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Present products early with pre-orders and coming soon status.

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With PreCom - coming soon preorders, you can easily create buzz for your upcoming products with pre-orders and coming soon labels.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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July 22, 2024

Sell Now, Ship Later - Present Products before Release

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Prevent the potential loss of sales from out-of-stock or yet-to-be-released items by utilizing a tactical approach towards 'coming soon' or 'pre-order' statuses. This versatile solution allows seamless transitions, enabling you to digitally display upcoming additions or temporarily unavailable items without any interruptions to your online store's functionality.

The advanced scheduling feature ensures your product's availability mirrors exactly what you intend - no more manual updates or mistakes. By specifying the availability date, gain complete control over when a product should be accessible for purchase, or begin shipping.

The strategic implementation of a 'coming soon' banner not only keeps your customers in the loop about forthcoming product launches, but also fuels their anticipation, securing a successful return for final purchases. It's a smart way to pique interest and cultivate a sense of excitement around your new arrivals without the risk of losing potential sales.

The power of this tool extends beyond product launches, giving you the capability to sell items while they're out of stock. Encourage customer interactions and drive sales forward with the creative use of 'pre-order' status, without underdelivering on inventory promises.

Take advantage of this remarkable tool - an app that is committed to maximizing sales opportunities, enhancing customer engagement, and underpinning a smooth, user-friendly shopping experience.


Allow customers to place orders before products are available to increase sales opportunities
Showcase upcoming products to build anticipation and excitement among customers
Customize availability labels for pre-order and coming soon products for a tailored shopping experience
Feature customizable badges on collection pages for coming soon and pre-order products
Replace standard "Add to cart" buttons with "Pre-order Now" or "Coming soon" buttons for a seamless shopping experience.


Maximize sales opportunities by strategically using 'coming soon' and 'pre-order' statuses to keep customers engaged and interested
Easily set availability dates to ensure product access aligns with your plan, reducing manual updates and errors
Drive sales during out-of-stock periods by utilizing the 'pre-order' feature, maintaining customer interest and interaction.

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Owlfred Review

PreCom - coming soon preorders is a valuable app for Shopify merchants looking to manage pre-orders and coming soon products effectively. With a high average rating of 4.6 from 87 reviews and over 3,200 installs, this app offers features like customizable date availability labels, badges for product visibility, and button customization, all at an affordable price of $9.99 per month. Its ability to help merchants sell products before they are available and showcase upcoming items makes it a recommended choice for those in the pre-launch and pre-orders niche.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a pre-launch preorder?
A pre-launch preorder is a sales strategy where customers are allowed to purchase items before they are officially launched or available. This method can build anticipation and allows businesses to gauge demand.
How does PreCom help with pre-launch pre-orders?
PreCom assists with managing pre-launch pre-orders. It provides features that allows merchants to handle preorders smoothly and effectively on their Shopify store. By using this app, merchants can start selling products even before they are physically available.
What are potential benefits of pre-launch pre-orders?
Pre-launch pre-orders can help companies understand their product's demand, manage production appropriately, and secure early sales. Besides, it can create hype around the product before it's officially released, indirectly boosting its launch success.
How can I manage pre-launch pre-orders on Shopify?
With Shopify, you can manage pre-launch pre-orders using various apps, such as PreCom. It simplifies the entire process, allowing customers to easily pre-order and providing merchants the necessary tools to handle these special orders.

Shopify App Comparison: PreCom โ€‘ coming soon preorders vs Under Construction Coming soon - which is better?

When comparing the capabilities of PreCom and Under Construction Coming soon, we can see that both apps offer features that allow you to maintain customer engagement during periods of unavailability. PreCom focuses on maximizing sales opportunities by allowing customers to place orders before products are available, while also providing customizable labels and badges for pre-order and coming soon products. On the other hand, Under Construction Coming soon offers a variety of pre-designed templates and a drag-and-drop widget for designing simple coming soon landing pages, along with versatile live animated backgrounds for an enhanced user experience.

The benefits of using PreCom include the ability to strategically use 'coming soon' and 'pre-order' statuses to keep customers engaged and interested, as well as the ease of setting availability dates to reduce manual updates and errors. It also allows you to drive sales during out-of-stock periods by utilizing the 'pre-order' feature. In comparison, Under Construction Coming soon allows you to craft a custom landing page with a countdown timer to maintain customer engagement, choose from a variety of pre-designed 'Coming Soon' templates tailored for stores in maintenance mode, and turn temporary downtime into a buzz generator by fostering customer relationships and creating anticipation for your store's reopening.

PreCom โ€‘ coming soon preorders Shopify AppPreCom โ€‘ coming soon preorders
Under Construction Coming soon Shopify AppUnder Construction Coming soon
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