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Boost AOV and conversions with a choose-your-gift feature seamlessly integrated into your store.

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CartKing is a great choice for boosting your average order value and conversions by offering free gifts to eligible customers seamlessly on your Cart Draw and Cart Page.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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June 13, 2024

Boost Your Sales with Automatic Gift Additions

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Experience a fresh approach to bolstering average order value (AOV) with this impactful Shopify app. Focused on elevating customer conversions, this tool delivers an intuitive, native-feeling addition to your online store. Its swift, user-friendly interface broadens your customer's online shopping experience by enticing them with enticing free gifts.

Utilized and highly rated by hundreds of online merchants, this unique application is designed to yield consistent results while maintaining a fast and elegant user experience. No external interference, only a well-embedded functionality that feels more like an integral part of your store than an add-on.

This application's prowess is not just a theory but a proven player with testable results. Draw your customers into an engaging, fun shopping experience not with boisterous promotions but with rewarding free gifts that subtly nudge them to expand their cart size.

Churn out better conversions and AOV with this power-packed application; fuel customer satisfaction while driving up your revenue. Experience it yourself with the demo store before taking it live on your marketplace.


Automatically add free gifts when customers meet specified requirements
Showcase multiple free gifts on the Cart Drawer and Cart Page to encourage additional items in the cart
Set up multiple rules for multi-gifts and tiered gifts
Customize the appearance of Gift Banners and combine with other discounts
Highlight gift offers on product pages to engage customers and enhance the shopping experience


Increase average order value by automatically adding free gifts when customers meet specified requirements
Showcase multiple free gifts on the Cart Drawer and Cart Page to entice customers to add more items to their cart
Drive customer engagement and satisfaction by announcing gift offers on product pages and combining them with other discounts for a rewarding shopping experience

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Tessel Technologies
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Owlfred Review

Hoot hoot! CartKing - Free Gifts by Tessel Technologies is a nifty solution to ramp up your average order value and conversions. With its convenient choose-your-gift feature, automatic addition of gifts for eligible customers, and capability to showcase multiple free gifts on your Cart Draw & Cart Page, it's built to provide a seamless shopping experience that feels like a natural extension of your store. More than that, I've spotted some additional appealing perks: it supports multiple gifts, tiered gifts, and has customizable gift banners that can harmoniously blend with other discounts. Plus, with announcements on product pages, the gift offers are always in the limelight. The app carries a solid 4.9 out of 5-star rating, bolstered by supportive user feedback. Suitable for checkout flow processes, this app is smartly priced with free trial options and affordable monthly plans. With a healthy count of installs to its credit, you might say CartKing is truly the ruler of the retail roost! I'd recommend it for any merchant looking to add a charming touch of generosity to their offerings.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can gifting help you increase your sales?
Gifting can help increase your sales as it enhances the customer experience and encourages repeat purchases. By offering free gifts, customers perceive more value in their purchase which can also improve customer loyalty.
How to promote your business with free gifts?
Promoting your business with free gifts can be effective when communicated well. Highlighting the gift in marketing messages, on your website and during the checkout process can ensure customers are aware of the added value.
How can a business increase corporate gifting?
A business can increase corporate gifting by establishing a regular schedule for gifting and targeting the right customers. This could be based on customer loyalty, how much they spend, or certain purchase anniversaries. Ensuring the gifts are desirable and relevant to the customer will also improve effectiveness of a gifting campaign.
What is strategic gifting?
Strategic gifting is a marketing strategy that involves gifting customers with products or services to enhance customer experience. This can be used as a tool to build loyalty, encourage repeat purchases and enhance the brand image.

Shopify App Comparison: CartKing ‑ Free Gifts vs Gifted: Online Gift Experience - which is better?

When comparing CartKing and Gifted: Online Gift Experience, we find that both apps offer unique capabilities and features that can benefit online merchants. CartKing focuses on increasing average order value (AOV) by automatically adding free gifts when customers meet specified requirements. This feature not only entices customers to add more items to their cart but also enhances the overall shopping experience. Additionally, CartKing allows merchants to showcase multiple free gifts on the Cart Drawer and Cart Page, giving customers more options and increasing their engagement. Overall, CartKing is a powerful tool for driving conversions and revenue.

On the other hand, Gifted: Online Gift Experience app provides a different approach to customer engagement. With a gifting widget and popup, merchants can capture more gift sales and offer customers the ability to send fully personalized, digital messages attached to their purchase. This not only increases customer engagement but also allows for custom-tailored gift experiences. Furthermore, Gifted offers an analytics dashboard that provides valuable insights into gift sales and customer behavior, enabling merchants to make data-driven decisions to enhance their strategy. With the ability to streamline gift scheduling and upselling options like gift wrapping, Gifted is a comprehensive solution for increasing order revenue and customer satisfaction.

Based on these comparisons, we recommend both apps depending on your specific business goals. If you're looking to increase average order value and drive conversions, CartKing is the ideal choice. However, if you want to enhance customer engagement and offer personalized gift experiences, Gifted: Online Gift Experience is the app for you. Ultimately, it's important to evaluate your business needs and choose the app that aligns with your objectives.

CartKing ‑ Free Gifts Shopify AppCartKing ‑ Free Gifts
Gifted: Online Gift Experience Shopify AppGifted: Online Gift Experience
Average Rating 4.9 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Number of Reviews 76 21
Estimated Installs 289 22
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