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Boost product credibility with AI-generated reviews from global vendors, surpassing competitors' star ratings.

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When your products lack customer reviews, let Platoria's AI-generated summaries boost your sales and credibility effortlessly.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

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July 12, 2024

Instantly Boost Sales with AI-Powered Product Testimonials

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Transform the art of customer persuasion with a smart AI solution that works seamlessly in the background. Enrich your product pages with reliable, frictionless testimonials, acting as powerful sales triggers even when your products are new or not yet reviewed. The unique capability of this app lies in its advanced algorithm that continuously extracts and integrates product reviews from multiple online suppliers selling identical items.

Equip your store with a credible summary of global user evaluations, elevating your credibility whilst feeding potential buyers with valuable insights into each product's quality and reputation. Product pages not only benefit from increased trust, but also sport detailed star-ratings, offering transparent, concise evaluations that can leapfrog you ahead of the competition both within your store and on search engines.

Forget the hassle of soliciting customer testimonials or settling for copied remarks. Today's discerning shoppers appreciate authenticity and this data-fueled app delivers it in abundance. Arm your shop with the persuasive power of real testimonials, supporting a positive, trustworthy brand image that resonates with modern, informed consumers.


Integrates AI to generate and display compact, informative review summaries for each product
Harnesses testimonials and reviews from various online sources, even for new, unreviewed products
Displays an averaged star rating and total review count for each product on your store
Boosts SEO through enhanced star ratings in comparison to other review apps
Improves your store's social proof utilizing advanced artificial intelligence technology.


Boosts product reputation and credibility by leveraging AI to gather and display authentic testimonials from global users, helping to increase customer trust and sales
Enhances SEO efforts and potential website traffic due to high star ratings, with a greater likelihood of ranking above competitors on search engine results
Saves merchants valuable time by automatically sourcing, aggregating, and integrating product reviews, negating the need for manual collection and aiding in quicker decision-making.

About the Vendor

Platoria GmbH
Max-Kohn-Str. 1, Nuremberg, 90451, DE
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Google Search Result Rating, Google Shopping and SEO, Artificial Intelligence, Any Other Review App


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Owlfred Review

Platoria AI Review Testimonial is a wise choice for Shopify merchants looking to boost sales and credibility. With an impressive average rating of 4.4 based on 5 reviews, this app leverages advanced artificial intelligence to generate compelling product review summaries even for items without customer feedback. By showcasing star ratings and review counts gleaned from global vendors, Platoria sets your store apart, enhancing SEO and social proof effortlessly. Say goodbye to chasing testimonials or using fake comments – let Platoria's AI do the work for you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How does Platoria: Product Testimonials work?
The app incorporates intelligent AI to extract and integrate product reviews from multiple online suppliers selling identical items. This provides your store with a credible, detailed overview of global user evaluations about each product's quality.
What benefits can I expect from using Platoria: Product Testimonials?
The app enhances your product pages with reliable testimonials, detailed star-ratings and valuable insights about product's quality. Not only does this increase trust but it also improves your visibility on search engines.
Do I need to manually collect and enter the testimonials into Platoria: Product Testimonials?
No the unique feature of Platoria: Product Testimonials is its AI that seamlessly fetches, extracts and integrates product reviews from various online suppliers selling the same product.
How does Platoria: Product Testimonials contribute to my store's credibility and buyer's trust?
By providing authentic, data-driven customer testimonials and evaluations, the app supports an image of honesty and trustworthiness which is appreciated by modern, informed consumers.

Shopify App Comparison: Platoria AI Review Testimonial vs Proviews ‑ Product Reviews Q&A - which is better?

When comparing Platoria and Proviews, both apps offer unique features and benefits for managing product reviews. Platoria's advanced AI technology allows you to scrape review comments from vendors globally, providing a consolidated summary of thousands of user reviews per product. This can greatly benefit your online store by displaying star ratings that eclipse your competitors and increase customer trust. With Platoria, you no longer have to plead for testimonials or resort to fake comments, making it a valuable app for any e-commerce business.

On the other hand, Proviews offers a comprehensive system for managing product reviews, with a focus on building credibility and boosting brand engagement through product Q&As. This app not only automates the process of collecting reviews, but also enhances your organic ranking through user-generated content and rich snippets. Additionally, the unique feature of product review feeds for advertising purposes can earn further trust among online shoppers, combining authenticity with approachability. Overall, Proviews aims to create an interactive, trustworthy, and enriched online shopping environment.

While both Platoria and Proviews offer valuable features and benefits for managing product reviews, they have different focuses. Platoria's AI technology excels in providing consolidated review summaries and star ratings, while Proviews emphasizes on building credibility through Q&As and enhancing organic ranking. Depending on your specific needs and goals, either app can be recommended for improving your online store's reviews and customer trust.

Platoria AI Review Testimonial Shopify AppPlatoria AI Review Testimonial
Proviews ‑ Product Reviews Q&A Shopify AppProviews ‑ Product Reviews Q&A
Average Rating 4.8 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Number of Reviews 18 92
Estimated Installs 11 586
Min Price $0.00 $0.00
Max Price $0.00 $13.99
Works With Google Search Result Rating, Google Shopping and SEO, Artificial Intelligence, Any Other Review App Google merchant center, Google Shopping Rating, Google Search Result Rating, Facebook page, Instagram account
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