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Improve site navigation and create a breadcrumbs hierarchy based on menu structure and product pages.

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If you want to enhance navigation and SEO by adding breadcrumb hierarchies effortlessly, EZ Add Breadcrumbs is the app for you!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

Last Updated:
May 12, 2024

Improve User Navigation & SEO with Customizable Breadcrumbs

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Maximize your customer's online shopping journey accuracy with a highly efficient app that maps out the perfect trail. Reinvent the browsing experience with tailor-made breadcrumbs that guide both users and Google through the site's architecture in an orderly and efficient manner, enhancing understanding, accessibility, and SEO performance.

This app's cutting-edge functionality allows for aerial-view menu mapping directly based on the site's structure. More so, it extends its reach by implementing breadcrumbs even on product pages, ensuring a thorough site crawl from any point of entry.

Apart from providing a clear path for shoppers and search engines, this app boasts a level of customization that few others match. It affords store owners the autonomy to tweak font size, color, and navigation alignment to better fit their branding. By merely inputting numeric values or color hex codes, the look of the breadcrumbs can be transformed with ease.

Enrich the navigating experience, enhance your SEO, and give your customers a smooth sailing online shopping journey with this navigation-oriented app, designed to organically increase traffic and boost your store's visibility.


Support sets up breadcrumbs automatically based on your site's menu structure
Customize breadcrumb navigation with a wide range of options for aesthetics
Add breadcrumb navigation to product pages for an improved browsing experience
Enhance SEO with JSON+LD BreadcrumbList Schema based on menu structure
Easy and fast setup with global settings for simple configuration across your store


Increase user engagement and improve visitor retention with an intelligent breadcrumb hierarchy that guides customers through your shop efficiently
Customize aesthetics easily with options like font size, color alteration, and breadcrumb placement for a seamless navigational experience
Enhance SEO and boost conversion rates by adding breadcrumb navigation directly on product pages

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Programmer Hat
7520 Hornwood Dr, 1305, Houston, TX, 77036, US
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Owlfred Review

Swooping in with insights on the EZ Add Breadcrumbs app by Programmer Hat! This handy tool, with an average rating of 5 stars, enhances your Shopify store's navigation experience by creating a breadcrumbs hierarchy. Hoot hoot, this isn't just for folks visiting your site, it's also great for Google to follow along! The feature allows extensive customization, such as the adjustment in font size, color, and alignment of the navigation breadcrumbs. It's as simple as typing in a number or a color hex code. It doesn't stop there, it automatically structures your breadcrumb navigation based on your menu. There's more - you can also sprinkle these breadcrumbs on product pages enhancing user experience considerably. Best part? It's a bargain for its price - $4.98/month, with an initial 30-day free trial. Given its contribution to improving SEO through its JSON+LD BreadcrumbList Schema, EZ Add Breadcrumbs is an absolute steal for anyone looking to better their online store's navigability and searchability. I definitely recommend giving EZ Add Breadcrumbs a try. No URLs needed here, trust this wise old owl!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can the EZ Add Breadcrumbs app improve my online navigation?
EZ Add Breadcrumbs app can streamline your online store navigation by adding breadcrumb trails. This guides customers through your site hierarchy, enhancing user experience and potentially boosting sales.
What is the benefit of breadcrumb navigation on a website?
Breadcrumb navigation improves user experience by providing a visual trail of the user's path within the site structure. This allows for easy navigation and highlights the hierarchical position of the current page, improving ease of use.
How does better navigation contribute to user experience?
Better navigation makes your website more intuitive and user-friendly. It enables customers to find what they're looking for more easily, leading to higher user satisfaction, increased engagement and potentially a boost in sales.
What are the different types of navigation that can be optimized with EZ Add Breadcrumbs?
EZ Add Breadcrumbs can optimize hierarchical and location-based navigation systems, providing clear, visual paths that help users understand their location in your store. This makes browsing more intuitive and enhances shopping experiences.

Shopify App Comparison: EZ Add Breadcrumbs vs Scroll To Top Ultimate - which is better?

We have evaluated two apps that aim to improve the navigation and user experience of your Shopify store. The EZ Add Breadcrumbs app focuses on enhancing the navigation by implementing breadcrumb hierarchies. This feature guides customers through your shop efficiently, increasing user engagement and improving visitor retention. It also allows customization of aesthetics, giving you options to adjust the font size, color, and placement of the breadcrumbs to seamlessly integrate with your site's theme. With easy setup and enhanced SEO capabilities, this app can significantly boost your conversion rates.

The Scroll To Top Ultimate app, on the other hand, addresses the issue of lengthy page scrolls. It provides a one-click solution that takes users back to the top of the page, improving the overall user experience, especially on mobile devices. With customization options for the button's appearance, size, color, and animations, you can personalize it to match your site's aesthetics. This app enhances site aesthetics and user-friendliness, increasing customer engagement and satisfaction. By ensuring easy access to important content, it ultimately leads to higher conversion rates.

Both apps have their unique features and benefits, but considering the goals for your Shopify store, we recommend the EZ Add Breadcrumbs app if you want to prioritize navigation hierarchy and SEO. However, if your concern is improving user experience, especially for mobile users, and enhancing site aesthetics, the Scroll To Top Ultimate app would be a better fit for your needs.

EZ Add Breadcrumbs Shopify AppEZ Add Breadcrumbs
Scroll To Top Ultimate Shopify AppScroll To Top Ultimate
Average Rating 5 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 14 5
Estimated Installs 0 15
Min Price $4.98 $0.99
Max Price $4.98 $0.99
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