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Streamline your shipping process with automatic label creation, freight calculation, and real-time tracking updates.

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If you're tired of the hassle of manual shipping processes, Correios - SIGEP - Etiquetas will automatically create shipping labels and streamline your shipping workflow with ease!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

Last Updated:
July 12, 2024

Streamline Your Shipping Process with Automatic Label Creation & Freight Calculation

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Experience a streamlined approach to managing the intricate world of shipping and handling for your e-commerce business. This convenient application makes it easier than ever to navigate the necessary logistics in an efficient manner, especially for businesses in a growth phase. Say goodbye to manually plugging in multiple data points per order, or wading through labyrinth-like websites promising efficiency.

This offering revolutionizes the shipping process, automating import of various customer orders and their details into a smooth, easy-to-use system. This organizes your workflow internally and also simplifies working with CORREIOS. The benefits of the app further extend to ensuring that the brand identity remains intact with shipping labels customized with your logo along with the CORREIOS standard.

The process is refreshingly uncomplicated - after creating the labels, all that remains is printing them out and dropping off your packages at the agency. In this way, this app enables a less stress, more success environment for budding e-commerce businesses. Tailored for merchants seeking to optimize their operations, this app manages to combine simplicity with efficiency, transforming one of the most complex aspects of e-commerce into a breeze.


Automatically calculate freight costs and deadlines from Correios, streamlining the shipping process
Create shipping labels and import orders seamlessly, enhancing workflow efficiency
Establish shipping standardization rules to optimize operations and maintain consistency
Receive order delivery notifications via email for improved customer communication
Customize shipping labels with your logo for enhanced brand identity and customer recognition


Automates import of orders and customer details, streamlining shipping logistics and reducing manual data entry
Customized shipping labels maintain brand identity, enhancing customer experience and brand recognition
Simplifies shipping process from label creation to package drop-off, saving time and reducing stress for e-commerce businesses

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Gadol Apps
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correios, sigepweb, sigep


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Owlfred Review

Twit-twoo, Shopify merchants seeking to streamline their shipping process, take a peep at the Correios - SIGEP - Etiquetas app by Gadol Apps. This intelligent app aims to revolutionize your internal flow by automating tedious steps such as shipping label creation, freight calculation, and tracking updates. Not only does it import customer orders and information automatically but also creates shipping labels featuring your logo aligned with the Correios standard. What's more, the app calculates freight charges and deadlines from Correios servers in real-time. The clever feature of shipping rules standardization allows for consistency and minimizes chances of human-induced errors. To top it all off, this app keeps your customer informed about the order delivery via email notifications. Despite having zero tracked installs and a modest 3.7 rating from 20 reviews, it packs a promising punch for just $4.99/month. Its efficient features add a remarkable feather to the cap of shipping label apps, making it certainly worth a flutter. After all, in the world of e-commerce, smartly managing shipping is a hoot!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is shipping automation?
Shipping automation is the process of using software to streamline and automate the various tasks involved in shipping orders. This could include tasks like creating shipping labels, updating inventory, and tracking the shipment.
Does Shopify automatically generate shipping labels?
Shopify has built-in features that allow merchants to generate shipping labels for their orders. This capability can also be enhanced through various apps like Correios ‑ SIGEP ‑ Etiquetas.
What does creating a shipping label mean?
Creating a shipping label involves generating a document that can be attached to a shipment to provide the carrier with all the necessary information. This includes the sender's address, the recipient's address, and the package weight and dimensions.
Can you create a shipping label without paying?
Usually, a shipping label can't be created without paying as it directly relates to the postage costs calculated based on the package's weight and delivery distance. However, some platforms or services allow you to print a shipping label and invoice the payment at a later date.

Shopify App Comparison: Correios ‑ SIGEP ‑ Etiquetas vs ReadyToShip Shipping Labels - which is better?

The Correios - SIGEP - Etiquetas app is a game-changer for e-commerce businesses looking to optimize their shipping logistics. It automates the import of orders and customer details, eliminating the need for manual data entry and streamlining the entire shipping process. With customized shipping labels that maintain brand identity, merchants can enhance the customer experience and improve brand recognition. The app also simplifies the shipping process from label creation to package drop-off, saving valuable time and reducing stress. Additionally, it offers automatic freight calculation using Correios prices and deadlines, further enhancing efficiency in shipping cost management. Overall, the Correios - SIGEP - Etiquetas app combines simplicity with efficiency, transforming one of the most complex aspects of e-commerce into a breeze.

On the other hand, the ReadyToShip Shipping Labels app offers an all-in-one solution for shipping labels and fulfillment. By consolidating different carriers into one platform, merchants can easily connect and compare shipping options to choose the best one. The app also allows users to print shipping labels, invoices, and picklists, streamlining the entire shipping process. With the ability to manage all shipments in one place and send fulfillment data to Shopify for easy tracking, merchants can accelerate the order fulfillment process. Additionally, the app provides localized support in Australia, ensuring that any queries or difficulties can be resolved promptly. Overall, the ReadyToShip Shipping Labels app offers an efficient and user-friendly platform for managing shipments and saving time.

Both apps offer unique features and benefits that cater to the needs of e-commerce businesses. While the Correios - SIGEP - Etiquetas app focuses on simplifying logistics and automating the shipping process, the ReadyToShip Shipping Labels app emphasizes consolidation and efficient management of shipments. Depending on the specific requirements and preferences of merchants, one app may be more suitable than the other. However, we believe that both apps have the potential to significantly improve the shipping operations of e-commerce businesses. Therefore, we recommend considering either the Correios - SIGEP - Etiquetas app or the ReadyToShip Shipping Labels app to enhance efficiency and streamline shipping processes.

Correios ‑ SIGEP ‑ Etiquetas Shopify AppCorreios ‑ SIGEP ‑ Etiquetas
ReadyToShip Shipping Labels Shopify AppReadyToShip Shipping Labels
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