact us' page creative and attractive?
A creative 'contact us' page may have engaging design elements,interactive features or personalized messages. It can also incorporate brand elements such as branded colors or logos to make it more attractive and cohesive with the rest of the site.

Shopify App Comparison: PX Contact Form vs Powerful Contact Form Builder - which is better?

We have reviewed two powerful contact form apps, PX Contact Form App and Powerful Contact Form Builder App, and have found distinct differences in their capabilities and features. PX Contact Form App offers a simple, user-centered design that allows for effortless communication between you and your customers. With advanced Ajax and HTML5 technology, this app ensures top-tier cybersecurity and secure operation. Additionally, the app provides features such as customizable form fields and departments, backend preview functionality, and auto-responding options in the premium version. This app seamlessly integrates into your website without affecting loading speed, offering a hassle-free solution for improved customer interaction. We highly recommend PX Contact Form App for its user-friendly design, advanced features, and quick and easy installation process.

On the other hand, Powerful Contact Form Builder App focuses on streamlining online business processes with its robust form builder. Users can create professional-grade forms without the need for coding and can seamlessly integrate form data with popular email marketing platforms such as Mailchimp and Klaviyo. This app also offers the unique capability of allowing customers to easily upload files and images while submitting forms, enhancing user interaction and communication. Additionally, users can personalize registration forms with custom fields for a tailored customer experience. If you are looking to streamline business processes, enhance customer interaction, and personalize registration forms, we recommend Powerful Contact Form Builder App for its comprehensive features and seamless third-party app integrations.

PX Contact Form Shopify AppPX Contact Form
Powerful Contact Form Builder Shopify AppPowerful Contact Form Builder
Average Rating 4.8 out of 5 4.9 out of 5
Number of Reviews 47 1372
Estimated Installs 0 28695
Min Price $0.00 $0.00
Max Price $5.95 $19.89
Works With Mailchimp & Klaviyo, Hubspot & Omnisend, Google Calendar / Google Sheet, GetResponse & Sendinblue, ActiveCampaign & Zapier, Campaign Monitor & reCaptcha
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