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April 18, 2024

The Ultimate Wholesale Platform for Your Shopify Store

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Brandboom is a stand-alone wholesale platform that seamlessly integrates with your existing store. Wholesale your store's inventory with separate pricing for wholesale buyers and sync those orders back to Shopify for fulfillment. Our platform empowers you to manage all wholesale activities, from pitching buyers and gathering orders to processing payments. Get started with Brandboom today and adopt the gold standard of how wholesale is really done.

Dive into the realm of seamless wholesale business operations with an integration solution designed to empower. With a hub that streamlines every facet of wholesale commerce, retailers can easily collaborate with prospective buyers, negotiate orders, manage separate pricing schemes for wholesale clientele, and simplifying payment processing.

This app harbors an impressive merger of retail and wholesale environments, syncing every order directly back to the Shopify interface for efficient fulfillment. Merchants are given the means to turn inventory into attractive sales pitches for buyers, simultaneously maintaining distinct pricing structures applicable to wholesale transactions.

This tool goes beyond being merely an interface - it embodies the pioneering spirit of modern wholesale business handling. It's a comprehensive, fully operational workspace that liaises with your Shopify platform to breath life into wholesale commerce. Join the new wave of modern wholesale trading with this essential addition to your digital toolkit.


Sync and maintain products and inventory with your online store.
Create and send online presentations to capture orders efficiently.
Manage and fulfill orders and invoices, syncing them back to Shopify seamlessly.
Collect payments with credit cards using Stripe or PayPal for faster transaction processing.
Discover new channels and opportunities to connect with wholesale buyers and expand your reach.


Increase wholesale order efficiency by syncing and maintaining products and inventory with the online store, reducing manual data entry and errors
Turn inventory into compelling sales pitches for wholesale buyers, enabling merchants to attract more customers and increase order values
Streamline payment processing with credit cards using Stripe or PayPal, reducing payment delays and improving cash flow

About the Vendor

Brandboom Inc
1111 S Grand Ave, PH4, Los Angeles, CA, 90015, US
Visit Vendor Website
1111 S Grand Ave, PH4, Los Angeles, CA, 90015, US Map

Works with

Apparel Magic, Stripe, Paypal, Rest API


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Owlfred Review

Whoo-hoo! Take a gander at the Brandboom Wholesale Platform, folks! It's an all-in-one standalone wholesale solution that's raising the nest-high standard of wholesaling. Reliable syncing with your Shopify store, managing wholesale orders and payments effortlessly– sounds like a hoot, right? Plus, with neat features like crafting and shipping out online presentations to capture orders, it's like having an extra pair of wings by your side. It collaborates smoothly with buddies Stripe and PayPal, and even opens up new flight paths to connect with those elusive wholesale buyers. Despite not having any installs we can track, it's enjoyed by 1,000+ brands and is known for its five-star reviews. Pricing is pretty flexible, so you can start free or flex your wings with the $179 plan. My feathers tell me this 'wholesale pricing' category member, brought to you by Brandboom Inc., is definitely worth a squizz for all Shopify merchants looking to soar in the wholesale world!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does this app help me with wholesale pricing?
This app provides the ability to manage different pricing schemes for wholesale clientele. It turns inventory into attractive sales pitches for buyers while maintaining distinct pricing structures applicable to wholesale transactions.
Can this tool integrate with my Shopify store?
Yes this tool integrates seamlessly with your Shopify interface, syncing every order directly for efficient fulfillment.
How does this app facilitate my interaction with buyers?
The app allows retailers to easily collaborate with prospective buyers and negotiate orders, making it a comprehensive platform for managing wholesale operations.
What makes this app different from typical wholesale apps?
This app goes beyond being just an interface; it combines the retail and wholesale environments and acts as a fully operational workspace that modernizes your wholesale business operations.

Shopify App Comparison: Brandboom Wholesale Platform vs Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B - which is better?

We have compared two apps that are designed to enhance wholesale operations for businesses. The Brandboom Wholesale Platform focuses on streamlining every aspect of wholesale commerce, allowing retailers to collaborate with buyers, manage pricing schemes, and simplifying payment processing. It offers features such as syncing and maintaining products and inventory with the online store, creating online presentations for efficient order capturing, and syncing orders and invoices back to Shopify seamlessly. This app is ideal for businesses looking to increase efficiency, attract more customers, and improve cash flow.

In comparison, the Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B app offers customizable tools for creating a sophisticated wholesale online store. It allows businesses to set customizable discounts or specific prices for select customers, implement volume/tiered pricing and quantity breaks for bulk purchases, and customize a wholesale signup form to attract potential wholesale accounts easily. This app also offers flexible payment options, such as Net Terms (Net 30/60/90), fostering long-term partnerships. Overall, this app is perfect for businesses looking to boost sales, attract B2B clients effortlessly, and enhance business relationships.

While both apps offer valuable features and benefits, we believe that the Brandboom Wholesale Platform is the superior choice. It provides a more comprehensive solution, offering not only sales tools but also seamless integration with Shopify and streamlined payment processing. With its focus on increasing efficiency and attracting more customers, this app is a must-have for businesses in the wholesale industry. We highly recommend the Brandboom Wholesale Platform for anyone looking to transform their wholesale business operations and stay ahead of the competition.

Brandboom Wholesale Platform Shopify AppBrandboom Wholesale Platform
Wholesale Pricing Discount B2B Shopify AppWholesale Pricing Discount B2B
Average Rating 3.8 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Number of Reviews 4 473
Estimated Installs 0 2378
Min Price $0.00 $19.98
Max Price $179.00 $44.99
Works With Apparel Magic, Stripe, Paypal, Rest API Wholesale Lock Manager, Pagefly, Smile Swell Loyalty, Wholesale Order Form, Product Filter Search, Shogun
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