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July 14, 2024

Supercharge Your Store with Personalized Product Recommendations

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Enhance your online store with the power of machine learning, using this enterprise-grade tool boasting real-time product recommendation capabilities. Seize the opportunity to increase your conversions through streamlined upselling and cross-selling, presenting your shoppers with precisely what they might be looking for or didn't even know they needed.

With a variety of recommendation types at your disposal - such as related products, 'also bought,' trending items, recently purchased, featured products, last viewed, frequently bought together, new arrivals, and product bundles - this app provides unparalleled customization. Transform user experiences from the homepage to check-out, ensuring an engaging and seamless shopping journey.

Drive growth by harnessing cutting-edge machine-learning technology pioneered by giants like Amazon. Tailor your customers' shopping experience, maximize sales, and leverage key insights generated by customer behavior on your site. Ensure your customers always find what they need with this nimble and intelligent solution crafted for the discerning Shopify merchant.


AI & ML driven recommendations for optimal results including cross-selling and upselling
Offering customized widgets that seamlessly integrate with your store's design guidelines
Tailor recommendations on any page, product, or collection with our smart filter
Provide peace of mind with a money-back guarantee and no overage costs
Enable easy creation of product bundles to enhance user experiences and drive growth


Increase your conversions through streamlined upselling and cross-selling with real-time product recommendations
Enhance user experiences from the homepage to check-out, ensuring an engaging and seamless shopping journey
Drive growth by leveraging cutting-edge machine-learning technology to tailor your customers' shopping experience

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Zapyan Ltd
7 Bell Yard, London, ENG, WC2A 2JR, GB
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Owlfred Review

Take your Shopify store to the next level with Ci Humanized Recommendations by Zapyan Ltd. This savvy backend app applies Amazon's advanced technology to bolster your store's product recommendation capabilities. Its AI and ML algorithms cook up a host of features like cross-sell and up-sell recommendations, trending items, and more. Dice and slice data-driven campaigns in just three steps, customize widgets to match your store's style guidelines, and offer personalized recommendations on any page, product, or collection. With a money-back guarantee and no overage cost, this app brings peace of mind with the promise of unlocking revenue growth. A word of caution, though - while it has a perfect 5-star rating, it's only from one user so far, likely due to its backend nature. But hey, there's a free plan available, lending a great opportunity to give this AI magic a spin.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are personalized product recommendations?
Personalized product recommendations are a tool used by ecommerce platforms to suggest products to customers based on their browsing and purchasing history. These recommendations enhance the customer shopping experience by offering products tailored to their interests.
How do you recommend a product to a customer?
Products can be recommended to a customer by analyzing their browsing behavior,past purchases and search queries. Implementing AI-driven algorithms can also facilitate delivering personalized product recommendations.
What is the power of personalization in ecommerce?
Personalization in ecommerce can significantly boost sales and customer loyalty. This happens because it customizes the shopping experience for each user, making product suggestions and offers catered to their preferences and buying habits.
How can Ci - Product Recommendations help my Shopify store?
Ci - Product Recommendations can help your Shopify store by delivering personalized product suggestions to your customers. This can boost your sales, improve customer satisfaction and facilitate upselling and cross-selling.

Shopify App Comparison: Ci ‑ Product Recommendations vs Recomatic Related Products - which is better?

We've had the opportunity to compare two exceptional apps for increasing sales and enhancing the online shopping experience. Ci - Product Recommendations App provides a wide range of recommendation types, including related products, 'also bought,' trending items, and product bundles. With its AI and ML driven recommendations, this app ensures that your customers always find what they need, resulting in increased conversions and enhanced user experiences. The app's customization capabilities allow you to tailor recommendations on any page, product, or collection, seamlessly integrating with your store's design guidelines. Additionally, Ci - Product Recommendations App harnesses cutting-edge machine-learning technology to provide key insights generated by customer behavior on your site, enabling you to drive growth and maximize sales.

On the other hand, Recomatic Related Products App stands out with its exceptional customization features. This app meticulously conforms to your specific business needs, ensuring that the related products displayed are always relevant and impactful. By utilizing your store's sales data and product attributes, Recomatic expertly displays tailored related products that resonate with your clientele, encouraging more purchases and enhancing product discoverability. The app also offers detailed conversion tracking, allowing you to continuously assess your sales impact and propel your store's success. With seamless integration with Google Analytics, Langify, and Reviews Apps, Recomatic provides a sense of fluidity and integration into your e-commerce journey, making it a valuable co-pilot for amplifying sales and satisfying customers.

Both Ci - Product Recommendations App and Recomatic Related Products App offer unique capabilities and features that can greatly benefit your online store. While Ci focuses on a wider range of recommendation types and utilizes cutting-edge machine-learning technology, Recomatic excels in customization and offers detailed conversion tracking. Ultimately, the choice between these apps depends on your specific business needs and preferences. However, we believe that both apps can significantly enhance your online retail experience, increase sales, and amplify customer satisfaction.

Ci ‑ Product Recommendations Shopify AppCi ‑ Product Recommendations
Recomatic Related Products Shopify AppRecomatic Related Products
Average Rating 5 out of 5 5 out of 5
Number of Reviews 4 173
Estimated Installs 0 435
Min Price $0.00 $69.00
Max Price $95.00 $69.00
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