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Streamline inventory planning with accurate forecasting, automated purchase orders, and backorders.

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Fabrikatör Inventory Assistant is your go-to tool for accurate inventory planning, purchasing, and automating backorders with ease, helping you make smarter decisions and turn out-of-stock products into revenue effortlessly.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

Last Updated:
July 12, 2024

Automate Inventory Planning, Purchase Orders & Backorders with Ease

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Optimize your virtual storefront with an intelligent inventory management solution. Offering comprehensive control over inventory planning, tracking, and automation, this app ensures optimal product availability and prompts smart business decisions. Implementing custom purchase orders and updating stock levels becomes a task of mere seconds.

Anchoring the app's value is its robust inventory forecasting tool, allowing for predictive stock management and informed action. Irrespective of a product's stock status, pre-order and backorder functionalities ensure continuous revenue streams, thereby revitalizing otherwise dormant stock.

Seamless integrations with platforms such as Klaviyo, ShipHero, and Shopify bolster the application's usability. Leverage these interfaces to cultivate custom reports and dashboards, thus enabling data-centric decision-making. Newly introduced features, including multi-location and freight planning, further accentuate the app's capacity to foster operational efficiency.


Optimize inventory with smart stock alerts
Predict stock needs to avoid out-of-stocks
Create professional purchase orders and manage incoming inventory
Generate revenue from out-of-stock products with pre-orders and backorders
Customize reports for data-driven decision-making


Maximize revenue streams through continuous pre-order and backorder functionalities
Streamline inventory management with custom purchase orders and instant stock level updates
Enhance operational efficiency with seamless integrations with Google Analytics, Klaviyo, and Shiphero

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Fabrikator IO Information Technologies UG
Mariendorfer Damm 1, Berlin, Berlin, 12099, DE
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Works with

Google Analytics, Klaviyo, Shiphero


SEED: $99 / month (For stores up to $500k annual revenue) SCALE-UP: $149 / month (For stores up to $1.5M annual revenue) GROWTH: $199 / month (For stores up to $2.5M annual revenue) ENTERPRISE: Free to install (For stores with $2.5M+ annual revenue)
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Owlfred Review

Oh ho! Meet Fabrikatör Inventory Assistant, your new obsessive-compulsive ally in managing your Shopify store's inventory. It's an all-in-one tool for smart and accurate inventory forecasting, quick and easy creation of purchase orders, and automating backorders. This backend app comes with seamless integrations, including Klaviyo, Shiphero, and of course, Shopify storefronts. What users seem to love (implied by the impeccable 5-star rating from 39 reviews), is its ability to turn out-of-stock products into a revenue stream with pre-orders and backorders. Not only that, but you also get to create custom reports and dashboards, guiding you toward data-driven decisions. Also, the brand new multi-location, freight planning features are worth mentioning. Pricing starts at $99/month, which may seem steep, but when you consider the value it could add to your business with optimized inventory and streamlined operations, it might just be worth the investment! The cool part is you get to dip your toe in with a 14-day free trial. So, if you're up to the task of making your inventory woes a thing of the past, Fabrikatör Inventory Assistant could be your go-to Shopify app.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the role of purchase orders in inventory management systems?
Purchase orders in inventory management systems are crucial for controlling and monitoring the goods and services a business purchases. They serve as legal documentation of agreed-upon prices, quantities, and terms between a buyer and a supplier.
How can purchases be automated in an inventory management system?
Automation of purchases can be achieved by implementing an inventory management system. When inventory levels reach a predetermined point, the system triggers the creation and sending a purchase order to a supplier. This allows for timely replenishment of stock while minimizing manual intervention.
Why is it important to keep track of all purchasing activities?
Keeping track of all purchasing activities is key to effective inventory management. It ensures you maintain enough stock, prevents overstocking and wastage, allows forecasting of future inventory needs and assists in budgeting.
How can I use Fabrikatör Inventory Assistant for purchase automation and inventory forecast?
Fabrikatör Inventory Assistant can streamline your purchasing process by automating it. The app senses when the inventory levels reach a certain point, triggers an automatic purchase order to replenish stock. Further, it also does inventory forecasting to prevent overstocking and understocking. It's a helpful tool to efficiently manage your Shopify store.

Shopify App Comparison: Fabrikatör Inventory Assistant vs Pre‑Order Controller - which is better?

We compared the capabilities, features, and benefits of Fabrikatör Inventory Assistant and Pre-Order Controller. Fabrikatör Inventory Assistant offers comprehensive control over inventory planning, tracking, and automation. It stands out with its robust inventory forecasting tool, allowing for predictive stock management and informed decision-making. The app also offers continuous pre-order and backorder functionalities, maximizing revenue streams. Seamless integrations with platforms such as Klaviyo, ShipHero, and Shopify further enhance usability. Overall, Fabrikatör Inventory Assistant focuses on optimizing inventory management and operational efficiency.

On the other hand, Pre-Order Controller revolutionizes the traditional shopping mechanism by unlocking the potential of back-ordered products and soon-to-be-released items. The app bridges the gap between supply and demand, enabling merchants to secure revenue from products not yet physically available. It offers the flexibility for both full and partial payments, reinforcing cash flow. The key feature of the app is its adept email configuration system that keeps customers informed about the availability of their pre-ordered items. Pre-Order Controller focuses on increasing revenue, mitigating the risk of losing potential sales due to stock unavailability, and improving customer satisfaction through transparent communication.

Both apps have their strengths, but based on your specific needs, we recommend Fabrikatör Inventory Assistant if you are looking to optimize your inventory management, implement robust forecasting tools, and enhance operational efficiency. If you want to take advantage of pre-orders to secure sales for products not yet in stock and improve customer satisfaction through proactive communication, Pre-Order Controller will be the better choice. Evaluate your priorities and objectives to determine the app that best aligns with your business goals.

Fabrikatör Inventory Assistant Shopify AppFabrikatör Inventory Assistant
Pre‑Order Controller Shopify AppPre‑Order Controller
Average Rating 5 out of 5 3.3 out of 5
Number of Reviews 55 7
Estimated Installs 67 2
Min Price $99.00 $18.00
Max Price $350.00 $18.00
Works With Google Analytics, Klaviyo, Shiphero
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