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Create professional PDF catalogs with ease using an interactive drag and drop builder.

What Owlfred thinks...

Catalogly is a great tool to effortlessly create and export professional PDF catalogs with interactive features for your products.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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April 9, 2024

Create Stunning PDF Catalogs with Ease! Boost Sales and Impress Customers.

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Catalogly - The simple PDF product catalog solution! Create professional catalogs with ease using our interactive drag and drop builder. Customize collections, images, and styles with predefined templates. Automate the process of including or excluding products, refreshing collections, and updating prices. Export your catalogs as a file to easily share with customers and vendors. With click-through analytics, optimize your catalogs and improve conversion rates.

Capitalize on the simplicity and efficiency of building product catalogs with the PDF Catalogs app, an intuitive tool designed to streamline e-commerce operations. By implementing an easy-to-use drag and drop builder, the creation of professional-looking catalogs becomes an effortless process.

Employing predefined templates, the app allows merchants to modify collections, images, and styles to best fit their brand. Automating inclusions and exclusions of products, refreshing collections, and updating prices becomes a breeze, freeing users to focus on other facets of their business.

The app stands out with its emphasis on analytics; catalog use becomes more than just sharing products—it’s about optimizing user interactions. Insights into click-through rates empower merchants with the knowledge to enhance their catalogs for greater conversion rates. Benefit from the ability to directly export catalogs, simplifying the process of sharing with customers and vendors.

Unleash the potential of your Shopify store and streamline the catalog management process with this powerful and practical app.


Build professional-looking catalogs effortlessly with an intuitive drag and drop builder
Access insights on click-through rates to optimize catalog performance
Automate inclusions, exclusions, and price updates for efficient catalog management
Export catalogs as PDFs for easy sharing with customers and vendors
Save time and streamline operations with the ability to refresh collections and update product descriptions automatically.


Create professional-looking catalogs effortlessly with an easy-to-use drag and drop builder
Gain insights into click-through rates to optimize catalogs for higher conversion rates
Save time by automating inclusions, exclusions, and price updates

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Owlfred Review

Well, well, well, look at what we have here! Catalogly: PDF Catalogs by dApplication is an app that knows its business. Offering an interactive drag-and-drop interface for creating professional product catalogs, its abilities go well beyond the scope of lookbooks. This small but mighty tool automates everything from refreshing collections, price updates to even choosing what products are included or excluded in your catalog – talk about a genius hoot! With a well-rounded average rating of 3.7, it provides an affordable solution with a free plan and a maximum price tag of just $9.99. While it doesn't have tracked installs, this hidden gem could be the secret tool your Shopify Store needs to optimize your catalogs and improve conversion rates. I would recommend giving Catalogly a test fly, an app that promises a lot and seems to deliver with its numerous features.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I create a PDF catalog with Catalogly?
With Catalogly: PDF Catalogs, creating a PDF catalog is simple and efficient. You just have to choose the items you want to display, select a template and the app will generate PDF for you
How can I make a beautiful Catalogue using Catalogly?
Catalogly provides a range of templates that you can use to create beautiful catalogs. You can also customize the design according to your preference to create a unique and personalized catalog
Which platform is ideal for creating a Catalogue?
Shopify is a great platform for creating catalogues, and with the help of Catalogly: PDF Catalogs app, you can effortlessly design and customize your catalogs
How do I make an interactive Catalogue with Catalogly?
You can easily make an interactive Catalogue using Catalogly by including clickable links, and product hover effects. This ensures a user-friendly catalog with interactive product details.

Shopify App Comparison: Catalogly: PDF Catalogs vs Showcase: Shop Instagram Feed - which is better?

When comparing Catalogly and Showcase, both apps offer unique and valuable capabilities for e-commerce merchants. Catalogly stands out with its emphasis on streamlining catalog management through an intuitive drag and drop builder. This allows users to effortlessly create professional-looking catalogs and automate inclusions, exclusions, and price updates. Additionally, Catalogly provides insights into click-through rates, empowering merchants to optimize their catalogs for higher conversion rates. With the ability to export catalogs as PDFs, sharing with customers and vendors is made simple.

On the other hand, Showcase focuses on leveraging the power of Instagram to boost online sales. With this app, merchants can seamlessly transform their Instagram posts, reels, and stories into a shoppable catalog. By creating a visually appealing gallery and providing customization options, Showcase helps merchants tailor their shop to match their brand identity and enhance the customer's shopping journey. Furthermore, this app allows for the tagging of Instagram posts and stories to turn them into a dynamic shopping experience. By bridging the gap between social media and online sales, Showcase revolutionizes the way businesses interact with their Instagram audience.

While both apps offer valuable features and benefits, our recommendation would depend on the specific needs and goals of your e-commerce business. If streamlining catalog management and optimizing catalog performance are top priorities, Catalogly would be the ideal choice. On the other hand, if you are looking to capitalize on the popularity of Instagram and convert your social media following into online sales, Showcase would be the go-to app. Ultimately, your decision should be based on which app aligns best with your business objectives and target audience.

Catalogly: PDF Catalogs Shopify AppCatalogly: PDF Catalogs
Showcase: Shop Instagram Feed Shopify AppShowcase: Shop Instagram Feed
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Max Price $9.99 $39.00
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