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Easily collect emails, increase sales, and engage customers with customizable announcement popups.

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This app is great for collecting more emails and leads, customizing announcement popups, and staying connected with your customers!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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April 9, 2024

Increase Subscribers and Sales with Attention-Grabbing Email Pop Ups

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Collect more emails, and contacts via email popup, get more sales and reduce cart abandonment. Add announcement popups easily, display free shipping messages or the latest store updates, and stay connected with your customers. Edit your popup according to your needs with our user-friendly style editor.

Jumpstart your engagement strategy with the superior functionality of this email popup creation tool. Designed to appeal and create significant touchpoints with your customers, this tool ably assists in capturing those crucial emails and minimizing cart abandonment rates.

Effortlessly propagate your brand's important messaging with neatly nuanced popups displaying attractive free shipping offers or those eye-catching store news you wouldn't want your customers to miss. A must-have for retaining your connection with your digitally savvy, time-constrained clientele.

Express your uniqueness, fine-tune each element, and cater to your audience's preferences. With the tool's intuitive style editor, customizing your popups to mirror your brand persona and voice can be as easy as a click, drag, and drop. The designed popup promises not only to be visually pleasing, but also optimized to capture target site users and convert them into potential leads.

Extend your marketing reach while adding a personal touch with this app that works hard to keep your customers in the loop and your brand at the forefront. Your conversion rates will glance upward, your emails will be more efficient, and your brand's visibility will soar with this powerful app.


Collect more emails and contacts with eye-catching email popups to increase sales
Effortlessly customize popups to reflect your brand's identity using a user-friendly editor
Easily install popups with just one click, no coding required
Extend marketing reach and keep customers engaged with personalized messaging
Optimize conversion rates and boost brand visibility through targeted popups


Increase email capture rates and reduce cart abandonment
Customize popups effortlessly to match your brand's style and voice
Boost conversion rates and enhance brand visibility with targeted messaging

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Owlfred Review

Who can say no to a boost in subscribers and leads? Say hello to BM: Email Pop Ups & Exit Popup! This nifty app collected hefty applause from its lone reviewer, scoring a perfect 5-star rating. As a backend app, it may not show any installs, but don't let that fool you. Helping merchants get leads and connections via email popups, this app excels in upping sales and reducing cart abandonment. Want to announce free shipping or the latest store updates? The appโ€™s got your back. And don't get me started on customization โ€“ it offers an incredible, user-friendly editor that lets you tailor popups just the way you like it. The cherry on top? It doesn't require any coding for installation. Now, isn't that a hoot? As a free app under the store design category courtesy of Boostymark, it's a splendid addition to your Shopify store. It's one for the owls... err well, books!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does the BM: Email Pop Ups & Exit Popup app do?
BM: Email Pop Ups & Exit Popup is a tool that helps businesses capture audience emails and reduce cart abandonment rates by creating customized popups. These popups can advertise promotions, brand news, and other important messages. The app also allows businesses to customize each popup to reflect their brand's identity and connect with their target audience.
How can the BM: Email Pop Ups & Exit Popup app help with conversions?
The app is tailored to increase conversion rates. By creating attention-grabbing popups, it helps capture site visitorโ€™s attention and convert them to potential leads. Moreover, the app can propagate brand messaging effectively to customers which can minimize cart abandonment rates.
Can I customize the popups on the BM: Email Pop Ups & Exit Popup app?
Yes the tool's intuitive style editor allows for easy customization of popups. This includes changing visual elements and voice to mirror the brand's persona, ensuring the popup is not only appealing but also efficient in capturing targeted users.
How does the BM: Email Pop Ups & Exit Popup app impact visibility and efficiency?
By helping to efficiently capture customer emails and spread important brand messages through customized popups, the tool enhances your brand's visibility. These strategies allow businesses to stay at the forefront and keep customers engaged.

Shopify App Comparison: BM: Email Pop Ups & Exit Popup vs RealTime Notifier - which is better?

We have compared two remarkable apps that cater to different aspects of running a successful e-commerce operation. The BM: Email Pop Ups & Exit Popup App excels at capturing crucial emails and reducing cart abandonment rates. With its intuitive style editor, you can effortlessly customize popups to reflect your brand's identity and engage your digitally savvy clientele. The app's eye-catching email popups, coupled with personalized messaging, will increase your conversion rates and boost brand visibility. Additionally, the tool offers a user-friendly experience, allowing you to easily install popups with just one click, without the need for coding.

On the other hand, the RealTime Notifier App focuses on efficiency and communication within your e-commerce operation. It automatically sends relevant store activity notifications to staff, vendors, or any pertinent recipient, saving you time and improving communication. With advanced rule customization, you can fine-tune who receives notifications for specific events, reducing unnecessary email overload for your team. This app streamlines your workflow, increases operational efficiency, and ensures clear communication throughout your online store.

Both apps offer unique benefits and can greatly enhance your e-commerce business. If you are looking to capture emails, reduce cart abandonment, and boost brand visibility, we highly recommend the BM: Email Pop Ups & Exit Popup App. On the other hand, if your main focus is on improving communication, reducing manual tasks, and streamlining your workflow, the RealTime Notifier App is the perfect choice. Select the app that aligns with your specific goals and needs and watch your e-commerce business thrive.

BM: Email Pop Ups & Exit Popup Shopify AppBM: Email Pop Ups & Exit Popup
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