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Offset carbon emissions with Cloverly API for carbon-neutral or negative shipping.

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If you're looking to make your eCommerce store more environmentally friendly, Cloverly's Carbon-Neutral Shipping app is a great choice to help offset carbon emissions from your customers' orders.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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July 12, 2024

Go Green with Carbon-Neutral Shipping: Calculate and Offset Carbon Emissions

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Transform the carbon footprint of your ecommerce business with this intelligent tool that makes shipping eco-friendly and transparent. Seamlessly integrated, it calculates the carbon impact of each purchase in real-time, considering factors such as product weight and customer location. Each order placed will be carbon-neutral, making your business an active participant in the fight against climate change.

Customers gain an inside look into the ecological impact of their order throughout the process, with detailed insights into the amount of carbon offset by their purchase and the specifics of the pertinent offset project. The option to offer complimentary carbon-neutral shipping further raises the bar in establishing your store as a green e-commerce platform.

Blending technological sophistication with ecological responsibility, this app not only elevates your brand's environmental stewardship but also caters to a growing demographic of eco-conscious consumers, fostering customer loyalty in the process. Elevate your shipping standards while contributing to a more sustainable world.


Calculate real-time carbon emissions for each purchase
Display detailed information on supported offset projects and costs to customers
Verify offset projects through third-party organizations for transparency
Offer carbon-neutral shipping to reduce your business's carbon footprint
Cater to eco-conscious consumers and build brand loyalty through transparency and sustainability.


Reduce your business's carbon footprint and attract eco-conscious customers by offering carbon-neutral shipping on every purchase
Provide customers with transparency on the ecological impact of their order, increasing trust and engagement
Cater to the growing demographic of environmentally conscious consumers, fostering customer loyalty and brand reputation

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Owlfred Review

If you're looking to go a shade greener and show your customers how environmentally conscious your brand is, then the Carbon-Neutral Shipping App by Cloverly should be your go-to choice. With around half a hundred reviews rocking an average rating of 4.1, this app gives your customers a real-time glimpse into the carbon impact of their purchases. As they stack their cart full, this clever tool uses data like product weight and shipping location to calculate the carbon emissions. What's neat is, customers can then see the specifics of the carbon offset project that their purchase supports, giving them one more reason to hit that buy button. The app supports verified offset projects, adding credibility to your green initiative. And did I mention this is all for free? Yep, even the wise old me was wide-eyed at this. Although installations are currently a bit on the lower side, you'd be wise to hop onto this green train early and give your brand that eco-friendly boost it might just need. Remember, the world belongs to those who care for it, and this app could help your store ride that wave before it becomes a tsunami. Suitable for both digital downloads and donations-based stores.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do you offset carbon footprint from shipping?
Offsetting carbon footprint from shipping involves investing in emission reduction projects or renewable energy projects that neutralize or compensate the emissions resulting from the shipping processes. This could be achieved by utilizing an app like Carbon-Neutral Shipping.
What is carbon offset and shipping protection?
Carbon offset is a mitigation strategy used by businesses to compensate for their carbon dioxide emissions by investing in renewable energy projects. Shipping protection, on the other hand, is a service offered by delivery companies to ensure safe and secure delivery of parcels. They both form part of the services offered by Carbon-Neutral Shipping.
How do you get carbon neutral shipping?
To achieve carbon neutral shipping, a business must offset the amount of CO2 produced from the shipping process. Carbon-Neutral Shipping app identifies the amount of CO2 emissions your shipping process produces and then offsets them by contributing to environmental projects that reduce or capture equivalent amounts of CO2.
How much is UPS carbon neutral fee?
The pricing for UPS's carbon neutral shipping option varies depending on the package type and distance being shipped. It's important to directly check with UPS or utilize the Carbon-Neutral Shipping app to calculate estimated emissions and corresponding offset costs.

Shopify App Comparison: Carbon‑Neutral Shipping vs Digital Downloads - which is better?

The Carbon-Neutral Shipping App sets itself apart by addressing the growing concern of carbon emissions in the e-commerce industry. With real-time calculations of the carbon impact for each purchase, customers gain transparency and insight into the ecological impact of their orders. This not only attracts eco-conscious customers but also builds trust and loyalty by providing transparency and engagement. By offering carbon-neutral shipping on every purchase, businesses can reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to a more sustainable world. Overall, this app elevates a brand's environmental stewardship and caters to the increasing demographic of environmentally conscious consumers.

In contrast, the Digital Downloads App focuses on revolutionizing e-commerce by allowing businesses to incorporate digital products seamlessly into their storefront. By effortlessly adding various digital files and instantly sending download links upon purchase, businesses can provide a streamlined and efficient shopping experience. Additionally, the app offers in-depth tracking capabilities for every digital transaction, allowing businesses to fine-tune their strategies and boost growth. This app is a valuable tool for any business looking to expand into the digital commerce space and harness its potential for increased revenue.

In conclusion, both the Carbon-Neutral Shipping App and the Digital Downloads App offer unique capabilities and benefits. While the Carbon-Neutral Shipping App caters to the growing demand for eco-friendly practices in e-commerce and promotes transparency and sustainability, the Digital Downloads App opens up new avenues for businesses to capitalize on the digital commerce trend and enhance their growth. Depending on the specific needs and goals of your business, we recommend considering both of these apps to elevate your e-commerce strategy and stay ahead in the industry.

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