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July 12, 2024

Create captivating content effortlessly with ContentX's AI-powered tools.

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Seeking an efficient blogging solution that tailors SEO-optimized content to your business? Envision effortlessly crafting compelling headlines, enriched blog posts, and seamlessly synchronized publication calendars. That's the commitment this app brings to facilitate your content production.

At the heart of the application is an advanced AI system, using GPT technology to smartly extract data from your store. The result? Targeted content designed to attract and retain potential customers, ultimately driving organic traffic to your store fronts. All these while helping you achieve your scale-up strategies.

Furthermore, the app doesn't just create content - it brings you back in control. By ensuring that the quality of your content doesn’t come at the expense of your precious resources, the application reaffirms its dedication to aid in your success. Unleash the power of tailored, SEO-synchronized content today and experience the transformational impact on your business operations.


Automate blog content to save time and money
Enhance store visibility and organic traffic with SEO optimization
Edit and customize content easily with ContentX
Seamlessly integrate the app with your store via API
Scale your business by reducing reliance on a content team


Increase organic traffic to your store by generating SEO-optimized content tailored to attract potential customers
Save time and money by automating blog content creation, reducing the need for a content team
Gain control over your content production without compromising quality or resources

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DTC Brand Builders LLC
71 Shadowcreek Way, Ormond Beach, FL, 32174, US
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Owlfred Review

Give a hoot for ContentX! This powerful app by DTC Brand Builders LLC could be 'owlsolutely' transformative for your Shopify store. Flying high with a flawless five-star rating on just a couple of reviews, it's a blogger's dream, harnessing the power of AI and Chat GPT to automate your blog content creation and SEO optimization. Don't get your feathers ruffled over content creation, let ContentX pull data from your store and generate captivating headlines and detailed posts, all meticulously scheduled for publication. Plus, its seamless API integration and scalability mean you can truly spread your eCommerce wings, without the need for an entire content team! Starting at just $49 a month, with a 7-day free trial to test the skies, we think this app is worth a peck. So, why not leave the nest of traditional blogging and experience the freedom of ContentX. After all, it's a real hoot!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does the ContentX ‑ AI SEO Blogger app work for my Shopify store?
The ContentX ‑ AI SEO Blogger app uses advanced GPT artificial intelligence to analyze data from your store and generates targeted, SEO-optimized content in the form of blog posts designed to attract and retain potential customers.
What kind of content does the ContentX ‑ AI SEO Blogger app create?
ContentX ‑ AI SEO Blogger app creates SEO-driven, personalized blog posts, headlines, and publication calendars, all tailored to your business operations and strategies.
Can the ContentX ‑ AI SEO Blogger app help me with organic traffic acquisition?
Yes the content generated by the ContentX ‑ AI SEO Blogger app is designed to attract potential customers and drive organic traffic to your storefronts.
Is the quality of my content assured with the ContentX ‑ AI SEO Blogger app?
The ContentX ‑ AI SEO Blogger app is dedicated to generating high-quality content without compromising your resources, allowing you to maintain control over your content production.

Shopify App Comparison: ContentX ‑ AI | SEO | Blogger vs Boardroom SEO & Data Analytics - which is better?

We have evaluated two powerful apps that offer unique capabilities and benefits to help you optimize your online business. ContentX is an AI-driven blogger app that excels at generating SEO-optimized content tailored to attract potential customers. With its advanced AI system and GPT technology, ContentX intelligently extracts data from your store to create targeted content that drives organic traffic. The app also empowers you to edit and customize content easily, putting you back in control without compromising quality or resources. By automating blog content creation, ContentX saves you time and money and reduces the need for a content team. We highly recommend ContentX for its ability to increase organic traffic to your store and streamline your content production.

On the other hand, Boardroom SEO & Data Analytics offers a comprehensive platform that combines the power of SEO optimization and data analytics. With this app, you can effortlessly create SEO-optimized blog posts to attract organic traffic. It simplifies data connection and automates metrics calculations to provide the insights you need for informed decision-making. Additionally, Boardroom provides access to over 50 metrics with a single click, allowing you to track key performance indicators and optimize your sales and marketing efforts. The app also enables you to understand your customers' buying behavior and create custom segments for targeted strategies. We recommend Boardroom SEO & Data Analytics for its ability to streamline your workflow and transform data into actionable strategies, empowering you to make efficient trade decisions.

ContentX ‑  AI | SEO | Blogger Shopify AppContentX ‑ AI | SEO | Blogger
Boardroom SEO & Data Analytics Shopify AppBoardroom SEO & Data Analytics
Average Rating 5 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Number of Reviews 5 20
Estimated Installs 0 0
Min Price $49.00 $14.00
Max Price $247.00 $79.00
Works With Facebook Ads, Multiple Stores, Google Ads, Meta Business, Open AI (GPT), Google Analytics 4 (GA4)
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