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Increase your social network and boost sales with Easy Social Icons – customize, display, and link to your favorite social profiles.

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Easy Social Icons is a great tool to display your social icons in a stylish way on your store, making it easy for customers to connect with your social profiles and increase your online presence.

This is a great Shopify app that will help you grow your Shopify store faster!

Last Updated:
July 8, 2024

Increase Your Social Network with Easy Social Icons

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The prime value of social networks in modern ecommerce can't be overstated. Easy Social Icons serves as a tool to effectively tap into this platform by integrating social networks directly into your ecommerce store. The app notably amplifies a store's social presence and reach, subsequently driving increased sales.

An intuitive interface allows for the seamless display of social icons either vertically or horizontally, in perfect harmony with your webpage design. Easy Social Icons caters to every niche, with an array of social icons catered to various platforms, opening the gates to diverse social networks and boosting the interaction of your store with potential buyers.

Experience a high degree of customization that allows you to fully control the aesthetics of your social icons, including color and size. Revel in the convenience offered by features like drag-and-drop icons positioning; these small but significant adjustments ensuring that your social icons integrate smoothly into your website, never disrupting the aesthetics of your design.

Every ecommerce store desires a strong social network presence, and Easy Social Icons ensures an effortless and functional way to achieve this. Optimize interaction and sales by illuminating the presence of your store across different social networks, all while maintaining the integrity of your webpage design.


Share your products on multiple social platforms to increase your product search
Increase sales by promoting your products and services
Easily customize the aesthetics of social icons with color and size adjustments
Choose between vertical and horizontal social icon display settings
Quickly add social icons with links to enhance interaction and sales across different platforms


Drive increased sales by amplifying your store's social presence and reach through seamless integration with various social networks, resulting in enhanced interaction with potential buyers.
Easily customize the aesthetics of your social icons with features like color and size adjustments, ensuring smooth integration into your website design and enhancing user experience.
Save time and effortlessly boost your store's online visibility by quickly adding social icons with links, optimizing interaction and sales across different platforms.

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Owlfred Review

Let's talk about Easy Social Icons, a nifty little app brought to you by ZendApps. It's designed to take your social game to the next level by allowing you quick and easy linking of your various social network profiles directly from your store. Whether you want to place your icons vertically or horizontally to match your store design, this app has you covered. Plus, it gives you the freedom to jazz up your icons to reflect your brand's color schemes. Despite having a fewer number of reviews with an average rating of 1.6, the potential benefits from this app cannot be ignored. It even offers a 'drag & drop' feature to reposition your social icons, adds vertical and horizontal flexibility, and lets you adjust the icon size. All for just $3.50 a month, with the first week free! Mind you, it's more than just making your store look pretty, this app is really about harnessing the power of social media to boost your sales and amplify your brand. Now, if you're okay with a little DIY setup, then this could be a game changer for your Shopify store design. So, why not give it a shot and see if it ruffles your feathers in the right way?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I enhance my store's design with Easy Social Icons?
Using Easy Social Icons,you can easily embed social media icons on your Shopify store to enhance its design and improve visitors' experience. By linking these icons to your social media handles,you can provide a seamless platform for visitors to connect and engage with your brand on various social platforms.
How does Easy Social Icons contribute to my social media presence?
Easy Social Icons helps you increase your brand's social media presence by making it easier for your customers to find and follow you on different platforms. By prominently displaying these icons on your site,you can attract more followers and drive better engagement on your social media handles.
What is the impact of using social media icons on my website?
By incorporating social media icons on your website,you can enhance user experience and provide customers an easy access to your social media channels. This can result indirect increase in the number of followers and can help build a strong online community around your brand.
What's the proper way to place social icons on my website?
Best practice for placing social icons on your website is to ensure they are easily visible yet not intrusive. Common places include the website header,footer,or a dedicated 'Contact Us' page. High visibility encourages visitors to follow you on these platforms,thus helping to boost your social media presence.

Shopify App Comparison: Easy Social Icons vs Social Media Icons - which is better?

When comparing Easy Social Icons and Social Media Icons, we find that both apps offer the ability to integrate social networks into an ecommerce store, increasing social presence and driving sales. However, there are several differences in capabilities and features that set these apps apart.

Easy Social Icons stands out with its intuitive interface and customization options. With the ability to display social icons either vertically or horizontally, this app seamlessly integrates with any webpage design. Additionally, users have full control over the aesthetics of their social icons, including color and size adjustments. This level of customization ensures that the icons blend smoothly with the overall website design, enhancing user experience. Furthermore, Easy Social Icons offers drag-and-drop functionality for easy positioning of icons. Overall, this app prioritizes customization and aesthetics, allowing ecommerce stores to increase their social reach while maintaining the integrity of their website design.

In contrast, Social Media Icons focuses on providing a comprehensive social media integration toolkit. With the ability to integrate over 20 social media platforms seamlessly into a website, this app allows businesses to expand their social circles and generate additional web traffic. Notably, Social Media Icons also includes popular social messaging platforms like Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Messenger, enabling better audience bonding. This app offers a wide range of customization options for social icons, including styles, sizes, and colors, allowing for an amplified social footprint and user engagement. Regular updates and added platforms ensure ongoing connection and communication across social media. Overall, Social Media Icons excels in providing a robust and user-friendly tool for businesses looking for extensive social media integration and engagement.

Based on these features, we recommend Easy Social Icons for ecommerce stores that prioritize customization and seamless integration with webpage design. The intuitive interface and drag-and-drop functionality make it a user-friendly option for enhancing social presence. On the other hand, we recommend Social Media Icons for businesses seeking a comprehensive social media integration toolkit. With a wide range of platforms and customization options, this app enables businesses to grow their online community and connect with customers on multiple levels. Both apps offer valuable capabilities and features, so the choice ultimately depends on individual business needs and priorities.

Easy Social Icons Shopify AppEasy Social Icons
Social Media Icons Shopify AppSocial Media Icons
Average Rating 1.6 out of 5 4.8 out of 5
Number of Reviews 3 595
Estimated Installs 0 0
Min Price $3.50 $12.99
Max Price $3.50 $79.98
Works With Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, Google Plus
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