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Streamline shipping with automated labels, packing slips, and tracking from 20 European countries.

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Sounds like DPD Integration by WebShopAssist is the perfect tool to streamline your shipping process and track deliveries effortlessly across 20 European countries!

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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July 12, 2024

Simplify Your Shipping Process with DPD Integration

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Envision a reality where ceaseless manual data entry into DPD's web page is a thing of the past. This cutting-edge app is your key to unlocking this vision. Seamlessly create labels individually or in bulk without the digital paperwork. An added advantage is the functionality for mass printing of shipping labels and packing slips, making your fulfillment process run smoother than ever before.

Additionally, be empowered with real-time tracking of shipments. This not only grants you peace of mind but also allows for a proactive approach to customer service by keeping your shoppers informed. Your Shopify store will have automatic updates on delivery statuses, eliminating the guesswork associated with parcel whereabouts.

Experience a significant upswing in efficiency by saving time with these value-added features. It's important to note though, you will need a DPD business account to take full advantage of this toolโ€™s unmatched capabilities. Join the pioneering merchants today who are streamlining their Shopify shipping process with this indispensable tool.


Automatically create shipping labels individually or in bulk, eliminating manual data entry
Mass print shipping labels and packing slips to streamline your fulfillment process
Track shipment statuses in real-time to keep customers informed
Utilize automatic filtering rules for enhanced order management
Easily find orders by scanning the order barcode


Create shipping labels in bulk without manual data entry
Real-time tracking of shipments for proactive customer service
Save time and improve efficiency in the fulfillment process

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Works with

Shopify Flow, DPD API, DPD Local UK, Klaviyo


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Owlfred Review

Whoosh! DPD Integration by WebShopAssist really swoops in to streamline your Shopify workflow. Specifically designed for e-commerce merchants shipping in and out of 20 European countries, this particular app works harmoniously with your Shopify Flow, Klaviyo, and DPD API. Pooling in an impressive average rating of 4.6 based on 57 reviews, it seems to have found a special nest among Shopify store owners. Get ready to farewell tedious forms on DPD's web page, because this app generates shipping labels, packing slips, and even tracks deliveries right from your Shopify admin! And the best part? It does all that in bulk. With features like automatic and bulk shipping label creation and bulk printing, you'll experience a faster and more reliable fulfillment process. Not to mention, the enhanced tracking functionality updates your shop orders according to the shipment status. The app does require a DPD business account to generate the shipments, but hey, you've got to spend money to make money, right? Additional charges may apply beyond their free plan, but with a maximum fees still within affordable $15 range, that's a hoot! Make sure to check out the premium plan for those automatic filtering rule benefits. Worthy of my OwlFRED stamp of approval? Absolutely!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does shipping method DPD mean?
DPD is a popular shipping method used by ecommerce businesses. It offers flexible and convenient delivery options, including home delivery and drop-off points.
How does DPD delivery work?
DPD delivery operates through a network of local hubs and drivers. Once an order is dispatched, the local hub sorts and sends it to the delivery driver who then brings it to the customer's selected address or pick-up point.
What are the advantages of DPD?
DPD provides some key advantages such as flexible delivery options, real-time tracking, and an efficient return system. This can enhance the overall customer experience during the order fulfillment process.
What does DPD stand for?
In the context of shipping, DPD stands for 'Dynamic Parcel Distribution' which is a leading international parcel delivery service based in Europe.

Shopify App Comparison: DPD Integration vs Auto Tag & Flow Automation - which is better?

We have evaluated the capabilities, features, and benefits of both the DPD Integration App and the Omega โ€‘ Auto Tag & Flow App, and here is our objective comparison. The DPD Integration App excels in streamlining your Shopify shipping process by automatically creating shipping labels individually or in bulk, eliminating manual data entry. You can also mass print shipping labels and packing slips, making your fulfillment process run smoother than ever before. Additionally, the app offers real-time tracking of shipments, allowing you to proactively keep your shoppers informed about delivery statuses. With these value-added features, you can experience a significant upswing in efficiency and save time.

On the other hand, the Omega โ€‘ Auto Tag & Flow App focuses on streamlining your online store management through powerful automation. It enables you to set conditions to facilitate automatic and accurate tagging aligned to your specific business needs. The app also offers features like order grouping, client segmentation, and enhanced searchability, reducing the time and effort required for these tasks and boosting your productivity. By leveraging the power of automation, you can manage complex order workflows and customer interactions with remarkable ease. Investing in this tool ensures higher operational efficiency, as it saves time on manual tasks and allows you to focus on priority areas of your business.

Both apps offer unique capabilities and features that can greatly benefit your business. Depending on your specific needs, we recommend the DPD Integration App for smoother Shopify shipping and real-time tracking of shipments, providing a proactive approach to customer service. Alternatively, if you are looking to streamline your online store management and automate tasks like order tagging and grouping, the Omega โ€‘ Auto Tag & Flow App is an excellent choice. Consider your priorities and choose the app that aligns with your business goals to achieve greater efficiency and success.

DPD Integration Shopify AppDPD Integration
Auto Tag & Flow Automation Shopify AppAuto Tag & Flow Automation
Average Rating 4.8 out of 5 4.9 out of 5
Number of Reviews 66 81
Estimated Installs 0 0
Min Price $0.00 $0.00
Max Price $15.00 $16.98
Works With Shopify Flow, DPD API, DPD Local UK, Klaviyo Shopify Flow
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