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Automate Your Order Transfers and Streamline Your Administration

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This app (for AFAS, Asperion, Factuursturen, Minox, Rompslomp, WeFact) connects your Shopify webshop to your administration. Because the orders are transferred automatically to your administration you don’t have to manually type data. This is a real-time connection. You indicate when a Shopify order is transferred: When it is created, paid or partially paid. The correct product/price/customer-details are transferred. Details can be found at

Experience the ultimate convenience in financial management and data entry with our seamlessly integrated app. Designed specifically to work with platforms such as AFAS, Asperion, Factuursturen, Minox, Rompslomp, and WeFact, the app is an ideal solution for effortlessly linking your Shopify store to your accounting administration.

Eradicate manual labor by automating the transfer of orders in real-time, straight into your accounting services. The app offers you full control over when an order is sent into your books, be it at the time of creation, when it's paid, or partially paid, ensuring a smooth workflow that meets your needs perfectly.

Accurate and detail-oriented, this app ensures every minute piece of information is captured, extending from the product specifics and price to intricate customer details, enabling meticulous bookkeeping. The result? A streamlined administration process, reducing the room for error, and amplifying productivity.

With efficiency and accuracy at your fingertips, your e-commerce administration has never run smoother. Experience how this app upholds the gold standard in integrated accounting optimization, offering you an unprecedented level of control and ease in your day-to-day transactions.


Automate real-time order transfers to save time and costs
Ensure accurate tax and ledger code assignment to avoid errors
Streamline data entry by seamlessly integrating Shopify with accounting software
Quick and easy connection setup with Shopify and other platforms
Enjoy meticulous bookkeeping with detailed product and customer information captured efficiently in your accounting system.


Automate real-time order transfers to save time and costs
Ensure accurate tax and ledger code assignment to avoid errors
Eliminate double data entry by seamlessly linking Shopify with accounting software

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Owlfred Review

Hoot hoot! Dutch Accounting Systems appears to be a nifty solution for streamlining your accounting process. Compatible with AFAS, Asperion, Factuursturen, Minox, Rompslomp, and WeFact, this app ensures accurate synchronization of your Shopify store to your administration, allowing for efficient and error-free operations - no more typing data into both your administrations! Not only does this app provide automated order transfer on your specified schedule - whether when an order is created, paid, or partially paid - but it also spots on with assigning taxes and ledger codes correctly, reducing the likelihood of errors. This quick solution connects your Shopify store with your software in less than 5 minutes! The monthly subscription of $18.95 sounds like a small price to pay for such time-saving and precision. While this app is relatively new on the scene with only a couple of reviews, it has managed to maintain an impressive average rating of 4.8 out of 5. As a wise owl, I highly recommend this app to anybody looking for a seamless accounting solution for their Shopify store. Its features substantially align with the needs of accounting soundness and automated operational efficiency.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can Dutch accountingsystems streamline my order processing?
Dutch accountingsystems streamline your order processing by automating several stages. It includes tracking sales, updating inventory, and generating invoices.
Can I automate the ordering process with Dutch accountingsystems?
With Dutch accountingsystems, you can automate the ordering process. The system handles your transactions from start to finish, including payment processing and delivery scheduling.
What does it mean by automated order fulfillment in Dutch accountingsystems?
Automated order fulfillment in Dutch accountingsystems means the system takes care of everything once an order is placed. It picks, packs, and ships items without any human intervention reducing chances of errors.
What is auto ordering in the context of Dutch accountingsystems?
Auto ordering in Dutch accountingsystems means the system automatically places re-orders when your stock level drops below a preset threshold. This ensures you never run out of your best-selling items.

Shopify App Comparison: Dutch accountingsystems vs XERO SYNC by Bold - which is better?

We have two outstanding apps that offer seamless integration with accounting systems, each with its own unique features and benefits. The first app, 'Dutch accountingsystems,' is designed specifically to work with platforms such as AFAS, Asperion, Factuursturen, Minox, Rompslomp, and WeFact. It automates the transfer of orders in real-time, straight into your accounting services, saving you time and costs. With meticulous bookkeeping and accurate tax and ledger code assignment, this app streamlines your data entry process and ensures a smooth workflow.

The second app, 'XERO SYNC by Bold,' takes seamless accounting management to a whole new level. It effortlessly integrates Shopify orders to Xero, including line items, shipping, and taxes. This app goes beyond merely reflecting your Shopify orders by autonomously recording refunds, discounts, and payment fees. It also allows you to set up a 24/7 data syncing schedule based on your preference, increasing productivity and ensuring accuracy in your financial reporting.

Both apps provide excellent benefits such as saving time and costs, avoiding errors, and increasing productivity. However, if you are looking for an app that offers extensive integration with multiple accounting platforms, 'Dutch accountingsystems' would be the ideal choice. On the other hand, if you are already using Xero and want a seamless integration specifically with that platform, 'XERO SYNC by Bold' is the perfect solution. Overall, both apps offer outstanding capabilities and features, delivering convenience and efficiency to your accounting administration.

Dutch accountingsystems Shopify AppDutch accountingsystems
XERO SYNC by Bold Shopify AppXERO SYNC by Bold
Average Rating 4.8 out of 5 3 out of 5
Number of Reviews 2 212
Estimated Installs 0 0
Min Price $18.95 $19.98
Max Price $18.95 $59.99
Works With Vend, TradeGecko, Stitch Labs, TaxJar, Avalara Trustfile, Taxify
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