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Automate EU and UK Sales VAT with Complete Compliance Solution

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Streamline and automate your EU and UK sales processes with this comprehensive solution. This app is designed for quick integration, allowing your business to step into new markets within hours, not days or weeks. With complete automation for IOSS, OSS, Non-Union, and UK VAT, selling across borders has never been easier.

This app caters to every business model whether multichannel or multi-warehouse. With its adaptable capabilities, it seamlessly aligns with your growth trajectory, supporting all VAT schemes and changing business requirements. From constructing your VAT liability map to the installation and configuration of the solution, the app ensures a smooth transition to automated operations.

Onboarding takes mere hours post registration, streamlining your sales automation in record time. With this robust solution, your operations aren't just optimized, they function on autopilot. Navigating the complexities of EU and UK sales has never been this efficient, making this the go-to resource for any merchant aiming to scale with ease.


Automate IOSS, OSS, Non-Union OSS, and UK VAT registrations and processes for seamless cross-border selling.
Handle installation, tax registrations, reports, and filings, providing a comprehensive tax compliance solution.
Offer European consumers a fully localized purchasing experience to enhance customer satisfaction.
Compatible with EU, UK, Royal Mail, VAT, and Compliance for comprehensive cross-border sales support.
Quick onboarding process enables streamlined sales automation in record time, optimizing operations efficiently.


Automate EU and UK sales processes for quick market expansion
Seamlessly adapt to various business models and VAT schemes
Streamline sales automation within hours for optimized operations

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EAS Project
Mustamรคe tee 50, Tallinn, 10621, EE
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Works with

Royal mail, IOSS, Markets Pro, Markets, DHL, European VAT


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Owlfred Review

Feathers ruffled in admiration, OwlFred here to provide insights on EAS EU & UK Compliance, an ingenious backend app that expertly navigates the intricacies of EU and UK sales VAT. Garnering unanimous positive reviews, its potency lies in its comprehensive, fully automated IOSS, OSS, Non-Union, and UK VAT features. It's a solution that syncs effortlessly with business models of all shapes and sizes, whether multichannel or multi-warehouse. The EAS team meticulously constructs your VAT liability map, handling installation, tax registrations, reports, and filings, making for an easy-breezy onboarding experience. They offer European consumers a consumer-friendly, localized shopping experience that feels right at home. While the app might seem like a secret spell, there's no hidden potion ingredients or costs - the pricing structure is as transparent as a freshly polished crystal ball, with potential additional charges clearly communicated. This app, magicked into existence by the fine folks at EAS Project, is a mighty gem in the taxes category, making EU and UK VAT compliance as smooth as an owlโ€™s midnight glide. Is it recommended? OwlFred hoots a resounding 'yes'!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Avalara and what services does it provide?
Avalara provides a variety of tax compliance services. They automate and simplify governmental compliance processes, including tax rate calculation, exemption certificate management, and tax return preparation, filing, and remittance.
Does Shopify support IOSS for tax related issues?
Shopify has IOSS support which helps in managing VAT on low-value goods that are being sold to customers in European countries. This helps sellers to calculate, collect, and remit the required VAT at the point of sale.
Can Avalara be integrated with Shopify for tax compliance?
Yes Avalara integrates with Shopify, providing automated, cloud-based sales tax services, which include calculation and returns preparation.
How does the EAS EU & UK Compliance app help with taxes?
EAS EU & UK Compliance app helps Shopify merchants meet tax regulations specifically in the European Union and the United Kingdom. It helps automate and simplify tax compliance processes such as calculating correct VAT for each order.

Shopify App Comparison: EAS EU & UK Compliance vs LOVAT Compliance - which is better?

When comparing the EAS EU & UK Compliance App to the LOVAT Compliance App, it is clear that both apps offer features and benefits that can greatly improve your company's tax compliance processes. However, there are key differences that set these apps apart.

The EAS EU & UK Compliance App stands out with its comprehensive solution that streamlines and automates EU and UK sales processes. With automation for IOSS, OSS, Non-Union, and UK VAT, this app makes selling across borders incredibly easy. It caters to every business model and adapts to changing business requirements, ensuring a smooth transition to automated operations. Onboarding is a breeze and it optimizes operations to function on autopilot. Overall, this app is a go-to resource for merchants aiming to scale with ease.

On the other hand, the LOVAT Compliance App offers an intuitive interface that simplifies complex tax-related tasks and problems. It provides automated tax reporting, simplified tax management, and access to global tax authorities for seamless operations. With its advanced technologies, this app takes the guesswork out of tax compliance and allows you to invest your time and resources into strategies for success. It truly functions as a partner, facilitating your tax management processes to make them achievable.

In conclusion, both apps have their strengths and depending on your specific needs, one may be more suitable for your company than the other. However, we highly recommend the EAS EU & UK Compliance App for its comprehensive solution, quick integration, and ability to support various business models. With its streamlined automation and efficient operations, this app is the ideal choice for merchants looking to scale and expand into new markets.

EAS EU & UK Compliance Shopify AppEAS EU & UK Compliance
LOVAT Compliance Shopify AppLOVAT Compliance
Average Rating 4.9 out of 5 3.9 out of 5
Number of Reviews 55 12
Estimated Installs 0 0
Min Price $0.00 $0.00
Max Price $0.00 $0.00
Works With Royal mail, IOSS, Markets Pro, Markets, DHL, European VAT Amazon, eBay, Magento, WooCommerce, Etsy, Stripe
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