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Sell product bundles and keep your inventory up to date with Bundle Bee.

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Bundle Bee is the perfect app for creating product bundles and offering volume discounts while keeping your inventory synchronized in real time - let's Bee in sync!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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April 9, 2024

Sell More with Bundle Bee! Unleash the Power of Product Bundles.

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# Want to sell bundles of products? Bundle Bee helps you keep your inventory up to date. You create a bundle product and configure the included products in Bundle Bee. Our hard-working bees are now monitoring the inventory of your bundle and its products, if something changes (e.g. after an order) your inventory will be updated. And that's not all. Our bees monitor your inventory for all your locations (in real time!). Even the weight resulting from the included products is synchronized...

Effortlessly manage product bundling and inventory tracking with an easy-to-use solution. Perfect for Shopify merchants who sell products in bundles, this app ensures accurate inventory management throughout the sales process. Its advanced features diligently track changes in your inventory, guaranteeing timely and precise updates. Regardless of the number of locations, be assured of constant real-time monitoring.

This sophisticated tool not only keeps an eye on the inventory status of individual products in a bundle but also synchs the cumulative weight of the bundled products. Whether you're experiencing an order rush or navigating through a serene sales day, this solution stands guard, ensuring seamless e-commerce operations round the clock.

With this simple yet powerful tool, forget manually updating your inventory and enjoy the benefits of automated precision. Streamline your operations, secure your product bundling, and heighten your customer satisfaction with a reliable solution forged to simplify and revolutionize your e-commerce operations.


Effortlessly manage product bundling and inventory tracking for accurate inventory management and real-time monitoring
Track changes in inventory and sync cumulative weight of bundled products, ensuring seamless e-commerce operations regardless of order volume
Automate inventory updates to streamline operations
Secure product bundling to increase customer satisfaction
Simplify e-commerce processes for efficient operations


Effortlessly manage product bundling and inventory tracking for accurate inventory management and real-time monitoring
Track changes in inventory and sync cumulative weight of bundled products, ensuring seamless e-commerce operations regardless of order volume
Automate inventory updates, streamline operations, secure product bundling, and increase customer satisfaction by simplifying e-commerce processes

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Owlfred Review

Hoot hoot! Let's take a look at Bundle Bee, an innovative tool created by ASPERON GmbH designed for product bundling and volume discounts. Despite its novelty, no downloads and a single star review, this app appears to have promising potential for managing inventory and keeping things organized and up-to-date across different locations, all in real-time! It syncs products' weights, allowing for accurate bundle calculations and the ease of applying discount codes adds a high level of convenience for customers. Bundle Bee emphasizes that it won't interfere with your current store theme and it has an appealing price, it's free! For any merchants looking to effortlessly create product bundles and offer volume discounts, Bundle Bee could be a worthy companion. While it might not have a track record yet, with its intriguing features, it might just be the next big thing for Shopify marketing and fulfilment apps. `}

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can product bundling help my shopify store?
Product bundling is a proven marketing strategy where you group multiple products together and sell them as a package deal. This helps in increasing the overall order value and often leads to better customer satisfaction as they perceive they're getting more value for their money.
Can Bundle Bee help with fulfillment?
Absolutely. Not only does Bundle Bee assist with marketing bundled products, it can also aid with fulfillment. It integrates smoothly with your Shopify system and automates fulfillment tasks related to the bundled products.
What makes a good product bundle pricing strategy?
A good product bundle pricing strategy offers a perception of saving to the customers. This means, the total cost of the bundle is less than the combined individual prices of the products. It's a psychological play that implies value-for-money and increases the chances of purchase.
Why should I consider a bundled product strategy?
A bundled product strategy allows you to increase the average order value. It also allows you to move slow moving products by pairing them with more popular ones. It's a win-win proposition that benefits both the merchant and the customer.

Shopify App Comparison: Bundle Bee vs Checkoutify - which is better?

The Bundle Bee app is a powerful tool that allows Shopify merchants to effortlessly manage product bundling and inventory tracking. With its advanced features, it diligently tracks changes in inventory and syncs the cumulative weight of bundled products, ensuring seamless e-commerce operations regardless of order volume. This automation not only streamlines operations but also increases customer satisfaction by simplifying the e-commerce process. With real-time monitoring and automated inventory updates, Bundle Bee is a reliable solution for accurate inventory management.

On the other hand, Checkoutify offers a value-driven solution for cart abandonment issues. This app provides detailed data on abandoned carts, allowing merchants to comprehend their buyer's journey better and devise powerful strategies for customer engagement. With unlimited reactive emails and aesthetic templates, merchants can increase revenue retention and personalize customer interactions. The ability to communicate effectively through shop email enhances credibility and fosters a more personalized touch to business-customer relationships. Additionally, the customizable push notification campaigns help improve customer engagement by encouraging visitors to complete their purchases.

Overall, both apps have their own unique capabilities and benefits. If you are primarily focused on managing product bundling and inventory tracking, we highly recommend the Bundle Bee app. However, if your main priority is reducing cart abandonment rates and increasing revenue retention, we suggest trying out the Checkoutify app. Both apps have proven to be valuable tools for Shopify merchants, so choose the one that aligns best with your specific needs and goals.

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