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Easily Calculate Custom Prices for Your Products

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You can add parameters like widths, length, text, material, engraving text and calculate final product price based on them. Complex rate-table X/Y parameter is also avaialble. If your final price calculation is not stafisfied this basic paramaters you can virtualy just write your math formula that can use all product, variant, global parameter and product parameter data in the calculation. All also support design image upload or on-fly creation.

For online merchants seeking customizable and precision-based pricing mechanisms, this application is the key to a sophisticated and time-saving solution. With the flexibility to integrate parameters such as width, length, text, material, and even engraving text into the determination of the final product price, this app reimagines traditional pricing methodologies.

Extending beyond the constraints of basic metrics, this application empowers users with the unique functionality of formulating their own mathematical equation, incorporating comprehensive parameters from product and variant data to global parameters. Thus, ensuring a satisfactory price calculation tailored to your unique business requirements.

The app also enhances the dynamics of product presentation with its ability to create design images on the fly or upload pre-existing images. Adding a visual dimension to your listings, this feature enriches the customer experience, making shopping more interactive and engaging.

Transform your product pricing process with this unique application, bringing convenience and effectiveness to your fingertips. Unleash your store's full potential by adopting a dynamic, customizable pricing framework.


Add various parameters to participate in the final price calculation with a rich UI set
Utilize global parameters to instantly modify all prices during discount periods
Formulate full-scale script formulas utilizing all product data and parameters for pricing
Create custom pricing strategies tailored to unique business requirements
Enhance product presentation with dynamic design images for a more engaging customer experience


Create custom pricing strategies based on a wide range of parameters for a personalized shopping experience
Instantly modify all prices during discount periods using global parameters
Enhance product presentation with dynamic design images for a more engaging customer experience

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Owlfred Review

Swirl your feathers around Calculated Prices, a dynamic Shopify app developed by Holest Engineering. As crafty as a beaver, this app allows you to add various parameters such as width, length, material, and more to your products/variants and determine their price based on these elements. Not only does it cater to straightforward pricing, it also provides a complex rate-table X/Y parameter, and a unique feature to write your own mathematical formula for price calculations. Though it comes with a modest install count, its capabilities extend beyond the regular offering, even allowing image uploads for on-the-fly designs. The app's user interface is as rich as a squirrels acorn stash and it suits those who wish to react swiftly during discount periods with its global parameter modification. However, this wise old owl recommends giving it some thought before hopping in, as it has just one review with an average rating of one out of five. With a perching price at $19.99/month, it's positioned in the competitive pricing category. Should you choose to flutter towards Calculated Prices, you'll be at liberty to explore a 2-day free trial, though additional charges may apply.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is competitive pricing?
Competitive pricing is a pricing strategy where the prices of the products are decided by considering the prices of the competitor's products. It is one of the most significant components in pricing strategy to attract customers and increase sales.
How does C-Pricefy Custom Prices help with competitive pricing?
C-Pricefy Custom Prices aids with competitive pricing by providing real-time data and analytics on competitors' pricing. By utilizing this data, businesses can strategically adjust their prices to stay competitive and profitable.
How is the price of a product calculated using apps like C-Pricefy Custom Prices?
The price of a product can be calculated using C-Pricefy Custom Prices by taking into account multiple factors such as acquisition costs, desired profit margins and market demand as well as competitors' pricing.
How can businesses determine the right price to charge for their items using C-Pricefy Custom Prices?
Businesses can determine the right price to charge for their products using C-Pricefy Custom Prices by understanding their market position, analyzing competitor pricing trends, and incorporating their specific business costs and desired margins into the final pricing strategy.

Shopify App Comparison: C‑Pricefy Custom Prices vs Wizz Flash Sale & Price Edit - which is better?

We have evaluated two apps that offer unique capabilities and features to enhance the pricing and flash sale strategies for online merchants. The C-Pricefy Custom Prices app stands out with its customizable and precision-based pricing mechanisms. It allows users to integrate a wide range of parameters, including dimensions, text, material, and more, to determine the final product price. The app even offers the flexibility to create mathematical equations that incorporate comprehensive parameters, ensuring a price calculation tailored to unique business requirements. Additionally, it enhances the customer experience by enabling the creation of dynamic design images for product presentation. With these capabilities, C-Pricefy Custom Prices empowers merchants to adopt a dynamic and customizable pricing framework that meets their specific needs.

On the other hand, the Wizz Flash Sale & Price Edit app focuses on igniting urgency and enhancing customer conversion rates through eye-catching flash sales. It enables merchants to easily deploy flash sale campaigns for various events and holidays, with reduced pricing applied to specific product collections. The app features a captivating countdown timer that creates a sense of urgency, attracting more conversions. Furthermore, Wizz automates the burdensome process of scheduling sales and adjusting prices, saving time and eliminating errors. With an intuitive dashboard and dedicated live chat support, this app provides a seamless experience for Shopify store owners looking to optimize their flash sale strategies.

While both apps offer valuable capabilities for merchants, we recommend the C-Pricefy Custom Prices app for those seeking a comprehensive and customizable pricing solution. Its ability to integrate numerous parameters and create mathematical equations sets it apart in terms of flexibility and tailored price calculations. The feature to create dynamic design images also enhances the customer experience by making shopping more interactive and engaging. However, the Wizz Flash Sale & Price Edit app is a solid choice for merchants who prioritize flash sale campaigns and want to drive conversions through urgency. With its automated scheduling and pricing adjustment features, as well as dedicated live chat support, this app streamlines the flash sale process and ensures effective outcomes. Both apps have distinct benefits that can greatly contribute to your online business success.

C‑Pricefy Custom Prices Shopify AppC‑Pricefy Custom Prices
Wizz Flash Sale & Price Edit Shopify AppWizz Flash Sale & Price Edit
Average Rating 1 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Number of Reviews 1 61
Estimated Installs 34 380
Min Price $19.98 $0.00
Max Price $19.98 $4.84
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