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Create urgency and increase conversion rates by automatically raising the price with every sale.

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Sure thing! "Buy now or Pay more" is a great app to create a sense of urgency and incentivize early buyers with real-time price increases.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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June 13, 2024

Increase Sales with Automatic Price Increase! No Social Proof Needed.

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Facilitate impulse buying and reward customer loyalty with this unique pricing tool. Perfectly suited for all Shopify retailers, this app harnesses the power of urgency for driving increased conversions. Encouraging quick purchase decisions, the app incrementally raises product price points based on user-defined conditions, making each sale a race against time.

This is not just about creating a sense of urgency but also about valuing your early adopters. Those who take a leap of faith with new products are rewarded with lower prices, fostering a sense of exclusivity and brand loyalty, and paving the way for potential repeat business.

It's all about changing the buying triggers and adding an element of real-time interactivity to your sales strategy. Do away with relying heavily on social proof for newly launched products. Instead, let the price action create the buzz and draw potential buyers. Whether it's the big sale season or an initial product roll-out, this app is your ticket to high conversion rates.

Bolstered by its ease of use and flexibility, this app makes the pricing strategy a fluid part of your sales approach rather than a fixed component. Experience a paradigm shift in how you attract, convert, and retain customers with this ingenious yet straightforward application.


Set custom conditions to incrementally raise product price points based on user-defined conditions
Set a maximum limit for the price increase to control the pricing strategy
Display a message on your product page to prompt customers to make a purchase quickly
Foster brand loyalty by rewarding early adopters with lower prices
Create a sense of urgency and increase conversions by changing buying triggers with price action


Increase conversion rates by creating a sense of urgency and encouraging quick purchase decisions
Reward customer loyalty and early adopters with lower prices, fostering brand loyalty and potential repeat business
Shift buying triggers by using price action to create buzz and draw potential buyers

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Owlfred Review

Flap those wings towards the innovative "Buy now or Pay more | Urgency" app by Molecular Apps, nifty solution propelling your Shopify sales by creating a sense of buying urgency. This ingenious tool, which earns my feathery nod of approval, cleverly ups the price of an item with each sale, rewarding those quick-to-click customers and enticing others to pounce on your products. Let's not forget this app's user-friendly features which include setting custom conditions, determining the value increase after X amount of units sold, and setting a maximum price limit. This hidden gem has 5-star reviews and overflowing praise from discerning users. And the cherry on top? It's absolutely free! Useful especially for those starting without any social proof- a clear win for our fledgling Shopify merchants. This app is perfect for those in need of custom pricing and quotes solutions! Remember, early bird gets the worm - or in this case - the best price!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does social proof impact sales?
Social proof creates a sense of urgency or scarcity, enhancing the chances for sales. Seeing others make a purchase can sway potential customers to make a similar choice.
What does the 'social proof' tactic imply in sales?
The 'social proof' tactic in sales indicates that people tend to replicate the actions of others. In the context of sales, if a product is popular or highly rated, it's believed to be more valuable or trustworthy.
What is meant by the 'social proof' strategy?
The 'social proof' strategy is a marketing technique where the actions of others are used to encourage potential customers to follow suit. This could be through reviews, testimonials, social media shares, or other public endorsements.
What are best practices for social proof?
Best practices for social proof include showcasing customer testimonials, displaying real-time stats of purchases or sign-ups, providing expert endorsements, and highlighting social shares or media mentions.

Shopify App Comparison: Buy now or Pay more | Urgency vs YouQuote: Request a Quote Form - which is better?

The Buy now or Pay more | Urgency app is a game-changer when it comes to increasing conversions and fostering brand loyalty. With its unique pricing tool, this app allows retailers to create a sense of urgency by incrementally raising product prices based on user-defined conditions. This not only encourages quick purchase decisions but also rewards early adopters with lower prices, creating a sense of exclusivity and building brand loyalty. The ability to set custom conditions and a maximum limit for price increases gives you full control over your pricing strategy, while the option to display a message on your product page prompts customers to make a purchase quickly. By using the power of urgency and price action, this app can significantly increase your conversion rates and drive repeat business.

On the other hand, the YouQuote: Request a Quote Form app revolutionizes the sales process by streamlining customer inquiries and order customization. With this comprehensive quote request tool, customers can easily generate quote requests from product or collection pages, creating a more integrated and convenient shopping experience. This app not only empowers merchants to efficiently manage and respond to customer requests but also allows them to create and edit draft orders, apply discounts, and track customer-related inquiries in the admin dashboard. The ability to customize the fields of the quote form ensures that it aligns with your unique business needs, while email notifications for each quote request guarantee that no sales opportunity is missed. By integrating this feature-rich quoting tool into your operations, you can enhance customization, expedite the sales cycle, and ultimately drive revenue growth.

Both apps offer unique capabilities and benefits that can greatly impact your sales strategy. While the Buy now or Pay more | Urgency app focuses on creating a sense of urgency and increasing conversions through price action, the YouQuote: Request a Quote Form app streamlines customer inquiries and enhances customization. Depending on your specific business needs, we would recommend one or both of these apps to optimize your sales processes and drive revenue growth. So, whether you're looking to harness the power of urgency or streamline your quoting process, these apps can take your sales strategy to the next level.

Buy now or Pay more | Urgency Shopify AppBuy now or Pay more | Urgency
YouQuote: Request a Quote Form Shopify AppYouQuote: Request a Quote Form
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